A beard is like a charming spot for most men, and it’s always good you keep trying different cuts and styling your beard in different ways. To keep up with the fashion trends is now equally essential as well as popular among men like it is with women.

Talking about current trends, faded beards are currently quite in fashion. Fades involve smooth transitioning between the hair of varying lengths. In this way, chin hair is faded into cheek hair and cheek hair is faded into sideburns. A faded beard adds to your style quotient and looks like a conscious decision, one wherein you have put in good efforts.

The reason your beard looks much more well-trimmed when you get it done from a barber than when you do it at home is a fade. Most barbers are likely to fade your beard a little whether you ask for it not, and this gives your beard a finer look. Just like a fade on your haircut looks instantly good and catches everyone’s eye, so does a fade on a beard.  A fade even makes your face look much slimmer, giving you the young guy look.

How to get faded beard?

While some of you may know how to fade your beard and prefer doing it by yourself, others might get it done by a professional. Fading your beard yourself requires a bit of learning, and well, you always learn with practice. A few times and you become your own professional, right?

Profile of stylish bearded man made new hairstyle at barber shop

faded beard

Here you can read on how to fade your beard yourselves following the right steps and using the right set of tools:

  1. The very first step would be to wash your beard well and comb it up using a beard comb. Do not go on to fade it without properly combing your beard first, otherwise, it might result in a grumpy, unruly look in the end.
  1. Trim your beard and moustache by setting your trimmer to its longest setting and remove any extra hair. Keep a uniform length to whatever overall length you want your beard to have. The greater length you leave, the better look it will give to your fade. 
  1. Next, clean up your beard neckline. Clean up the upper cheek area and do not disturb the line you have created in the first step. For an extra clean faded style, you can also create a slightly rounded line from the bottom of your sideburns to the tip of your moustache. Define your lines well.
  1. Trim any moustache hair that stands out and has grown over the lip. You can also trim the top line of your moustache into a straight line to give it a fine sleek look.
  1. Start by trimming a little above the jawline with a littler shorter blade, i.e. one setting shorter than the one you would be using for the rest of your beard. Also, trim towards your sideburns. 
  1. Repeat this process inch by inch, and continue doing it till the time the topmost point of the sideburns completely blends with the sides of your haircut.

The most important thing that you need to take care of while fading your beard is the use of the trimmer and what blades to use at what place. Setting your trimmer to the right blade is highly important because otherwise, it can lead to a very undesirable result in terms of the shape and length of your beard. 

This process of maintaining your faded beard at home will require some essential tools, and these are:

  1. A good quality razor
  2. A beard trimmer, along with adjustable guards
  3. A pair of facial scissors
  4. Beard comb

What are some faded beard styles to go for?

Well, it is important to decide on a particular type of faded beard that you would want to have. While different types of faded beards suit different face shapes and sizes, here are some common faded beard styles that you can have a look at before deciding to get yourself a faded beard:

  1. Long faded beard: 

A Gandalf look might generally seem to look very untamed and unruly, but proper grooming and pairing it along with a precision fade can actually make it look much dapper and cool. You can fade your beard into your hair without changing the length or the thickness of the beard. 

  1. Mid-length faded beard:

A clean fade in mid-length beards helps in keeping them in an immaculate shape. Also, a mid-length beard requires a good amount of maintenance and regular trimming and grooming. It is likely to not hold its shape for a long time, and hence, regular shaping and grooming becomes important. 

  1. Short faded beard:

If you are bound by professional requirements or you just prefer a short beard, it’s not bad. Neatly cropped, a short faded beard has the ability to give you a decent, professional look and suits almost all face types and sizes. It is also quite good for men who do not have very good hair growth around their cheeks.  

Handsome man cutting beard at a barber salon

You can also fade the sides of your beard using the very same technique, going from the highest to the lowest guard. Start from the middle of the ear and start cutting in an upward motion. Do the same thing again, with the trimmer pointing downwards. 

You can always experiment with different fades on different beard styles, according to what looks the best on your face. 

Also, do not forget to maintain the fade fresh by trimming and grooming it regularly, either yourself or getting it done by a professional. Facial hair has a faster rate of growth as compared to the head on your hair, which makes it all the more important to trim regularly and keep that fade on your beard fresh and attractive.

Some popular faded beard styles you can try include a buzz cut, Mohawk, faux hawk, etc. So, decide upon a beard cut that looks good on you and suits your face cut, and try fading it.     

We’ll be more than happy if this can prove to be of help!