A receding hairline is one of the major hair problems that men face these days. Okay, so you are losing hair and going bald. There is nothing to be ashamed about as you are not the only one going through this. Accepting it makes it a lot easier.

And, who said a bald head or a receding hairline couldn’t be sexy? If you can pull off your balding and receding hairstyle, then kudos to you. There is nothing sexier than a confident man who embraces every flaw.

Well, if you’re not comfortable and at your wit’s end regarding what to do, we’ve come to the rescue. Check out these super cool options for hairstyles for receding hairline. All these are some of the best hairstyles for men with receding hairlines and doesn’t even take much effort to maintain them!

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Best hairstyles for receding hairlines

The best hairstyles for receding hairlines include the famous buzz cut, the Clark Kent hairstyle, a faux hawk, a mohawk, messy hairstyles, slicked back, and even the crew cut. There’s so much that you can do with a receding hairline. There is nothing to worry about!

If Superman can pull off an iconic hairstyle for receding hairline, so can you, right? 

Hairstyles For Receding Hairline

Here are some of the best hairstyles for men with receding hairstyles.

1. Undercut

The undercut is single-handedly one of the best haircuts to restore the balance of a receding hairline. Undercut hairstyles for receding hairlines are always in trend. The iconic undercut requires a short back with sides which makes it ideal for hiding thinning hair. The short cut of the undercut also complements other hairstyles for receding hairlines such as the slicked back and the comb-over quiff. 

2. Buzzcut haircut

Another quintessential military-inspired haircut is a low-maintenance haircut for balding men and men who suffer from receding hairlines. The buzzcut also makes your facial features more defined and gives a structured look. Therefore, if you have a chiselled jawline and a strong bone structure, this will look amazing on you. Also, the buzzcut looks extremely sexy in a suit and formal wear. Women will be swooning over you. 

3. Taper fade

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The taper fade haircut is a classy look that works amazing with men who have receding hairstyles. There are many kinds of fades that you can tailor your taper fade haircut too. This is one of the best hairstyles for receding hairlines. You should ask your stylist to give you a skin fade or a high fade that blends into the upper part of your hairline directly. 

5. Comb over hairstyle

No, we don’t mean a Donald Trump haircut, but more like a Sean Connery one. The comb-over hairstyle is an incredibly stylish haircut for men regardless of they are balding or not. Also known as a spy haircut, the comb-over hairstyle for receding hairline is an extremely classy look and suits all men! You will definitely be able to pull this off. There are a thousand kinds of comb-over haircuts that you can tailor yours too. So, don’t worry about getting bored. 

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6. A Faux Hawk Haircut

The faux hawk haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men with receding hairlines. It is always in trend and very effective for diverting attention from balding or a receding hairline. 

The faux hawk haircut conceals a receding hairline by drawing attention to the top of the head and simultaneously away from the sides. Thus, it uses the receding hairline to its advantage. The classic faux hawk is a short stubble cut that is perfect for working and professional men. 

7. The clean shave bald hair look

Slightly more unforgiving than the classic buzzcut, the clean shave bald head look is also a perfect hairstyle for men with receding hairlines. Well, if you can’t conceal it, embrace it, right? As long as the shape of your head is proportionate to your face and complements it, you will be able to pull off the iconic bald head with grace. We can guarantee it. 

If you wear a bald head with confidence and charm, you are invincible. Nothing can stop you from getting a girl’s number and no guy will be able to mess with you. Women love bald heads! If you wear a full beard, it compliments a clean shave bald head beautifully.

Even Zayn Malik vouched for this one! 

8. Long hair look

If your hair is reasonably thick except the receding hairline part, there is nothing better than a head full of long hair. The long hair also diverts the attention of the receding hairline. Men like Keanu Reeves have been known to pull off such sexy long hairstyles since time immemorial. 

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And, so can you! A longer hairstyle for receding hairline has the advantage of hiding your temple area (this is where the balding and receding hairline usually shows up). With the right sense of style, you will be able to pull off the long hair look with grace and elegance! Soon you’ll be the talk of the town! You can also put your hair in a sexy man bun.

9.  Messy hairstyle for short hair

If you are looking for a low maintenance cure to your receding hairline, the short messy hairstyles are for you. For those who the long hairstyle isn’t a viable or practical solution, short messy hairstyles work the best. A short and textured haircut will give you a lot of versatile options to play around with. It also looks voluminous.

10. Slicked back hairstyle

This is a variant of the comb-over hairstyle for receding hairline. The slicked back is a neat and versatile look usually worn by men in suits. By keeping the hair short, the attention is diverted from the receding hairline around the temples and the side. Thus it masks a premature balding head quite well. If you decide to go for the timeless slicked back, try pairing it with a stubble beard.

These were all our options for hairstyle for receding hairline. See which one works best for you!