The coconut is undoubtedly among the most versatile and multi-purpose ingredients for the purpose of cooking, drinking, burning, nourishing etc. Chefs use cocoa as cream, water, oil, sugar, milk and flour; however it is not just kitchen-like forms, but it is just as significant in the bar. Cocktails with coconut is a convenient way to bring a Caribbean drink flavour and a smooth, oily texture that contributes to salvation. Here are some of the finest coconut milk cocktails for you. 

Cocosta cocktails have been among the bar’s most delightful delights and a wide variety is available. A tropical pineapple colada can be blended with your favorite rum, but it goes way beyond that famous cocktail.

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If you wish to have a glass of rum, champagne or vodka, or try a fresh coconut cream or a chocolate milk drink, these recipes will certainly help you taste the Caribbean. These cocktails with coconut milk would definitely lighten up your day:

Bahama Mama

Coconut Milk Cocktails

A perfect match for tropical drinks is coconut with pineapple. This matchup relies on common recipes, such as the Bahama mommy, and is the ideal beach cocktail. A couple of rums, a coconut and some pineapple juice, is all that’s needed to make this delicious drink. 

Coconut Martini

It is not a popular martini coconut milk cocktail.  You see a kind of inverted Piña Colada in this drink with just a touch of pineapple. The base comprises vanilla vodka, rum, and coconut milk, which is a delightful drink.

The most popular non – alcoholic mixer with this flavor is the coconut cream, which is chosen since it is sweeter and smoother than milk coconuts. Coco Lopez is one of the most common labels in liquor shops and is readily available. Coconut cream is not the same as cocoon cream, which normally consists of liqueur made from rum. 

Coconut Punch

You would typically discover banana flavors, dark syrup bourbon, nutmeg and natural coconut on the first drinking of Coco Punch. Your nose can also sense something funky – the cornsilk infused with the coconut milk. This infusion evocates the grainy, grassy flavor of the Midwest, which is grouped in tiki paper like a medicinal present. On the beach, it is almost as boozy to eat Corn Flakes.

Tequila Colada

This coconut milk cocktail is a completely different one. You probably know how comfortably spices and coconuts will live together in a dish if you’ve ever had curry based on coconut milk, and the equivalent is true for cocktail drinks. As Colada replaces Mexican chipotle with Indian and Thai ingredients, the smoky warmth of the tequilas swirls in a satisfying spice over the salty soft coconut. Blend it with bittersweet amaro and soft lime, to get an amazing recipe for a complex mix of flavors to compete with every cocktail.

Samoa Rumtini

Real coconut lovers would never be disappointed with their Samoas and the Rumtini Samoa encapsulating all that this unique community might expect from their favorite Scout Girl Cookie and much more. Coconut, caramel rum and bitters of chocolate collaborate to imitate the distinctive flavor of a cookie. But if this is not enough for you, the cookie is diced and laid on the bottom of your drink as a garnish.

Scissors over comb

Jäger’s réputation for shots and explosives should not be discarded, but when you start contemplating the organic nuances of the spirit, many odd and thrilling cocktails are born like the Scissors Over Comb. We would not have considered combining Jägermeister to cognac or coconut cream until Brian Means of San Francisco’s dirty habit tried it with German liqueur, and yet somehow all of the different ingredients in this clown car for a cocktail are unexpectedly tasty.

Light Coco Martini

The coconut blended creamy drinks are great, but often in a lighter form you want the same taste. Take the cool coco light martini in this situation. This recipe is straightforward and contains a hint of pineapple as well as lime with cocoa and vodka. This fabulous martini can be prepared in just a few minutes.

California Surfer

Sometimes, it just happens that you really wish to just  pour, blend, and drink. That’s when it comes to a dish like the Californian surfer. It is an easy-to-make bar cocktail that is loved by a wide variety of people.  What you require is chocolate rum, pineapple juice and jagermeister. Although the drink is perfect on the rocks, it also provides a great party shot or a tidy martini cocktail.

Coconut Christmas 

This margarita is made from snowy white and comes from coconut milk, lime juice, tequila, citrus liqueur and some white cranberry juice. It has plenty of flavours, with a little creaminess and natural sweetness of the coconut. At your next party, serve this drink to blow everyone’s mind.


It is time to savour the coconut and have a very nice frozen drink in the mix with a touch of chocolate. The Bushwacker is a delicious recipe which blends dark rum, coffee and chocolate, coconut cream and milk. This coconut milk cocktail is a milkshake that makes you boozy, do we need to mention anything more? 

Mound Bar

Coconut and chocolate is indeed a delicious mix as many candy bars have demonstrated over the years. Whenever the winds start blowing, take a shot of your preferred coconut rum and chill with this mounds bar cocktail in a cup of warm chocolate after a long day.

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All these coconut milk drink recipes are guaranteed to refresh your mood and throat on a sunny, windy day with its delicious taste and beautiful colors. However, one drink that couldn’t make into this list because it’s not a cocktail is the Coconut Key Lime Martini. Whenever you crave for a non-alcoholic drink that is punchy and has a great taste, follow this recipe. 

Blend a coconut key lime martini if you are in the mood for a tropical cocktail without the liquor. The typical chocolate drink, like limeade, cocoa milk and key lime juice, is a nice twist. It is just like a key lime pie in a bottle you can love!

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