Guess what, if you are currently reading this introductory paragraph, we know you aren’t stuck in this situation; you are here to read and look up some interesting new things. Someone who really needs a solution to how to open beer bottle without opener, just scrolled past this section and is looking at the subheadings to see if he has any of those things. 

Anyway, since you are here to read only, we’ll try to humour you or fix you up with some interesting facts about the things you can use to open beer bottles without opener.

open beer bottle

Ways to open beer bottles without opener:

1. Teeth

Stick your lower incisor to the bottom of the cap and move the bottles angled upwards. We honestly think this first way should be enough. Most consumers of beer tend to have teeth and you can just use them to open up the bottle. You can even do it for others and act like it’s a toothpaste commercial, like a more urban version of biting sugarcane. 

2. Table top

If you are on a date and want to appear more sophisticated than the urban ganna eater, stick the bottle cap to the edge of the table top and twist the bottle angled upwards. But seriously, how sophisticated can you really seem when you don’t have a bottle opener available to you and still agree on a beer?

3. Kitchen slab

If you have got your date home and casually want to show off your effortlessness and professionalism in respect of drinking a beer, use your kitchen top corner. Place the bottom of the cap on the edge and twist it angled upwards. 

4. Cutlery

Use the back of a spoon or fork, if you are looking for cleaner ways to open beer bottles without opener. It’s cleaner because you are less likely to spill the beer as you are not going to move the bottle here, but move the spoon or fork. But here the likeliness of the bottle cap flying off is much higher (pun intended).

5. Knife

If you want to be really extra and are willing to take a risk where it is possible that you might end up breaking the bottle and fly off its neck, then we guess you can try this as well. 

This is the only one of the ways to open beer bottle where you do not have to twist your replacement opener. For this, slide the knife along the neck of the bottle towards the cap. This will flick off the bottle cap. Make sure that there is one one standing near you because you do not want anyone near you when you are trying to samurai the beer bottle. 

6. Coin

If you are outside, then you’re less likely to be wandering about with cutlery in your pocket. Hopefully, you carry cash and have coins too. Use the coin by placing it below the cap and then twisting the coin upwards. 

7. Currency note

If you do have cash on you but not a coin, then you can try using a currency note. To use this, fold the note to the smallest size you can and then use this stuff and hopefully sturdy piece of paper to pop open beer bottle. 

This is not one of our top recommendations as you might end up damaging your currency note if not done properly, and then may not be able to use the note for its actual purpose too.

8. Credit or debit card

Again, not one of our top suggestions, but sure you can try this out too. Stick the edge of the card to the bottom of the beer bottle cap and twist the card upwards.

9. Keys

A relatively safe bet, your bike or house keys can be of great help if you are trying to open beer bottles but do not have an opener. Put the key in between the bottle and the bottle cap and move the key upwards. Make sure you have duplicates of your keys though, as repeated usage of the keys for this purpose which they are not made for, might end up ruining the key. And then getting a new key or lock will turn out to be way more expensive than a bottle opener. How smart would that be?

10. Eyelash curler

If you have female friends and not just part of sausage fests, borrow their eyelash curler to pop open a beer bottle. This method is little tricky a because you want to make sure that you do not ruin the eyelash curler. 

This is not to say that men cannot own eyelash curlers. Of course, you can. It’s just that an eyelash curler is more likely to be available with a woman than a man. Don’t let gender norms stop you from doing what you want to. But there is one thing, do we really need an eyelash curler when most of us indeed have better eyelashes than most women? 

11. Another unopened beer bottle 

Hold two beer bottles with the caps of the two facing each other, one facing upwards and the other downwards. Hook the caps of the two bottles to each other and use the bottle facing downwards as the opener. Use the bottle to flick open the cap of the beer bottle facing upwards. 

However, there is one big issue. What about the last bottle that’s left? We guess you have to choose something else too from the list. 

12. Any edge

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you don’t find any of the above methods mentioned here possible for you, just look for any edges where you can hook in your beer bottle cap and enough space for you to twist up your bottle. This could a wall, gates, tree branches, etc.

These are twelve ways by which you can open beer bottles without opener. However, our favourite, most convenient, effective, and the one that requires no extra equipment is using your teeth!