There’s inbuilt value in classic pieces which you can dress in over and over again. Not only are they great investments, but they assist in building consistency in your wardrobe, no matter what occasion you’re dressing for. 

Pine wardrobes, solid oak wardrobes, vintage, and antique wardrobes – there are lots of choices when it comes to rooms for men to store their clothes in. But what precisely does a real gentleman keep there? What informs those choices? Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you to come up with answers. 

20 Pieces of casual menswear classics that we feel should be in every gentleman’s wardrobe

1.Blue jeans

Every man requires a good pair of jeans, and you really can’t go wrong with one in classic blue. Probably the most flexible item in a gentleman’s wardrobe, it can be worn with just about anything, and see you through every condition.

2. Plain white T-shirt

Another casual menswear classic that on no account goes out of style, a plain white T-shirt is an ideal thing to wear to make a statement, subtle or gallant. You could try teaming it with jeans for the eventual cool weekend look.

3.Plain grey T-shirt

Going for that easy ‘off-duty model’ look? Easy peasy – just switch your regular white for a charcoal grey T-shirt, another significant staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

4. Navy cashmere jumper

A beautiful cashmere jumper is an evergreen. Perfect for colder months or when the summer evenings start to get a bit cold, it’ll help keep you warm (and your style choices red-hot).

5. Tuxedo

Every gentleman recognizes that no wardrobe is absolute without a solid black tuxedo. Just the thing to revamp your formal look while adding a touch of panache, it’ll help you make your mark at every juncture you wear it to.

6. Sports jacket

A sports jacket or blazer is a different piece of clothing that’ll help you accomplish an effortlessly smart and sophisticated look – our tilt is to go with something dark, like navy or grey.

7. Plain white shirt

Whether worn open-collared paired with chinos or with a tie and suit, the classic white shirt – just like a good white T-shirt – is a complete must in all gentlemen’s wardrobes which is elegant casual menswear.

8.Plain blue/pink shirt

Like a white shirt, a casual menswear classic shirt in a light color such as pink or blue will flawlessly complement a work look or informal weekend attire.

9. Trench coat

Initiating in the trenches of the First World War, the trench coat has become one of the most durable items of men’s clothing, with a multiplicity of shapes, sizes, and colors on offer. It’s versatile, realistic, and lightweight – and can make you look truly good too.

10. Bomber/biker jacket

The perfect piece of clothing to strengthen up any look, a leather bomber or biker jacket will insert an edge (as well as panache) to every gentleman’s wardrobe.

11. Navy chinos

Looking for a stylish way to complete a smart-casual dress code and a resort casual menswear? A pair of navy chinos is your counter. You can even sport it to work (if your office allows, of course).

12. Regular chinos

Another chameleon of the dress code convention, a pair of neutral chinos can be effortlessly worn with a classic shirt and blazer as they are coupled with a T-shirt and biker jacket for sartorially spot-on weekend attire.

13. Brown brogues

A gentleman’s fashion classic, you really can’t go mistaken with a pair of elegantly made brown brogues. Look after them right, and they’ll only get better with age.

14. Black lace-up shoes
pair of black leather dress shoes over brown wooden table

Whether it’s for stylish occasions or workwear, casual menswear classic black leather lace-up shoes are the perfect accessory for gentlemen who comprehend one of the key principles of fashion: that it frequently starts from the feet up.

15. Plain-colored tie

While we entirely condone having and plentiful supply of ties to choose from, a complete wardrobe essential is a simple, plain-colored one that’ll go with every single suit arrangement and formal occasion.

16. A plaid shirt

This is one of the menswear affixes which is going through turmoil and has slowly made it to the capsule wardrobe of numerous style influencers.  A Slim fit shirt cut on a thick twill fabric should be your icon pick.

This lets you experiment with this shirt like a layer above your T-shirt or to be worn undone underneath your denim or leather jacket.  Put this on your ripped denim shirt or your tailored shorts and we don’t see any basis that you will not end up impressing the new girl at the Sunday house party

17. A black t-shirt

A black t-shirt is the bread and butter of your wardrobe armory, no questions asked. A classic crew neck or a V-neck will insert oodles of glam into any of your looks. Someone rightly mentioned, when in uncertainty go for a black t-shirt.

18. A denim trucker jacket

The denim lovers know what a denim jacket can do to a principally normal ensemble. Club this with your elongated line t-shirts, Oxford shirts, or your white shirt for some utmost impact. Some street-style swag? Tie it naturally on your waist or around your shoulders. Go on gents this one needs your notice.

With the ambush of so many brands with diverse ideologies, we are consecrated with so many choices. This list is our personal pick and we think when mixed cleverly with each other, this is the sort of look every gent should look ahead to. 

Preferences will always be there but then we need to cut some slack and go for those casual menswear classics which will guard your sartorial grace and will keep you integral even at the worst of times.  Envision what they will do in good times.