Do you ever wonder how people build a yoked or a buffed up physique? You might have tried a million different ways to develop one, or at least, build a broader and a well-balanced mass, than what your skinny body has.  

However, one of the major assumptions people harbours while working out is the requirement of doing as many reps and sets as possible. This couldn’t be more wrong. No matter how many reps you do, if you don’t do it correctly, you will certainly not get big and end up with a weird or no physique at all.

Therefore, here is a detailed guide on how to get bigger which will never disappoint you if you do it with patience, perfection, persistence, hard work and consistency.

How to get Bigger:

Here are some 10 Gym-proven ways to get bigger:

1. Target the Largest Mass of Your Muscle:

More often than not, men focus only on abs which do not take much time to build. You only have to do 10 simple exercises and do 30 reps of it and you’ll get those beach abs within no time. However, when you want to get big, focus on your entire body, target those largest chunks of muscle and do those exercises.

To build a dominant broad frame, you would have to do some compound lifts such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, rows and squats. The key here is to involve as many muscles and joints you can while exercising. One of the best exercises out of the lot which involves a plethora of muscles is squats. 

2. Get Big with your Shoulders:

Broadening your shoulders is one of the most efficient ways to get bigger. However, more often than not, people don’t focus on every part of the shoulder while practising the workout to get big.

get big

To broaden your shoulder, focus on these three parts:

  • Anterior
  • Medial
  • Posterior

Don’t ignore any of these three heads to the deltoids, thinking, they’ll be worked up with your other training exercises. The catch is: they won’t. Therefore, to get big, you need to work on all the parts of your shoulder until you get a dominant frame. The workout to get big shoulders includes one-arm rows, shoulder press, Arnold press, lateral raises, reverse pecs deck, bent over, raises and shrugs. 

3. Bring some change:

Whenever you want to increase the size of your body always try to bring some change in your workout exercises. Bringing a change is strategic and it also helps in preventing injuries while lifting heavyweights.  

In order to bring a change, you can change your exercises frequently, practice more or fewer reps than you usually do and preferably and reduce the amount of rest you do between the sets you do. If you do this, you are pushing your body to do more, which will eventually help you to achieve the buffed up look easily.  

4. Take a cheat week:

The concept of taking no day off is not a very supporting concept to help you bulk up. In order to get bigger, try some of the above-mentioned exercises which include the lifting of heavy weights for 6 weeks. Then, you take the 7th week off, just to relax your joints and muscles.

When you do that, you give your muscles a lot of time to rebound for peak r power performance. That’s how athletes workout to get big. All 6 weeks you have been doing high-intensity interval training, taking a 7th week off will work wonders for you. 

5. Get enough protein:

Studies show that you need to eat 20-40g of protein before going to bed as you will need an exorbitant amount of protein to fuel the machine. Your target should be eating 1g of protein per pound of your bodyweight. 

Follow a protein-rich diet containing a lot of protein, in comparison to carbohydrates and fats. Getting enough protein helps you in gaining energy and stamina for a heavy workout, hence enhancing your performance.

6. Forget cardio:

One of the common mistakes people make when they are trying to build size is, focusing on cardio. Cardio is a perfect solution when you want to burn calories, increase stamina and  treat your cardiovascular problems. But when it comes to enlarging your size, you need to focus on it only.

For that, you need to integrate heavy lifting and rest for recovery, in your workout to get big. But if in the recovery time you start performing HIIT workouts, it is not going to help you get big. So focus only on one thing at a time.  

7. Integrate push and pull exercises:

Similar to the above-mentioned point, you need to integrate a classic push and pull split into your workout regime for quick results. For instance, set a transition from bench press to deadlift, then revert to inclined press. In such a transition, you are engaging all the muscles of your body which will help you bulk your upper body. 

8. Go Fast:

If you are still a beginner, you might have been told to lift heavy weights slowly and deliberately. This ensures that you are doing it in a correct and precise form. However, when you get the groove of it, you cannot go slow. 

Once you are acquainted with the heavyweights, try to push yourself and do it as fast as possible. When you quicken your pace, you get better and quick results. Fast lifts ensure that more muscle fibres are activated, which increase your potential to grow. 

In order to grow stronger and bigger, you cannot just repeat one set of exercise in a slow, deliberate manner. You need to quicken the pace and do it as fast as possible.

These are some of the pro-tips that are required to get big. There is no need to hit the gym. You can practice these at home as well. However, before beginning these workouts, make sure you know the reason behind increasing your size. Because that’s important.

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More often than not, people hit the gyms and get bigger just to improve their social media feed. That’s not enough of motivation when things go hard or heavyweights just seem too heavy. Therefore, you need to set a substantial purpose in your mind before beginning to train your body to get big, which can be your reminder in times when you couldn’t continue.