It’s 2020 and men still have to make the first move! Frustrating, isn’t it? From the pressure of sending the first text to mustering the courage to ask her, the stress of if she’ll say yes, and maybe the heartbreak and the rejection that comes with it. Yes, men clearly have it hard. But, have you ever wondered how you can make her chase you?

The bottom line to make her chase you is to prove to her that you are worth chasing! Think about it. Why would she chase a man if he wasn’t worth chasing? This is where you have to play hard to get. Show her that not only are you attractive but that you’re worth it. 

Women don’t bother to chase men unless they see that they might have a future with them. Thus, if you’re here for casual dating and hookups, this article is not for you. But, if you’ve met a girl you’d like to spend the rest of your life with but want her to chase you, you’ve come to the right place!

How to make a girl chase you? 

Make Her Chase You

1. Make your first impression a lasting one

The key to making women chase you is to make a good lasting first impression. You have to make your first impression count and it has to be a positive one. 

If you want to make her chase you, pay attention to your appearance. She won’t chase a man who is shabby and doesn’t care about his appearance. Therefore, groom yourself, get a nice sharp looking haircut, put on your best outfit, and pick the right shoes! You should look the part. The next step is to stand tall and to be confident.

Women love confident men. Make her know you’re worth it, that you are self-assured and you know what you want. Show interest but don’t come off as desperate. Talk to her and don’t fumble.

If you get your first impression right, nothing will stop her from chasing you. 

2. Hide the desperation

Like we said, if you seem desperate she will expect you to chase her. You don’t want that if you want to make her chase you. Thus, hide your desperation. We know that you’re dying to be with this girl but maintain your ground firmly. Nothing turns a woman on like a man who plays hard to get! Make things challenging for her by subtly making her know that she has to put in the work. This way you can 100 per cent make her chase you! 

3. Build mystery

When you meet her, don’t narrate your entire life history to her at once. Build mystery. Don’t tell her things about you unless she asks. Let her probe. This will assure her that you’re a man of worth and she will swoon over you. Harness the power of a “maybe”. As we said, women love men who play hard to get.

4. Choose the right questions

Of course, you want to build a mystery but she should know that you’re interested. While trying to build a mystery, you don’t want to come off as disinterested or uptight. Therefore, you need to ask the right questions. Ask clever questions and not cliche ones like, “Do you have a boyfriend?”. Intrigue her but be a challenge.

5. Pay Attention to details

Compliment her and you will definitely make her chase you. But, don’t go for the obvious ones like “You have a pretty face”. Pay attention to details. Women go crazy when you notice small things about them, they’re a sucker for it. Doing this will earn you brownie points. Give her thoughtful and detail-oriented compliments like the colour green suits her or that she reminds you of your favourite character in a novel. 

6. Know when to step back

It’s important to draw a line if you want to make her chase you. You have to make her keep coming back for more. Don’t be the one to initiate plans every time. Make her take lead. Appear busy so that she gets a chance to miss you. Play around when she asks you out, tell her you’re not sure. Make room for anticipation and excitement. If you want to make a girl chase you, then you have to get busy! Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

7. Be funny and cocky

Women love funny and cocky men but again, you can’t overdo it. If you make her laugh, you can make her chase you. When choosing partners, women tend to pick men who can make them laugh. But, it’s important to be funny wisely. Don’t be inappropriate or make sexual jokes. And, don’t overdo your jokes and cockiness. You want her to laugh but you also want her to take you seriously. 

8. Be confident

Women are drawn to men who are confident and have a sense of worth. Why would she chase a man who isn’t sure of himself? So, be confident. Let her know that you are a man of your words, that you are confident and sure of yourself. The easiest way to make women chase you? Be confident.

9. Let her know that you’re interested. 

Yes, you want to build mystery and play it cool but you have to make her know that you’re interested. If she thinks that you’re disinterested, she won’t make efforts to chase you. Therefore, let her know that you like her and want to take this forward. But, do so subtly. Don’t say anything explicitly. Show her that you like her. Not through words. But actions. Actions will speak loudest when you want to make her chase you.

10. Don’t chase her

Quite obvious, isn’t it? If you want to make a girl chase you, you have to stop chasing her. Let her do the work while you concentrate on being a challenge. Make things hard for her. It’s very likely that she’s never chased a man before. Men come swooning to her. And, it’s time to change that. Therefore, no matter what you do, don’t chase her. Play hard to get. Women love men they can’t have! 

No matter what you do, remember to be genuine and be yourself. At the end of the day, you can only make her chase you if she really likes you. So allow her to like the real you. Don’t hide behind a facade. Be yourself. If she ends up liking you, it’ll probably be because of your personality.