The tie may seem like a simple accessory, but it has the power to elevate any outfit. There is no item of clothing as versatile and transformative as the tie. Want to switch up a look from day to night? Just wear a tie!

A tie is what makes the difference between a casual and sophisticated outfit. It contributes gravitas to the look and makes you feel “business”. This is not just in terms of fashion, but also how you feel in a tie. If you are going for an important job interview or a pitch meeting, wearing a tie can make all the difference. 

Unfortunately, wearing a tie can be tricky. You need to make sure that it is neither too skinny nor bulky. It should be somewhere between 2 inches to 3 inches. Additionally, you need a tie that will blend seamlessly into your outfit. 

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best men’s tie brands. 

10 Best Men Tie Brands To Look Out For in 2021

Ralph Lauren

A tie to a suit feels like icing on a cake. If there is one brand that manifests this saying, it is Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren boats of an impressive tie collection. They have everything you could ever imagine. From bold prints to subtle satin ties, quirky designs, and solid basics, you will find everything here. Our favorite is the Ralph Lauren signature Polar Bear tie that features an embroidered pattern. It has pure mulberry silk construction and a pointed tip. With the perfect Italian craftsmanship, ties from Ralph Lauren are ideal for every occasion. 

Alvaro Castagnino

Being one of the best tie brands, Alvaro Castganino is made for the gentleman. If you are the one to never compromise on style, Alvaro Castagnino will lend a tasteful flavor to complete your look. This brand’s creations are colorful yet subtle. They are the perfect balance between party and business. If you are looking to expand your tie collection, pick up the Alvaro Castagnino ties in various styles and with a pop of color. 

You can also experiment with fabrics and patterns. They offer a simple fabric selection in cotton, silk, and microfibre. For prints and patterns, you can go all out with dotted ties, floral prints, classic plaid and checkered, geometric, paisley, striped, woven, and so on. 

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Burberry is one of the most expensive tie brands in the world, and you know it will not disappoint. If you are in the mood to splurge, go for the classic Burberry print tie. It is versatile, chic, and never goes out of fashion. Burberry ties have been at the forefront of men’s fashion for generations. Only a man of the class is spotted in a Burberry tie! 


Tossido ties are made for special occasions. They are one of the best tie brands that showcase neat designs. If you want the snazzy Don Draper look, do yourself a favor and pick a Tossido tie. All Tossido ties have a refined finish that stands out. Additionally, if you are not the biggest fan of regular ties, they have an impressive bowtie selection for you. All Tossido ties are aesthetically designed to please the eyes. 

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s newest assortment of ties is here to prove that asymmetry is the new symmetry. There is a strange beauty in Paul Smith ties. They are chaotic yet elegant. With that being said, of course, this is not a brand for everyone. But, if you like to take bold chances in fashion and embrace the quirky, these ties will be perfect for you!

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Our recommendation from Paul Smith is the multi-colored irregular polka-dot print against a black base. This tie personifies the beauty of chaos. When paired with a dark-toned suit, this is a guaranteed look! 

Moss Bros

One of the best men’s tie brands is Moss Bros! Their ties are as fun as their brand name sounds. They have everything a tie connoisseur could ask for. Walk into a Moss Bros outlet shop and it feels like you are in tie heaven! When you are looking at Moss Bros, pick a tie that has tones of beige, off-white, and navy blue in it. Stick to the classic brushed textured and paneled design to get the look. 

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Lino Perros

Lino Perros is another one of the good tie brands. Their ties come in bold colors and sleek designs that suit almost everyone. It’s always a win-win situation when you go for Lino Perros! They have an impressive pattern selection including woven, striped, checkered, dotted, paisley, etc. 

Louis Phillipe

One of the best men’s tie brands is, of course, Louis Phillipe. This is a brand that pays tribute to men’s accessories. Their collection is massive and ideal for office looks. If it’s your important day, you should wear no other tie brand except Louis Phillipe!

What is most impressive about their brand is that they have a decent to expensive price range. That means, there is something for everyone! 

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Park Avenue

On the hunt for smart ties? Park Avenue will be your best friend! Park Avenue ties complete the ensemble loom without being overpowering. The brand features a multitude of designs, patterns, and fabrics that speak the corporate language. 

Every Park Avenue style is nothing like you have ever expected. The best part? They are pretty affordable! 


This tie brand is pretty self-explanatory. No one crafts a tie like Gucci. Gucci’s signature monogrammed pattern is a statement tie. What makes their pieces so unique is that they pay homage to creative director Alessandro Michele’s love for nature and wildlife.  Their bee motif tie is a bestseller, and when paired with a crisp Oxford shirt, you will feel as if you are straight out of 90’s Hollywood. 

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