Have you ever cuddled your girl so tight, wishing that you would never let her go? Or was the situation vice-versa? Cuddling is far from just hugging the person you like or you love. It is a way to establish intimacy which also helps in understanding one another.

The type of cuddling position a couple follows indicates a lot about their relationship. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that cuddling can help you set a concrete foundation for a relationship. At the end of the day, you can have one person go return to and never let go. At least for some time.

However, some men are hesitant to cuddle with their partners due to a lot of social and cultural reasons. More often than not, men find it effeminate to cuddle. So let’s get this thing clear first: There is nothing feminine about cuddling. Period.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should cuddle apart from establishing sexual satisfaction and intimacy:

1. Boosts Immune System:

According to a 2010 study, cuddling can bring a spike in your immune system, especially if you include a Swedish massage in your routine. This massage includes firm, gliding strokes, tapping and kneading. It also brings a significant reduction in your corridor levels which cause stress or depression.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure:

No matter how tough and strong we are, at the end of the day, a bit of human touch is all we need. According to research, cuddling and even a slight bit of hand-holding can help you reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So, if you are a blood pressure patient, don’t forget to include cuddling in your routine.

3. Relieves Stress and anxiety:

Cuddling your favourite person in bed can be the happiest thing in the world for you. According to a 2004 study, hugging, touching or even squeezing a person you like can help you relieve stress or anxiety as it releases dopamine and serotonin in your brain. These two neurotransmitters help you feel good and content about everything in your life.

Now that we are clear about why you should cuddle more, let’s find out some of the best cuddling positions which can help you take your relationship to the next level.

How to cuddle in bed? Cuddling positions explained

Here are 10 best cuddling positions for you to try with your partner:

1. Spooning:

Cuddling Positions

The spoon position is one of the most common yet comfortable cuddling positions which helps in enhancing the sexual intimacy between a couple. However, the way you spoon also determines your personality.

For instance, when you cuddle, you can be the ‘big spoon’, where you wrap your arms around your partner and the back of your partner is touching your stomach. Generally, a more dominant personality is a big spoon.

On the other hand, if you are the ‘little spoon’, you are the one who is being wrapped by the arms of your partner. It makes you feel secured and safe, especially when you are tired by the hassles of the day.

2. The half-way cuddle:

If spooning to your partner leaves you claustrophobic and you don’t have enough air to breathe, then you can just cuddle your partner half-way through. The plus point is that your partner can use your arm as a pillow.

3. The butt-cheek cuddle:

Photo credits: cuddlesanctuary.com

When you want to give more importance to your freedom and sleep, this one is the best cuddle. You and your partner have to sleep in opposite directions with your butts touching each other. This way the human contact is not lost and you still can maintain sexual intimacy.

4. The ‘never-let-you-go’ cuddle:

This cuddle is extremely common amongst newly-married or honeymoon couples. In this early stage of a relationship, you don’t want to let your partner go and you just want to stay with them like this forever.

In this position, you entwine your legs with the partner and you wrap your arms around each other. You become so close that you even exchange your breath. But it doesn’t matter, you are practically in love with the person.

5. The sweetheart cuddle:

Photo credits: romanceonthego.com

This is one of the cutest cuddling positions, useful when your girlfriend has gone through a rough day and you just want to nurture her. In this position, you lie on your back and your partner will rest her head on your chest.

This position helps in building more than just sexual intimacy. It will help in building trust, well-being and a deep unbreakable bond.

6.  Cuddle Your Legs:

Photo credits: Pinterest

Quite similar to the butt cheek cuddle, a leg-to-leg cuddle is the best when you want to slouch and give your sleep a priority. While sleeping, you just put your leg over the leg of your partner or vice-versa.

7. The butt-pillow:

Photo credits: Healthline

You might have used your partner’s arms as your pillow or they have used yours. But have you ever tried to use their butts as your pillow? If not, you should try it. Your head is provided with a soft cushion to have a tranquil and peaceful sleep.

8. The Lap-pillow:

Photo credits: Pinterest

Who hasn’t tried this comfortable position? Laying your head on your partner’s lap is like the most beautiful thing in the world because you get to see your partner’s beautiful face and kiss them whenever you want.

9. Hug your partner:

Photo credits: Frame of fashions

This cuddling position feels like hugging your partner but the only difference is that you guys are sleeping. In this type of position, you drape your arms around your partner and your partner does the same to you. It is a mixture of a honeymoon and a sweetheart cuddle which maintains human contact.

10. The Cradle Cuddle:

Image source: tomorrowsleep.com

The cradle cuddle is one of the beginning points of a passionate make-out session. In this cuddling position, one partner lies down and the other lies on top of him or her. The one who is laying down feels extremely comfortable and secure, almost like a baby who is cradled by his mother.

All of these cuddling positions are perfect in their own way. There is no position better than the other. The key here is to try some of them with your partner and see which ones work the best for you. Best cuddles are the ones which should help in growing a relationship by establishing an indelible bond and that is possible only when you are able to make each other secure and safe, when together.