As men, we have very limited designs to choose from- unlike you possess an eclectic style like Ranveer Singh. So, when we go shopping- the first thing that we see is the material- Now you know why women are obsessed with boyfriend shirts. This article is about the 14 Best fabric For Menswear.

 The design and style are all secondary choices, but the most preliminary thing will be the fabric of that piece. 

There are markedly two types of textile fibers in the market: Natural and synthetic. Both have their pros and cons. The natural fibers generally include cotton, silk, and wool, whereas the synthetic fibers include spandex, nylon, and polyester. 

Apart from reckoning that a particular fabric is concomitant with the style of that era, you should also check whether it will suit the season. You cannot wear a woolen shirt in summer. So, here’s a detailed guide entailing the best fabric for menswear which will help you whenever you go shopping the next time. The list begins with some of the best dress shirt fabrics every man should know.  

14 Best fabric For Menswear: A guide to best dress shirt fabrics

Best fabric For Menswear
1. Rayon

If you want to buy a dress or a casual man’s t-shirt, rayon is one of the phenomenal options for you. It is a man-made material that is created from purified cellulose obtained from certain plants.

If you have donned rayon apparel in your life, you will know its smooth feel that can make you feel comfortable in an instant. It is lightweight, gives a refreshing feel in hot weather, and looks similar to silk. What more could you ask for in a piece of clothing?

2. Oxford

Oxford shirts are generally found in button-down styles and often worn without a tie. If you are thinking of styling a business-casual look, begin with an Oxford shirt and casual trousers.

The best part of this fabric is they have easy wash care and quick ironing will make them wrinkle-free in an instant. Certain manufacturers have also started making wrinkle-free Oxford clothes to save you from the hassle of ironing out the creases. 

3. Poplin

Poplin is one of the best cooling fabrics for men to wear this summer as it has a smooth texture and a lightweight textile. Its popularity in leisurewear and casual apparel can be credited to its soft feel and vibrant color choices.

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4. Pinpoint

Similar to Oxford’s texture, Pinpoint can also be one of your go-to business-casual wear. However, there is one significant difference between an Oxford and Pinpoint. The fibers of the latter fabric are more tightly woven together which results in a thick but smooth texture.  

A pinpoint shirt can be generally paired with formal trousers and a smart suit. This attire deserves to be reserved for more formal meetings or conferences. 

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A guide to best summer fabrics for Indian men

Best fabric For Menswear
1. Polyester

Polyester is one of the best fabrics that you can wear in summer. It does not only give you soft and comfortable feels but also elevates your entire look. This fabric is extremely durable and long-lasting, which only adds to its appeal. 

2. Linen

Composed from the flax plant, the luxury and durability ensured by this fabric are unparalleled. In earlier times, linen was associated with the elite due to its appeal and cost. It has now become much more affordable.

It can be worn as part of formal attire and can also be styled with chinos or shorts while vacationing in a beach resort.

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3. Silkweight

Silkweight is composed by blending 88 percent of recycled polyester and the remaining portion is made of polyester fiber and spandex. Common silk weight fabric options in menswear are light tees which are extremely useful when you want to plan an outing in the city or just go for a date during the evening. 

4. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most affordable, durable, and best fabrics for menswear in summer. Its softness and breathability make it the best option for casual wear. Be that as it may, cotton is not one of the first options for many buyers when it comes to shopping, because once it gets wet, it generally stays wet.

Also. it wrinkles easily, making it a high-maintenance fabric!

5. Merino Wool

Merino wool is different from the typical wool fabric which often causes irritation and itchiness if you wear it for a long period. Merino wool has a soft texture which is often worn as a base layer in your winter apparel. However, you can wear it in summer as casual wear or while trekking and traveling. 

A guide to men’s suit fabrics

Best fabric For Menswear
1. Worsted

Worsted wool boasts smoothness and high durability which can only be credited to its carding process. When worsted wool goes through the carding process, all the short and brittle fibers are removed. When the worsted wool is woven in different ways, it can produce flannel, gabardine, tweed, and fresco fabrics.

2. Wool

Due to its natural quality, wool is one of the most breathable clothes that can be worn during the day as well as the night. In addition, it also gives a pretty versatile and aesthetic look which complements the office atmosphere. However, people often look for lighter and more business-casual options by choosing some of the common wool types such as cashmere, flannel, tweed, Merino, and worsted.

3. Cashmere

Be it the original or blend, cashmere gives a luxurious and shiny look to your attire. However, this look is often not wanted in a business environment. Therefore, you might want to weigh your options. You may not wear it at your official meetings and conferences, but a cashmere suit for an office party would always be a style statement. 

5. Cotton

Cotton is one of the versatile and best fabrics for menswear, especially when it comes to suits. Cotton suits are the most breathable, therefore, they ensure comfort and ease. However, they tend to crease easily which is not very good when it comes to making a long-lasting impression on your clients. They also do not seem quite luxurious as wool suits are, but all in all, cotton suits are the perfect go-to office wear. 

These are some of the best fabrics that you can choose for wearing wherever you go, be it a casual get together or a formal meeting with your client. Remember, the fabric is the striking quality of any piece of clothing. You do not want to go all wrong in that!