The leading character of most novels and movies has been a virile, handsome, rugged, tall, powerful, strong, athletic, and enigmatic woman who is indeed attracted to this guy. However, things have changed with time. Keep reading to find about the things women first notice in men.

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Here are the top things women notice men right away you need to know before you flirt at a party

1. Face 

Does a person appear approachable, do they have honest open features or does it look like they’re hiding something plays a huge role and is one of the things that women first notice? Smiley eyes are a great drawcard and are usually an indicator of someone happy a smiley face will also reveal.

`Women notice a variety of characteristics in men, but it’s typically things that are purely physical: eye color, hair length, facial hair, etc. Men tend to be more confident and presentable than women. A highly work-oriented man (creative, demanding), but also highly laid back and subject matter-agnostic is going to be extremely hard for a woman to figure out.

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2. Cleanliness 

It is easy to click upon whether a person takes care of themselves or not greasy hair it’s a no-go. Get yourself a facial now and then you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner and of course, moisturize if you have a beard. Make sure your neck is shaved and use some beard oil or utility balm to give it its best look.

3. Wardrobe 

There’s so much truth in the saying don’t judge a book by its cover and even though we like to believe we’re above that we  don’t want to be with a man that doesn’t look put together. Take care of how you look. 

4. Body language 

Picking up on nonverbal cues has gotten a lot of people out of trouble and if you’re sending off some intense ones do not approach the signals unknowingly. Become more approachable, do not cross your arms this signals that you’re unapproachable and not keen to open up a dialogue with anyone.

It’s a bit of a middle finger. Work on improving your posture, keep your head held high, mirror the body language of the person talking to you angle your body toward that person, and make eye contact.

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Body language tells a lot about a person. Disarming body language means you’re not taking yourself too seriously. Daring to smile confidently means you’re not trying too hard to be charming. 

One of the things women first notice about a man is his ability to control his emotions. Women love it when a man shows they care about them by showing genuine interest in what they have to say or how they feel.

5. Height 

Let’s be honest here, it’s not the make or break of a potential relationship but height does play an important part in what’s noticed first. Build also plays a role but that’s a preference thing some men or women prefer leaner men others like more buff belts.

6. A firm handshake 

Women notice the way a man shakes her hand when introduced. If the man shakes her hand limply like a wet fish the chances of the handshake leading to anything are almost none. Do not place your other hand over her hand when shaking it it’s a bit creepy and conveys an entirely different meaning than trust and confidence.

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7. Shoes 

On the list of things women first notice in men are their shoes. Guys, we promised we wouldn’t forget the package down below and we didn’t. A well-put-together outfit teamed up with the right shoes completes the look and says you know how to dress old dirty scuffed shoes speak volumes.

8. A sense of humor 

There’s a fine line between a class clown and someone who can display humor at the right time a sense of humor. It doesn’t just mean the ability to crack a joke with a great punchline but also the ability to see the funny side of life if.

What women notice about men right away is that they are caring, thoughtful, considerate…and quiet. Though men typically talk more than women, noticing subtle characteristics gives you time to speak up and defend yourself if necessary. 

A man who fails to notice these characteristics is of low value to women, so he means well but doesn’t realize how his words could be misinterpreted.

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9. Social media 

No question about it if that first connection ticked all the right boxes your profile on social media will be stalked, so make sure your profile reflects you and not a lifestyle that’s too much of a stretch from the truth.

Take meaningful shots that reflect you and your tastes, be a positive influence on social media and most be yourself.

10. The package 

This time we are not referring to shoes, women and men do check out men’s crotch areas and they openly admit it. It’s not just the package though there is the rear end too and we can add beautiful hands to the mix.

The biggest difference between men and women isn’t something they just develop (like a greater sense of empathy or compassion), it’s something they are born with. And it’s something no amount of conditioning can change. 


Strong forearms, a great chest, the right amount of body hair and you see there are so many things that women and men first notice in men on their first encounter. Everybody’s different we all have our preferences just love and respect yourself enough to take great care of yourself and everything else will fall into place

To highlight just a few to keep in mind during that first meeting their clothing is bespoke, not necessarily named brand. They are usually great listeners who have one credit card, ask a lot of questions and enjoy intellectual conversation even if he’s not rich but has these qualities. Just be your best and it’s gonna be easy.

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