Your mood will certainly hit the rock bottom when you are out there traveling wearing the perfect sports shoes but just as your feet hit the water, you realize they are not your class waterproof shoes. You might have to cut down on some of the amazing trekking days off your traveling schedule.

So, if you are making travel plans recently or you just won’t invest in some of the classic waterproof shoes, here’s a perfect list of them that will help you decide which one is the right fit for you.

Top 10 waterproof shoes for men!

1. Aquatalia

Aquatalia was established in 1994 and ever since it has been known for its classic and stylish waterproof shoes. In Aquatalia, you will get the perfect combination of versatile, flexible, and sporty shoes made with intricate craftsmanship.

Even the way they are waterproofed adds an interesting appeal to them. The process begins with tanning where a state-of-the-art sealant is used to cover the leather. Next, the liquid sealant is used to fill the stitched seams so that the water does not leak out of them. Due to this fabulous and intricate process of waterproofing, Aquatalia has gained some traction and reputation for its invaluable waterproof shoes.

2. Camper

Camper is known for its creative and innovative designs of waterproof shoes. This feature gains a lot of attraction to the people who are always looking for something new and unique in their lives from their career choices to what they wear.

Ever since the beginning of the brand in 1975 in Spain, it has always been reinventing its shoes and providing something new to the customers. This feature never fails to surprise their clients and draws a significant proportion of potential customers towards the.

What’s interesting is that Camper provides GORE-TEX technology which is extremely helpful in keeping your feet dry, be it rain or snow, and giving enough room and air to them to breathe.

3. Allbirds

As the name suggests, the company has been providing waterproof shoes which are eco-friendly and extremely comfortable. It launched in 2014 and ever since it has been using ZQ Merino wool, recycled bottles, sugar cane to make waterproof shoes.

The main material which is used in making waterproof shoes is Mizzles which is wool but it is eco-friendly and favors Mother Nature. This is the perfect go-to wear for those who are in support of promoting the health and protection of our planet in every little thing they do.

What’s more, these environment-friendly shoes are human-friendly as well because they are extremely breathable and comfortable.

4. Cole Haan

The perfect feature of Cole Haan is that it not only provides infallibly stylish casual sneakers for traveling but it also provides debonair professional dress shoes. They can be your perfect go-to for your office meetings or conferences, especially when you want to create an impression on some important people.

5. Converse

Like the Campers, Converse provides you with the leading-edge GORE-TEX technology for making waterproof shoes that can help you go through any wild traveling escapades. In addition to this, you will get a variety of options ranging from leather to winterized options which can help you give the required space for you to breathe and look stylish at the same time.

6. New Balance

Ever since its establishment in 1906, the American company New Balance is known to create the perfect waterproof shoes which are even helpful for athletes. With the GORE-TEX technology incorporated in these shoes, you will experience invaluable comfort and space which will not let the water enter and keep your feet cool.

Not only that, but these shoes also contain Hypo Knit uppers, which ensure the flexibility and mobility that will never let you down.

7. Clarks

From making slippers in 1825 to making flexible, reliable waterproof shoes incorporated with GORE-TEX technology, Clarks has been a pioneering company for making some of the most leading-edge and relaxing waterproof shoes which will be your perfect companion in trekking.

Not only that, but you will also have a plethora of choices right in front of you from boots, sneakers to moccasins, which are weather-friendly and relaxing.  

8. Merrell

Incorporated with both of the advanced technologies such as GORE-TEX and M-select DRY, Merell is your loyal companion wherever you go hiking or trekking as they will never fail or disappoint you. With undeniable flexibility and mobility required for traveling situations, Merrell will help you keep your feet dry no matter what the weather is.

What’s more, is that these shoes also contain Vibram rubber soles which will ensure stability and support, so you do not have to worry about the soles of your feet getting injured or sore.

9. Columbia

Created with the sole purpose of inspiring people to explore the outdoors, Columbia produces some of the best waterproof shoes for men. Combined with some of the advanced technologies such as Outdry which helps in protecting your shoes by creating a layer that prevents the percolation of water.

In addition to Outdry, the shoes also provide the technology of Omni-tech which ensures flexibility and breathing space for your feet. This enhances your mobility and makes you more comfortable while you are on your journey. The shoes also ensure Omni Shield which helps in eradicating the liquid and stains.

10. Timberland

Who said that you do not need waterproof shoes while traveling to desert regions? Timberland shoes are the perfect desert boots that are waterproof and extremely flexible for your journey. Not only this, but they are perfect for other traveling escapades such as running, trekking, hiking, and even for your daily morning jogging sesh.

The process that Timberland follows for waterproofing the shoes is similar to the Aquatalia. What’s more is the advanced material called TimberDry which is a waterproof membrane, half of it has been made from recycled plastic bottles.

These are some of the popular waterproof shoes for men which will never fail you especially in your traveling journeys and exciting excursions.