Buying a new house is difficult, but what’s more difficult is to decide on a perfect living room decor. The living room is the essence of your entire house and designing it is extremely necessary as it emanates the core personality of the house.

Living room wall decor is also one of the essential parts to hone and therefore, here are some of the amazing home decor ideas for the living room which will help you create the best possible impression of your house.

10 Amazing living room decor ideas!

1. Keep it classy and modern

A contemporary and classy living room decor would include a shiny wooden wall, huge comfortable sofas and vaulted ceiling. All of this together creates a sophisticated and modern impact on those who view it. There are not many variations in the colour you use. It is generally monochromatic.

2. Wooden decor

Using wood for your home decor ideas for the living room is one of the most effective and chic techniques. Instead of just painting your walls with the conventional shades, one can always use wood and elevate the style of their house.

These wood-textured walls also complement various other furniture in your house, especially those which are made up of brass or timber.

3. Less is more

This minimalistic technique is gaining a lot of traction these days as people like to work with simple things to make their house more attractive and chic. In order to style your house with this technique, one can use minimal colours and lighter shades to work with.

With lighter and brighter shades, one must also use minimal furniture which will help you make your house look neat and clean.

4. Where the old meets new

Following this technique, you are aiming to make your house look a mixture of the old cottage life with the new advanced city life. Here, you would use colours which are earthy and warm tones. In this technique, your interiors are also supposed to go parallel with what you have designed for your living room, that is, it has to be rustic in colour.

In addition to this, you can also use wooden decor, such as styling wooden doors. Be that as it may, keep in mind that you add a little bit of a variety of colour in your living room by adding some flower pots or putting a painting on a wall, etc.

5. Brighten up your house with flowers

Flowers of different colours bring a poetic and even a pleasant look to the house. It elevates the look of your house by making it more colourful, brightening and airy. In addition to this, bring some flowery patterns to your living room wall decor, bringing your living room to life.

6. The luxury house

This is one of the most sought after home decor ideas for the living room especially by the elite in contemporary times. For this one, you need to decorate your living room with everything expensive, ranging from gold, silver to platinum, in order to make your house look resplendent.

In addition to expensive furniture, you need to also put some of the expensive paintings of some of the known painters. Not only that, you need to pay extra attention to details and make sure that even the smallest things are not compromised.

7. The rustic life

Decorating your house with rustic elements is like one way of going back to the old ways of living life. Surrounding your house with plants and trees, separating your dining and living room areas, including earth and warm tones in the furniture you buy and the walls you decorate and spacious windows to make your space airier and breathable.

8. Hold the mirror up to nature

This one of the most bohemian home decor living room ideas as this requires you to style your living room on the basis of your personality. So, it will not be just one thing or two, rather, it will be a concoction of a plethora of things in a house where the lines are often blurred. For instance, you can paint your walls the way you want or style using different objects for different purposes as long as it looks good and chic.

The key to ace this style is to not follow the conventional methods of decorating a living room. As it is your living room, you need to hold the mirror up to your nature and show other people who you really are through how you want to style and maintain your living space.

9. Make it glamorous

Almost similar to the Luxury House, this living room decor idea is more about styling your house by making it more spacious and expensive. This obviously includes adding some plants in your house, floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, glass railings, golden ceiling lights, a huge library for aesthetic purposes, using earthen colours, a swimming pool and using certain vintage objects such a painting, pianos or a classic very old bottle of wine.

10. Urban-cultural household

As the name suggests, this technique conjoins the cultural as well as the urban elements of the society in order to preserve its aesthetic beauty. This includes adding furniture which is vintage or has some cultural significance to it over the period of time. In addition to this, you can include the urban elements by using wooden-textured walls or by designing it seamlessly where one area flows naturally into another.

These are some of the amazing living room decor ideas that can help you brainstorm your mind when you are buying a new house and are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to designing every part of it. Although the designing and styling process is a bit difficult and straining, it will be worth it when the results will be right in front of your eyes.