A sinking marriage is one of life’s most depressing blows especially when the couple had begun their relationship intensely loving each other but now stand at the crossroads of hate and despair. Social media might be successful in duping you to be the only one sailing in the ocean where the marriages sink no matter how hard you’re rowing. 

But, reality, as harsh as it can be, shows a different, more realistic picture of what goes on behind those screens. 

If you think that your marriage is sinking and you’re the only one then you’re wrong. You’re not the only one in the wilderness and even if there’s a lot of damage done, marriage improvement is plausible, especially when you and your partner mutually acknowledge the situation and are hoping to save it. 

Under such circumstances, below mentioned are some effective marriage improvement exercises that can help your marriage re-track on the right path. 

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11 Effective marriage improvement exercises

1.Have important and deep conversations

Having important conversations which are deep and insightful is one of the first steps you and your partner can take to improve your marriage. When you have such conversations, you and your partner get a peek into each other’s minds and their perceptions. This facilitates understanding and support in a relationship which can make advancements easier. 

It is always prudent to schedule such conversations because they have a liking towards making people uncomfortable and thereby release a series of inhibitors that can prevent the conversation to flow freely. To prevent this, the couple needs to schedule a conversation previously so no one is caught off guard. 

2. Decipher the love language of your partner

The love language of everyone is different. Some like to express themselves through physical touches or positive affirmations. Others like to express themselves through spending quality time or by receiving and giving gifts. Get to know the love language of your partner and try to showcase your love and affection through that medium.

3. Indulge in partner yoga

Doing partner yoga is one of the best marriage improvement exercises that you can do. Yoga symbolizes peace, flexibility, and stability in your life. Doing partner yoga can help you inculcate all these attributes along with establishing trust and understanding

Yoga is also about focusing upon the movement of your breath. When you consciously synchronize the movement of your breath with that of your partner, you build a mutual satisfaction that heals your marriage. 

4. Don’t hesitate from appreciating

Expressing appreciation in any relationship enhances communication and makes it more effective. Resultantly the bond between the two partners is strengthened which can help in overcoming all the marital obstacles. One can make a habit of expressing their appreciation in the form of sticky notes, short meaningful texts, etc. 

5. What is it that you want from your partner?

Communicate to your partner concerning the things they can do which will make you happy. A little side note here: mention rational things that they can do and not something out of the box or extraordinary. Your partner is also requested to make a similar list.

Once the lists are ready, you can share them and make a promise to fulfil at least one thing in one week. Eventually, when the promises are fulfilled, building trust and confidence in a relationship becomes easier. 

This exercise also facilitates understanding which is the most important element for any marriage to work, because, after some point, one does not want to be loved as much as they want to be understood.

6. Bond over music

According to a 2011 study conducted by some researchers, people create strong social bonds easily over shared music preferences. You can create a playlist for your spouse that you listened to together when you were young and still in love. This can take you down memory lane and maybe the feeling of nostalgia will encapsulate enough to forget all the differences and get a fresh start. 

7. Fulfill the intimacy needs

Everyone has different intimacy needs in varying intensities that need to be fulfilled in a relationship. Some possess high social, sexual, or intellectual intimacy needs, whereas some, experiential or emotional. Take some time out of your schedule to find the intimacy needs of your partner and then invest some time to satisfy those. 

8. Be genuinely interested in what the other’s doing

Expressing interest and excitement in how your spouse is spending the day, showcases that you genuinely care about them and you want to be a part of their lives. Just spare a few minutes out of your schedule and ask your partner how their day is going. Believe it or not, it will surely instill a feeling of warmth and affection inside your spouse. It’s the little things that matter in life. 

9. A six-second kiss

Many relationship experts in various marriage improvement programs are in support of this exercise. It involves kissing your partner passionately for six seconds at any time of the day, regardless of what you’re doing. It’s certainly one of the best ways to rekindle the extinguished spark in life

10. Cuddle, cuddle and cuddle

Did you know that cuddling stimulates the production of hormones like oxytocin and plummets the production of cortisol, the stress hormone? Cuddling and hugging are not only the forms of being physically intimate with a person but they also ensure your health by lowering the resting blood pressure and ensuring good sleep. 

11. Lastly, be thankful

Being grateful for things that you have is one way to showcase your contentment with your life. As a result, you live in peace with who you are and with whom you’re living. By doing this, you’re not only ensuring good mental and physical health for yourself, but also all your relationships. 

According to a study conducted in 2017, when you share gratitude with your partner, your body releases the hormone oxytocin which plummets your stress levels. 

These are some of the most effective marriage improvement exercises that you can do with your spouse to save your marriage from capsizing. Apart from these, you can also listen to some marriage improvement podcasts along with your partner to get some more insight.