You might be acquainted with the word jumpsuits but only when it’s associated with women. But, have you ever come across men’s jumpsuits? If not, then you are about to be because men’s jumpsuits have gained traction in the fashion world and there is an inkling that they’ll be in for a long haul. 

Just take an example of Nike’s men jumpsuits. Unique, stylish and avant-garde. You can wear them for a meet-cute, a get-together with your friends and parties. Originally, the jumpsuits took their birth in the US and UK, which eventually spread to other parts of the globe. If you’re into the world of fashion, then you’ll instantly comprehend the stylishness of these jumpsuits. If you’re not, on the other hand, you’ll certainly feel a bit weird while wearing it and hence, you won’t be able to pull it off. 

With that said below-mentioned is a comprehensive guide detailing the do’s and don’ts of wearing men’s jumpsuits along with shedding light on its different types. 

How to pull off men’s jumpsuits?

When it comes to pulling off a jumpsuit look, men need to be on the lookout for certain things. They include:

  • You must match the colour and fabric of the jumpsuit according to the occasion and the people you’re meeting
  • Wearing jumpsuits for formal occasions should be strictly avoided
  • Try to suit the colour of your jumpsuits which matches your skin tone
  • More often than not, these jumpsuits are often curated for tall men. Although short men can wear them, it will not suit them as much as it would suit tall men
  • If you’re beginning to wear jumpsuits, try not to go for bold types. Pick subtle designs and then work your way upwards

4 types of men’s jumpsuits that are trending in 2021:

1. Leather men’s jumpsuit:

The all-new leather men’s jumpsuit is the most stylish and unique jumpsuit of all. If you want to make a style statement at a party, just wear this and you’ll achieve your goal. It will make you look extremely debonair and sexy, especially when you wear black colour.

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Normally, this suit is custom made and it can only be worn on certain special occasions. The highlight of this jumpsuit is its fabric and it generally suits a well-built body. You can complete the entire look with black shoes or boots. 

2. Merino jumpsuit grey melange:

Being one of the highest collections of AW16 collections, the Merino grey jumpsuit is one of the warmest and comfortable grey men’s jumpsuits. Due to its soft fabric quality and welled terry lining, the jumpsuit offers a better fit. In addition, it has also incorporated front and back pockets along with taped edge bands. 

Being made from wool, these jumpsuits can generally be worn in chilly weather, especially when you wish to ramble around in the city or go out for lunch with your friends. It is suitable for any body type, be it a slim or a well-built one. White sneakers can be worn to finish the appearance. 

3. Denim jumpsuit:

The all-new men’s denim jumpsuit is timeless and effortlessly stylish. So, if you’re passionate about fashion and like putting some thought and effort into what you wear, this denim jumpsuit is the right fit for you. 

Elegant and classy, it will help you achieve a put-together look with minimum accessories. You do not have to put much effort or time into this one. This look is best suited for casual get-togethers and even for a second or third date. In addition, make sure that your hairstyle is not unkempt; it’s well-maintained. It will add to the neat and clean look.

4. Designer jumpsuit for men:

Largely made from fabric denim, these designer jumpsuits are topping the trends in 2021. Although the ribbed design might not be all that accepting, you can certainly pair the suit with a plain or grey tee inside. This look will certainly make you stand out from the crowd and help you showcase your fashion sense. You can don this outfit for parties and special occasions as it is suitable for all body types. 

Styling men’s jumpsuits 101:

Now that the main types of jumpsuits are unravelled, let’s focus on some of the preliminary styling tips that every man should consider while wearing them. They include:

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  • If you want to wear jumpsuits for casual morning walks or as a part of gym wear, always keep it basic and subtle. Don’t go overboard with styling and make sure the colour of the suit is not popping.
  • With jumpsuits, you must always keep things simple. Jumpsuits for men are in itself a big and avant-garde thing. You don’t want to make it tacky. So, a simple watch and good shoes will render the chic and relaxed look
  • In addition to the attire, your overall look also matters, which mainly includes your hairstyle. Make sure that your hairstyle is not too rugged nor too simple. It should be the right amount of trendy and decent. If it’s unkempt, it will certainly jeopardise the elegance of the jumpsuit. You might want to use a hair gel or tie your hair if they’re long to keep it simple and sleek.
  • While pairing shoes with the outfit, remember to wear half or full shoes. Formal shoes or sandals are to be avoided
  • Make sure that the size of your jumpsuit is correct. Not too loose or too fit. If plus size men’s jumpsuits ensure comfort, then go for it. But don’t forget that size and fit are very important for a clean and chic look

 These are some of the important preliminary styling tips when it comes to wearing men’s jumpsuits. With being the hottest male clothing piece, it’s necessary to know the nitty-gritty of it and style accordingly. 

It’s a perfect combination of hot and cool. So if you want to make an indelible first impression on someone important, this is the right choice. But, as mentioned before, this outfit is to be avoided on formal occasions. 

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