Even with questions arising over the actual benefits and the possible harms people suffer due to CrossFIt workouts, this competitive fitness sport has still maintained its popularity fairly well. Beginning in the USA in the year 2000, today this fitness regime has gained traction in other parts of the world too. 

CrossFit has been promoted and known to keep a person active and maintain their stamina if they are regular at it. Often even referred to as bodyweight crossfit workouts, these workouts not only help in burning the extra fat in your body but a lot of the WODs (workout of the day) involved are great for building muscle. 

Here are some of the CrossFit workouts or WODs which you can keep up with inside your house. 

1. Squats

This has to be the first of the crossfit workouts at home as you – first, you do not require any equipment for this; and second, this workout does not require much space to do. It consists of you doing 300 air squats, testing your stamina and muscle capacity.

2. Cindy

The Cindy is one of those crossfit workouts at home which you can do without any special equipment. This is a combination of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats. Here you have to repeat this combination/rep as many times as you can within twenty minutes. 

Crossfit Workouts

3. Murph

One of the more advanced crossfit workouts, the Murph burns a lot or more calories, and is hence, a lot more tiring too. This includes 1-mile run-up, then 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and then another 1-mile run. This cannot be done completely at home, so maybe it might not qualify as a crossfit workout at home. But at least you do not require any equipment for this. If you have the space for the runs, then you can surely try this out. 

4. Mini Murph

A slightly lighter version of the Murph, the Mini Murph includes a 1-mile run, 100 push-ups, 200 air squats and another 1-mile run. Again, it might not be feasible if you do not have space around your house to run around; but if you can, then this is a great way to build up your stamina and exercise your muscles. 

5. Interval Cardio

Another crossfit regime which requires absolutely no equipment, but requires space for you to run is the Interval Cardio. As its name suggests, this is to be fit in between some high-intensity weight workouts. This consists of 10 rounds of alternating between a 100m run and a 100m walk. 

6. Well Rounded 

For 20-30 minutes, depending upon your capacity at that moment, alternate repeatedly between a 400m run and 50 air squats.

7. Leg Blaster

A high-intensity workout that requires no equipment and does not even take a lot of space is the leg blaster crossfit workout. This includes ten rounds of 30 seconds of max squat jumps, a 30 seconds rest, and then again 30 seconds of max squat jumps and so on. This does not even require the running space we were looking for in the last few crossfit workouts and makes it one of the best crossfit workouts at home. 

8. 8-minute WOD

Another high intensity workout, this eight-minute workout of the day includes 2 minutes maximum number of push-ups, 1 minute rest, 2 minutes the maximum number of sit-ups, 1 minute rest and then 2 minutes maximum number of air squats you can do. 

A super short set, this is one of those crossfit workouts at home which you can do when you are really busy and cannot spare a lot of time to do anything other than your work. This will freshen up your mind and increase the blood circulation throughout your body; a good break from non-stop sitting on your desk or laptop. 

9. 16-minute AMRAP

AMRAP stands for as many rounds as possible. In these crossfit workouts at home, you have to keep repeating the set of – 10 burpees, 10 pull-ups, 20 lunges and 20 sit-ups – as many times you can in the sixteen minutes.  

10. 20-minute EMOM

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute pattern. This means that for every minute there is a different workout. In these twenty minutes, you are to repeat a set of four different exercises five times. 15 push-ups in the first minute, 10 pull-ups in the second minute, 15 sit-ups in the third minute, 20 lunges in the fourth minute, and then again 15 push-ups, 10 pull-ups and so on. 

11. Helen

Since this WOD is one of the bodyweight crossfit workouts at home, it requires you to have a kettlebell at home. The Helen consists of a 400m run, followed by 21 kettlebells and 12 pull-ups. A high-intensity workout, this is good for reducing fat, building stamina and improving your core strength. (You can probably use a weight-adjusted school bag instead of a kettlebell.)

12. Core Blaster

Another great bodyweight crossfit workouts at home, we are back to a set which requires no equipment. This helps build endurance and works your core muscles. The core blaster is made up of a 1-mile run, followed by 100 sit-ups, 100 supermans, and then another 1-mile run. 

13. Fantastic 50

A longer workout routine, the Fantastic 50 consists of a rather long list of exercises. This WOD includes – 50 jump tucks, 50 push-ups, 50 air squats, 50-second handstands, 50 walking lunges, 50 sit-ups, 50-second L-sit hold and 50 burpees. 

These were only thirteen of the crossfit workouts that are available. We curated this list keeping in mind the idea of bodyweight crossfit workouts at home, where the essential idea was to focus on the fact that not everybody owns fitness equipment. These are easy for anyone to give a try because you don’t need to go out and buy any expensive fitness equipment for these. 

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