Not all of us have the luxury of staying near a beach or even in a city that has a beach. And so it is often a common item in everyone’s wish list to go and have a vacation planned with a bunch of their friends and family to a beach. 

Men’s beach wear typically seems quite simple and it doesn’t seem like you could do a lot of different styling with them, but the truth is, you actually can. This beach wear guide will be helpful if you are a planner and want to keep your beach outfit ready well in advance, or if you are lucky enough to go to a beach soon. 

1. Beach shorts

As the name suggests, these shorts are made for the beach. The fabric allows you to swim in the waters without restricting your movement, and also dries up very fast, keeping you away from the uncomfortable feeling of the wet fabric being stuck to your skin. 

These are available in plain as well as patterned prints. The choice depends on your personal taste. Though bright printed beach shorts will make you look more beach and vacation appropriate.

You can wear them alone, or if you want, pair them with any kind of top you feel suits you and matches with these bottoms. But since you are on a beach, going topless will only make you feel more with the surroundings and maybe even help you relax better. 

2. Swimming costume

beach wear

If you are someone who is more of a swimmer or surfer and are planning to spend more time in the water than sitting or playing on the beach, putting on your swimsuit is a better option. This beach wear will serve you its purpose and will cause you the least interference when you are in the water. Also, it even allows you to play on the beach with ease. 

3. Loose pants

If you are visiting the beach when the temperatures are on the lower side or someone who prefers not revealing your legs too much, then you can opt for pants too. But make sure that these pants are loose enough at the ends which allow you to fold them up when you go into the waters. 

Also, when they are loose, they allow you mobility and you can do all the running around you want to do at the beach.

4. Cotton tee

An essential part of men’s beach wear is a simple cotton tee. You can pair it with your beach shorts, pants and even on top of your swimsuit if you wish to. It’s a great way to add colour to your outfit on a beach, hence, we would recommend that it be brighter and screams that you are on a vacation. 

5.  Cotton shirts

Similar to the cotton tee, the cotton shirt cane worn over your beach shorts, pants or even your swimsuit. For them to become a part of your beach outfit, we would recommend that the sleeves on them are shorter, the fabric is light, and they are either white or pastel. 

6. Hawaiian shirts

These deserve a separate subheading of their own. A men’s beach wear that screams that you are on a vacation is a Hawaiian shirt. Made of light cotton fabric and with its fitting loose, the shirt keeps you cool on a sunny beach day. Plus the bright and detailed prints on these shirts make this men’s beach wear super pleasing to the eye in photographs and even great to put on social media-friendly.

 Pairing them even with your denim will make them appropriate enough to be part of and the whole outfit to be labelled as a beach outfit. 

Honestly, we would highly recommend you to get yourself a Hawaiian shirt, regardless if you’re going to a beach or not. 

7. Tanktop

A tank top is another great option for beach wear. Its versatility allows you to pair it with any beach appropriate bottoms. They cover up your torso and also allow you a full movement of your arms, which is great when you are on the beach – weather swimming, playing or just soaking up the sun. 

8. What footwear to add to men’s beach wear?

There is no hard and fast rule that says that only certain kinds of footwear can be sported with beach outfits. However, the experience will tell you that you should wear something that is easy to take off because you are never going to be wearing them, and are will go barefoot when you are on a beach. What fun is it really if you can’t sit with your feet covered in the sand the whole time?

However, if you are someone who prefers your feet to be covered, we recommend canvas shoes because they go well with the whole beach and men’s beach wear aesthetics. But we would like to warn you about all the sand you’re going to continue to find in them, even weeks after your last visit to the beach. 

9. Sunglasses

This is essential along with sunscreens to give some protection to your body. This is of course in addition to the fact that they are extremely stylish and the right piece of sunglasses can give your beach outfit a whole new rise. Here is a link you can use to see what kind of frames will do this trick for you. 

10. Snapbacks and hats

Another important addition to your beach wear can be hats or snapbacks, whatever you prefer. These will keep the excess heat away from your head and face, can be used to cover your face when you’re sleeping on the beach, and is also useful to cover your hair when they become a complete mess after a swim in the beach water.

11. A bag!

This might seem like an unnecessary addition to the beach outfit, but trust us, they come in handy when you need to keep your belongings away safely. No one wants to carry a big bag to the beach, unless you’re carrying an extra outfit with you. 

The two bags we would recommend you are a fanny pack and a beach tote bag. You can choose which one to pair with your men’s beach wear depending on your needs. If you want to know more about bags and choose one by yourself, here is a link that might be of help.

Hope this helps you select your beach wear for that beach trip that you wish to take soon.