Parents are the backbones of children. As much as children are scared of telling them about some things that they do without their permission, they know their parents are the only people they can fall back on every time. While it is generally seen that mothers are the strict ones in the household, fathers generally garner more love from the little kids.

Fathers are generally seen to not express their love and emotions like others. Being a good father is a heavy responsibility on anybody’s shoulders, and it is quite important to do everything right in your knowledge for your kids, teach them the right things, set good examples of parents in front of them, show them the importance of love and care in the world, and so much more. 

Being a good dad, one of the very important things that one needs to understand is that for their family, even small little actions matter. Only the big, grand gestures do not indicate your love and concern, children tend to find happiness in little things as well, and rightly so. Therefore, it is important that as a father, you do not shy away from doing small things for your children or showing them how you love them frequently. Now the question arises, how can one become a good father?

What can one do to be a good father?

If you are wondering how to be a role model father for your children, we are here to help you out. 

Here is a list of things that you can do:

Plan a routine:

It’s really exciting for kids to wait for that one hour daily, or on every Thursday night when they know that their dad is going to have all the time in the world for them, and they are going to watch a movie together. This routine can be anything, going out, eating lunch together, picking them up from their school, or whatever suits you. 

It need not be anything very huge; what matters is the regularity and the time of that shared ritual between the two of you.

Be communicative:

Generally, it is the mothers that are more connected to their children and know more about what’s going on in their kids’ lives. This is where the fathers start getting distant if they do not give much time to their children.

Communication is the key to every good relationship, including that of a father and his children. To be a good father, you must ask questions to your children, try to be their friend, and ask them about what’s going on in their lives. 

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While they rant on about their problems, be ready to lend your ears to their talks, and try to give them answers like a friend. This is bound to make you feel more connected to your children and is one important step towards being a good dad.

Respond to their displays of affection:

Young children often give their fathers greeting cards on their birthdays, Father’s Day, or other occasions. If your child displays his love by gifting you a handmade card and writes ‘I love you’, do not shy away from telling him back how much he means to you.

The younger generation likes when love is displayed, all of us do in our younger years. If you write something for them sometimes, maybe slide some notes in their notebooks, it will really mean the world to them.

Tell your kids about your work:

Tell your children what you do while you are not with them at home. Show them the place where you work, tell them about your work and what it means to you. 

They must know about you and your work. After all, these are the little things that matter.

Play a sport together:

Try to engage with your children during holidays, in any sports of their choice. This increases the bond between you two by multiple times, trust us.

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We know there are times when you return home after a tiring day of work and you’re super stressed, and you tend to raise your voice for trifling matters. It is okay and happens with all of us sometimes, but you also need to apologize.

If you raise your voice on your wife or your children, say sorry and tell them you will try to do better next time. It is important to teach them the right values for life, and apologizing for wrong behaviour is definitely among the top ones in the long list.

Go outside: 

We understand everybody has a busy schedule these days, but hey, taking out a little time for your children shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

A few minutes is all you need. Take them to eat ice creams, or just some casual fun around in the city, or anything that you prefer doing with them.

Surprise them often:

Children love surprises, and you know that. So, why not surprise your kids more often?

Do things they hardly expect from you, take them out, say yes to a sleepover at a friend’s house, buy them that new video game they’ve been raving about. Basically, just try to make them happy more often, and this is what they expect from any father.

Read to your children:

Reading stories to your children is one of the most highly underrated traits of a good father. Most of us are busy with our smartphones and televisions these days, and it is important to inculcate a habit of reading in your young children. 

Be your child’s role model:

Try to be the person your child would want to grow up into, the one he admires and loves, the ‘role model father‘. Teach them to respect others, treat everybody equally, and you can show them this only by doing it yourself. 

Make sure that they are not embarrassed because of your ill habits, but proud of you for your virtues and good nature.

Be a good father to your children and the hero of their lives.