The Internet is a huge wormhole of information where the distinction between the truth and lies is often blurred. Therefore, getting the real information for even the most common aspects of life is difficult to access on the internet. This article will help you to know about 15 Websites For Men That Are Popular.

If you’ve been recently struggling to find what’s real and what’s not regarding the daily aspects of life on the web, you’ve actually come to the right place. So are you looking for the best websites for men that are popular as well? This article contains some of the best sites that you can check out to solve your doubts related to style, grooming, health and whatnot. 

We at Menskool are a tad bit shy and modest to include ourselves in this list. So, we have magnanimously kept ourselves away from it. But, dear readers, you know we have your back with sincere and genuine information regarding every aspect of your life!

15 Best websites for men that are popular:

Men’s health
1. Talking About Men’s Health

TAMH is inclusive of a variety of topics related to the health of men, as the name suggests. The site is managed by former U.S. Marine Armin Brott, whose Family, Mental Health and Military Issues sections cover some of the excellent topics pertaining to everyday concerns. 

2. Men’s Variety

The website’s name abounds with one of its striking qualities. It contains a variety of men’s health-related issues which are often blended with pop culture. Be it sexual health, current events and health, pop culture and men’s well-being, you will be able to find everything under the sun.

3. The Good Man Project

Ranging from physical to emotional health, TGMP revolves around relationship well-being, mental health and physical health. 

Men’s grooming
1. GQ

You must’ve probably come across GQ Magazine by now. If you haven’t, then you need to know that this is one of the most trustworthy websites for men that are popular for grooming. 

You will find some of the best content on men’s shaving, beard hacks and facial care. 

15 Websites For Men That Are Popular
2. Guy Counseling

The best thing about this website is it has comprehensible ‘How To’ articles that can make grooming way easier for you. Be it the facial care, selection of the right cologne or the moisturisers, this website has got everything covered for you. 

3. Ask Men

Ask Men covers a wide range of issues and not just regarding grooming. However, the grooming section contains some highly detailed articles especially when it comes to hairstyling and hair-related products. These articles will make things much easier for you to understand and even practically do it. 

1. Fashionbeans

Fashionbeans is one of the best clothing websites for men especially if you are into contemporary clothing. And if you are between your 20s and 30s, then you’ve hit the jackpot. From dress guide, tips for styling suits to seasonal styling, this website has everything covered for you. 

2. Esquire Magazine

Another cool website for clothing, Esquire Magazine is one of the highly reputed and followed sites that contain men’s footwear tips, seasonal clothing and outerwear guides. 

3. Gentleman’s Gazette

Gentleman’s Gazette was founded by Sven Raphael Schneider, which covers a wide variety of intriguing and eye-catching articles related to men’s fashion. If you read them properly, you might even be able to up your fashion game. 

Travelling and lifestyle for men
1. Backpacker magazine

If you are an adventurous guy who loves hiking, climbing and backpacking, this website has got all your interests covered. From comprehensible ‘how to’ articles, survival tips to backpacking tips, this website will help you build a plethora of travelling skills that will come in handy whenever you hit the mountains. 

2. Fatherly

If you recently have become a dad, then this is one of the most reliable websites that you can come across. It offers you practical and real advice related to fatherhood. 

You will find the content to be a concoction of contemporary ideas that are seldom talked of in this era. You need to check out this amazing site and you will know what has been talked about here. 

3. Outdoor Life

If you are more of an outdoor guy who loves to explore new things then Outdoor Life is the perfect platform for you. From hunting tips, fishing reads to other outdoor stuff, this website has not left any stone unturned. It is definitely worth your time.

Men’s fitness
1. Iron Man Magazine

Iron Man Magazine is a popular website for all fitness enthusiasts who love strength training and toning their muscles. It includes immaculate ‘how to’ articles, bodybuilding tips and nutritious content which is very important for bodybuilders. 


Like other popular websites, you might have also come across which contains some of the amazing and effective tips for strength training. From strength training articles, bodybuilding tips to nutrition-related articles, this site will help you achieve your fitness goals no matter what.

3. Muscle for life

Managed by Mike Matthews, Muscle For Life revolves around how to develop your muscles especially if you are a skinny guy, strength training and bodybuilding exercises. 

These are some of the amazing websites for men that are popular amongst a majority of the male population. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the information because the content is fact-checked and accurate.