In this post-modern era, where every sensory impression has a modern contemporary touch to it, we have always wanted to evolve our fashion sense and upgrade the clothing style to another level. However, there are some clothing aspects which do not succumb completely to this modern-casual-attire look.

One of the clothing attire which would best explain this is formal attire. Formal wear has always been the conventional, black-suit-white shirt-with-black shoes, which prevents men from adding their own taste and personality into it.

However, as a plethora of unimaginable aspects of life have questioned the traditional rules and started to accept modern reality, men’s formal wear is also evolving. It has modernized to become more relaxed and comfortable, especially when people replaced trousers with trainers. This smart-casual, yet formal attire is extremely accepted by people.

Be that as it may, sometimes donning formal wear becomes a necessity, especially during the wedding, job interviews and other such formal occasions. It is less about following the conventional crowd, and more about respecting the norms and rules of a situation. 

In such unavoidable circumstances, follow these rules to ace a Rami-Malek formal look which will never fail to grab the attention of people wherever you go. We have saved the best one for the last.

Tips to Successfully Don a Formal Attire:

1.  Tailor It:

One of the first and foremost requirements to look sharp and put-together in formal attire is to fit the suit properly according to the size of your body. Whenever you buy a suit for yourself, make sure it fits you properly; if it doesn’t, remember to alter it before the occasion. You don’t want last-minute clothing mishaps.

2.  Don’t Embrace the Change:

When it comes to men’s formal wear, change is not altogether welcomed with excitement or readiness. If you want to add your own touch it, please think twice and if necessary, ask whether this change can be avoided. Because as mentioned earlier, the decorum of the event has to be maintained by respecting its rules.

Bringing a change that doesn’t go well with the attire, might grab everyone’s attention if that’s what you want. However, it might not be a positive way at least.

3.  Stick To The Usual Colours:

While attending any meeting, job interview or a wedding, stick to the usual colours, that are, grey, light grey or navy. Avoid wearing black or any dark coloured suits, unless you want to look like a hotel manager.

4.  Don’t Stiff Yourself Up:

 Although wearing formal attire is a little restrictive, keeping in mind the usual colour combinations, don’t get stiff whenever you wear a formal suit. Always pay attention to the subtle and small things such as cufflinks, lapels widths, trouser lengths, or even the type of tie knot that you have worn. 

5.  Complementary Separates:

If you want to add a contemporary modern touch to your formal attire, try combining two separate colours for your blazer and your trousers. But the first step to do so is to make sure that they are two different colours which are complementary. Don’t use the same colour in two different shades.

Tip: To keep it natural and stylish, always go for the blazer in the darker shade and the trousers in the lighter shade like grey or off-white.

6.  Pay Attention to Subtleties:

As subtleties have the greatest depths, the position of your tie, the state of your cufflinks and the crispness of your suit depict a lot about your personality. Therefore, whenever you are attending any meeting, conference or a job interview, make sure that you pay attention to all the minuscule details of your suit without any hurry or fuss.

Consider the details: lapels, cufflinks, tie knots, crease. 

7.  Less Is More:

One of the major philosophies of dressing up is ‘less is more’. In order to get a stylish and classy look, you don’t need any additional accessories that don’t match with your outfit or overdo your minimalistic outlook.

The same philosophy can be applied while wearing formal attire. Always keep it simple, which will inherently make you neat, clean and chic. This will not only reduce your time and efforts but also create a good impression of you in the minds of people you talk to.  

8.  Show Uniformity:

No matter how common sense it is, but showing uniformity in what you wear is the tip which couldn’t be stressed enough. After putting on the right suit, it is always advisable to match the colour of your suit with your other accessories. Your cool skull ring might not look ‘so cool’ with your suit.

Formal Attire

With formal attire, you might want to add some minimalistic or elegant accessories and not some casual weekend stuff that you wear when you go out with your friends.

9.  Footwear:

Whenever you want to shop for good footwear, always buy those shoes which are multifunctional. There is no point in buying ten different shoes which are suitable for ten different situations. That is a stupid waste of money and space.

Invest in shoes which are formal but will also be your perfect companion in casual wear. For instance, Derby shoes. There are a plethora of Derby shoes which can go with casual as well as formal wear. Oxfords or Chelsea boots are also good options for you in a casual-formal area.

10.  The Smart-Casual:

If the demands of the situation are not hard and fast, perhaps you can add a little informal, casual touch to your formal wear and see whether that works or not. In place of a simple white shirt, try a roll neck, crew neck or a Breton stripe.

This contemporary novel look would a bit of panache to your clothing, making you instantly attractive and charming. This is one of the most effective and influential ways to make formal wear, your go-to attire which will never let you down.

Perhaps you might have heard H.M Cole saying: ‘A well-tailored suit is to a woman, what lingerie is to a man.’ This quote is true. Men’s formal attire has been evolving through centuries and will continue to do so in the future.

In this diverse era, where everyone wants to personalise clothing, men’s formal wear has become the avant-garde of a balanced and classy clothing lifestyle.

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