With the world locked up in their houses for almost a year now, one field that has severely progressed is the streaming industry. Binge-watching has become people’s favorite hobby, and they love spending hours in front of the screen, watching their favorite shows.

While streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime require you to spend money on their subscriptions, Youtube offers you good content without any expenditure. A lot of Indian shows are available on Youtube without a subscription, and they offer engaging storylines and acting, which most of us will find relatable since they are based on Indian experiences and keeping the preferences of the majority Indian audience in mind. 

Here’s a list of some of the best web series on youtube that you can enjoy without any subscription. Have a look!

Kota factory:

This series has gained a lot of love and popularity ever since its release. From its acting to the storyline to the cinematography and dialogues, everything has attracted a lot of attention from the youth.  It revolves around the story of a 16-year-old named Vaibhav who stays in Kota and gets enrolled in one of the best coaching institutes for the preparation of his IIT exams. 

The character of Jeetu Bhaiya played by Jitendra Kumar was also loved and appreciated by all the viewers.

Created by: The Viral Fever (TVF)

Number of episodes: 5


Another great youtube web series by TVF is Pitchers, launched in 2015 on TVF’s Youtube channel as well as the official TVF Play website. It is a story of four young professionals who quit their jobs and go on to try out new things and move to the world of entrepreneurship. 

25 Best Web Series From India On YouTube

Web Series On Youtube
Image from guidingtech.com

Number of episodes: 9 episodes (average of 40 minutes each)

Please Find Attached:

A really short and sweet series, Please Find Attached is a beautiful story of two colleagues and the bond they share. Got some free time and confused about what you should watch? We definitely recommend Please Find Attached.

Number of episodes: 3 (average of 20 minutes each)

Bang Baaja Baaraat:

Bang Baaja Baaraat is a hilarious representation of how marriages take place in India. The story is about a couple who met each other, instantly clicked, and decided to get married. However, many things do not come this easily and in this case, family pressure stepped in and started creating problems for the couple. If you want to know more about how things take a turn after that and do their love survive the hardships of familial ties, you’ll have to watch this amazing series on Youtube. 

Number of episodes: 7


Another one of TVF’s amazing web series to watch on Youtube, Bachelors showcases problems that bachelors face in daily life like cooking, career issues, etc. 

Number of episodes: 2 seasons (9 episodes each)


Dealing with the problems faced by freshers at their workplace, Cubicles offers some of the best content on Youtube. The lead actor is a fresher at a corporate office who constantly struggles to merge with his atmosphere, deal with surrounding friends and colleagues, and experiences first love. Watch to know more about the office environment and its experiences through another’s story.

Number of episodes: 5

Girl in the City:

This web series is a fitness watch for all fashion enthusiasts who are aspiring to establish their name in the fashion industry. Revolving around the life of a 21-year old girl who moves into Mumbai to kick start her fashion career, this web series focuses on the problems and hardships she goes through in her personal as well as professional life.


Two women, who are still in their adulting phase, share an apartment in Mumbai. These two women try to transition into adulthood in the smoothest possible way and you can live their coming of age story right through your screens. 

Number of episodes: 10

Love Shots:

All the hopeless romantics looking for something romantic on this list, well, this is your show, pals. This web series on Youtube depicts a total of six stories set in different cultures and places of India. Just like the stories on this web series, we hope your life also gets spiced with sheer love and romance. 

Official Trailer - Love Shots | 6 Short Stories About Love - YouTube
Image from youtube.com

Ladies Room:

Two girl best friends and their adventures and fun through six different washrooms will lighten up your mood and give you all the dose of fun you need. 

Happily Ever After:

The story of this web series builds as a couple in love tries to have their perfect wedding and aim to achieve ‘happily ever after’. While working to achieve their aim, the couple constantly faces hardships and struggles through budget problems, family issues, and more.

Number of episodes: 8

Little Things:

Well, we are sure you must have heard about this popular show that has now made its way to Netflix. However, the first season of this web series is still available on Youtube. This is your time to go watch the first season, and then decide if you want to spend some money to watch further. 

Well, we are sure you’re not gonna dislike it. the wonderful acting of Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal is sure to win your heart. So, the weekend’s planned, eh?


If you loved the popular movie Before Sunrise and is up for watching something similar in your native language, this can be your perfect watch. The series depicts conversations between two adults who are the lead actors, and trust us, they are lovely and engaging. So, you can definitely binge-watch this one if you want to watch something soothing and beautiful.

We hope our list of some of the best web series to watch on Youtube helps you find out what you want to watch next. With not taking up a lot of your time, these web series will definitely give you a good watching experience. 

We are sure you’re gonna love them. So, what’s the wait? Got time? Pick up your web series to binge-watch.