A neck tattoo is a vital commitment on the part of any individual. Ink on your neck is easily visible—and, at times, stigmatized by onlookers especially in a corporate or professional setting. But no one can refute that a neck tattoo is unquestionably badass.

Yet greatly inked people know neck tattoos aren’t something to take carelessly. Not only are they hurting, but neck tattoos are generally only done when you’ve run out of adequate space on your arms, legs, and torso. In fact, many tattoo artists decline to tattoo highly visible spots like the hands and neck until a person has slight to no space left.

That being said, the neck is perhaps not the location for your first tattoo. But if you are a tattoo afficiando, these neck tattoo ideas for men might help you narrow down your ink preferences.

Neck tattoo ideas for men who love ink

1. Butterfly
back view of man with tattooed butterfly on his neck
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Butterflies indicate going through it but still coming out flying soaring. But the insect with detailed wings can symbolize transformation or a new beginning. Remember metamorphosis from middle school science?

2. Geometric Shapes

Get a bit artsy with an abstract geometric tattoo. Triangles are particularly popular for impenitent hipster vibes, and also the Coolest Neck Tattoos for Men in 2021

4. Lion
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Lions represent courage, influence, royalty, and downright badassery. Consider this ink masculinity to sail through.

5. Initials

No doubt, you should never get a name tattooed. However getting the initials of your mom, dad, or kids is a bit more forgiving. After all, you’re bound to spend your entire life with them.

6. Flying Birds

Another neck tattoo ideas for Men is to ascend high with a tattoo of flying birds, which can denote joy, optimism, and freedom and inspire you to be happy in life.

7. Eye
watford v luton town   sky bet championship
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If two eyes aren’t sufficient, why not ink a third? Eye tattoos can represent honesty, intuition, and wisdom.

8. Anchor

In the West, nautical imagery is eternally associated with tattooing, thanks to sailors who first fetched the art form to the Western world from Polynesian and native Asian communities. That said, nautical-themed anchors will by no means go out of style.

9. Religious motif

For those who admire a higher power, religious tattoos are a top pick. From portrayals of gods to symbols like crosses, religious tattoos keep your conviction close.

10. Eagle

Eagles denote strength, wisdom, and soaring above it all. Eagles are also visibly associated with loyalty if that’s your thing. Plus, those wings create a killer neck tattoo.

11. Portrait Work
a young man has the portrait of his mother tattoed on his
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When done right, portrait tattoos are simply stunning. Bring change by just making certain you go to a portrait artist, for the love of God.

12. Roman Numerals

Rather than tattooing a numeric birth date or year on your body, relocate that number into Roman numerals for further aesthetically pleasing ink. With line-based shapes that give angles and structure, Roman numerals provide themselves well to tattooing.

14. Lucky Number 13

On Friday the 13, several tattoo shops hawk flash sheets low-cost “13” tattoos. If 13 is your lucky number or means something to you, the date is the wonderful opportunity to get the “unlucky” ink.

15. Creepy Motifs

Are you a certified creep? Exhibit it proudly with ink warning others of your menacing, spooky ways.

16. Rose

A rose tattoo is a standard for a reason. The subject provides itself to roughly any style of tattooing, providing intensity and interest with layered petals. You really can’t go wrong.

17. Owl

Owls have long signified wisdom, emotional maturity, and mystery. While these are all qualities worth exemplifying, let’s be candid—owls just look freakin’ cool.

19. Blackwork

If you have existing neck tattoos you want to plaster, blackwork may be for you. This style of tattooing covers generally large areas of skin with soaked black ink. It’s a striking way to cover a bad decision, but also a tattoo style that takes flair to master.

20. Pattern work

Not every Small Neck Tattoos for Guys need to portray a tangible object. Some ink can just be striking (and plain cool) pattern work.

21. Letterwork
one of the protests organized for toronto today
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Go to an artist concentrating on lettering if you want a single word (or two… or three…) in bold type. Lettering work is a skill, and a way to make a word stand out.

22. Devil

Always dancing with the devil? Commemorate the horror-themed tango with menace through your neck ink, bad boy.

23. Animal Skull

Rejoice in the natural world (and death, but whatever) with an animal skull tattoo. From bird to steer skulls, animal skulls are aesthetically gratifying and edgy. And exceedingly dead.

24. Some Quirky Ink

Come on, a vivid yellow smiley face tattoo is quite funny. Even if the joyful face isn’t for you, equally unusual designs show you don’t take yourself too gravely.

26. Hand
fc barcelona v arsenal   pre season friendly
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Whether it’s a harmony sign or a sign of the horns, a tattoo of a hand is an effortless way to demonstrate a message—like a love of world harmony or hair metal.

27. Your Biggest Passion

Get a page from this soccer player and tattoo your biggest obsession on your neck. If you like it that much, why not ink it in an important spot?

28. Angel Wings

Angel wings are a striking way to remember a lost love one—and particularly powerful in black and gray.

29. Handwriting

Celebrate the handwriting of a special someone with a sentimental tattoo. Just perhaps don’t show grandma….

30. Heart and Dagger

A heart and a dagger? Now that’s some inconsiderate combination. The conventional tattoo denotes the good and bad—and can be outlined back centuries to early Christian imagery.

31. Sacred Heart

Similar to the heart and dagger, a burning heart is some severe imagery. Called a sacred heart, this popular conventional tattoo with roots in Christianity symbolizes devotion.

32. Wolf
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Wolves are ferocious, powerful animals signifying leadership and an alpha-like mentality. So not only do they look fresh, but they symbolize some seriously fortunate qualities.

33. A Single Word

For Tribal Neck Tattoos for Men, choose a word, any word—and tattoo it perpetually in simple type. It’s plain, yet powerful.

35. Compass

An additional staple of nautical descriptions, compass tattoos represent guidance and finding your way even in the most deceitful circumstances. Now that’s profound.

36. Crown

Celebrate your King class with a crown tattoo representing power, self-assurance, and command.

37. Spider

While spider and web tattoos formerly symbolized time in prison, the sinister, crawly arachnids now have an improved rep, symbolizing imagination, illusion, and conception. Oh, and creepiness.

39. Feathers
close up of neck tattoo on man against yellow background
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Free feathers, as Side neck tattoos for men are said to represent luck and freedom—and most people can use extra of both.

Today, obtaining a tattoo is a no-brainer for many men. Your body is an empty canvas and the best innovative ideas will spin that canvas into a work of art. As such, you desire a cool tattoo design that radiates with both special meaning and visual appeal in equal measure. After all, some ink can be a critically cool way to showcase your character. But, while the choice to go below the needle may be easy, the assessment of what precisely to get tattooed on your body can be tough. To make sure you don’t end up lamenting your tat in ten years, it’s significant to advance the process attentively and go through the above Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men.