Getting into your 30’s carries with it a lot of changes: headaches and hangovers that last a couple of days, sore bodies for no apparent reason, early sleep schedules. Perhaps the worst of everything that affects almost everyone, wrinkles.

You look into the mirror one day, or you look at a picture that captures you face way too closely for  your comfort , and you notice the lines on the front really haven’t appeared before. And then you start Googling all the possible remedies to stop and possibly reverse this process.

Now, to be true, life changes are clearly much worse than wrinkles, however the early symptoms of aging may seem the most pressing thing to manage at the time. Unfortunately we can do only so little to counteract the impact of gravity only by anti-aging creams and moisturizers. This is where Botox comes for the rescue. At this point, you must be curious as to what is botox?

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And per the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons’ study, Botox is a form of an injection of botulinum toxin type A that is administered into the skin to minimize or temporarily remove fine lines as well as wrinkles.

Botox operates by suppressing nerve impulses to the muscle through which it was inserted, stopping the muscle from relaxing and resulting in the absence of undesirable wrinkles. 

Other than getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, Botox might even be used to smooth the crow’s feet, grin lines, cheek lines, relax the square jaw, raise the edges of the lips, fix the gummy’s grin and reduce the collar bands. It has also been said to avoid headaches as well as migraines when they begin and has been a preventive treatment for chronic migraine.

Botox was the fastest growing non-surgical process preferred by men in 2017, with more than 160,000 men getting Botox injections as per a study conducted in America. Why is everyone getting Botox therapy in larger numbers?

A few men seek to expand their career prospects and be able to compete with their younger peers. Some like to boost their dating chances or turn a fresh start following a big life change.

For far too many men, it is essentially a process of raising their self-esteem and rebuilding lost confidence. 

In reality, men in their late 20s and early 30s are now using Botox Preventive and stave off the wrinkles for as long as they can and maintain their confidence as well as their looks. As a surgical treatment, there are also a host of advantages for men who are beginning to experience the first symptoms of ageing.

Advantages of Botox injection

If you are on the edge to get Botox injections, check out the following advantages:

  • Non-Surgical Option to get rid of wrinkles

Unlike masculine facelifts and brow raises, Botox is a non-invasive treatment that usually needs minimal to no anesthesia. In reality, the process itself only takes a few minutes.

Try comparing this with cosmetic remedies for wrinkles like facelifts, which may take from three to four hours to perform. Which doesn’t even include the recovery time for those operations, that could take a few weeks.


Botox has often been frequently referred to as a “lunch time process” since you could very well get it done on your lunch break and also be back to the office on the very same day. Though there is no healing time for Botox, several men end up taking the day off from their jobs to be prepared for any noticeable swelling or bruises.

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  • Noticeably changes the look

Let us talk about Botox’s biggest advantage: a far more youthful and lively look. Botox is extremely efficient in removing unnecessary wrinkles as well as lines and even preventing new wrinkles from emerging.

Looking youthful and healthier will have a multitude of advantages for men. One of the biggest reasons people get Botox in massive numbers is to stay competitive in the working environment.

Men feel the need to look and feel the best they can at work. In several areas, older men are granted promotions, whereas younger men have better career prospects.

With many more men remaining in the job longer, it is important that older men keep off symptoms of ageing for as long as humanly possible. Botox helps men to minimize lines and repair the unpleasant under-eye bags that pop up when we grow older.

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  • Self-esteem improves

A few wrinkles are all right, but so much will make a man look far older than they actually are. If it is from spending a lot of time in the sun without adequate sun care or just your genes, premature lines and wrinkles will make any man feel self-conscious towards his looks.

Botox will remove symptoms of age, improving your confidence and attitude. There seems to be, in fact, some evidence that Botox is effective in treating patients with major depression that indicates that Botox may reduce symptoms of major depression.

Likewise, men might very well open doors in their professions and in their private lives. This will lead to an improvement in their physical and mental health and enjoyment.

  • Helps treat acne for adults

In the past few years, Botox has surfaced as a possible therapeutic choice for chronic acne. While there are very few studies on the topic of which clinical trials are presently ongoing Botox has been said to help decrease the production of oil and is most extensively used for the treatment of forehead pimples.

That being said, given the possible Botox’s side effects, a lot of dermatologists do not prescribe Botox as the first step of acne care. Rather, you could be best off committing to an over-the-counter acne medication program that integrates strong acne-fighting substances such as Salicylic Acid, which is proven to be a natural and efficient treatment for acne blemishes.

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