Believe it or not, making a new relationship is easy, but maintaining one is not a piece of cake. It can reach a dead-end if either of the partners doesn’t know how to communicate. With no transparent communication, a couple in a relationship start to build walls around each other and before you realise it, the relationship ceases to exist. 

No relationship is perfect. The partners would always have to deal with one of the other hurdles at one point of time in their lives. These hurdles are more often than not, external and uncontrollable. However, dealing with them is completely their choice and unfortunately, many fail the test and mark the end of a relationship. 

One of the major reasons this happens is, more often than not, men’s inability to express their emotions freely. And it’s not their fault, honestly. They have been brought up in such an environment where showing emotions and being vulnerable is considered weak for a man. This can increase the communication gap between two individuals and either bring a standstill to a relationship or lead it to a point of no return. 

This scenario only emphasizes the idea of how important it is to communicate your emotions and feelings to your partner, no matter what they are. Half of the relationship issues of men, often arise out of the communication gap between them and their partner. 

With that said, here are some of the common relationship challenges men face in life.

4 major relationship problems of men:

1. Hiding your problems:

Due to the stereotypical image of a ‘macho man’ imposed by society on the male population, men often abstain from sharing their problems and their feelings openly. They feel that sharing them will make them weak and less masculine. 

When such a situation arises in a relationship, their partners are always left guessing as to what’s wrong with them or are often treated with the silent treatment. This turns them off and imposes a huge problem for them in the relationship. 

If you’re facing something similar to this, please know that sharing problems and hiding your true feelings will not make you less masculine or weak. It only shows that you are courageous enough to be vulnerable. 

If you continue to hide behind the mask that you never asked for in the first place, you will certainly develop other issues along the way such as anxiety, depression, aggression, narcissism, etc. This can create another set of problems for you and your partner that will make a healthy relationship next to impossible. 

You need to speak up to your partner. Although it might seem a bit intimidating at first, in the long run, you’ll feel relieved and your partner will have a better understanding of your situation. 

Don’t think too much, just say it! If she likes you or loves you, she’ll understand what you’re going through and if it makes you feel any better, your relationship will be strengthened and you guys will come closer than ever. 

2. Fear of rejection:

Now, who doesn’t have this fear? Everyone is afraid to be rejected by somebody they like. It is completely natural to feel so because humans are social animals and they seek social acceptance. If their opinions, ideologies or themselves are not accepted by a certain someone or a group of people, they are bound to feel hurt. 

This fear is so smouldering that people are afraid to take the first step and that costs them a relationship. If you’re one of the many nodding your head as you read these lines or relating your thoughts, then you need to understand that rejection is okay. 

Being rejected, essentially, does not mean that something is wrong with you. People have different choices, opinions and preferences. Just because you’re not somebody’s preference and choice, doesn’t mean that you do not deserve to be loved or liked.

Therefore, don’t try to prove to others how worthy you are. You are enough just as you are and worthy also. In addition, do not go out of your way and develop toxic feelings such as anger or resentment towards such people. It’s not healthy. 

If you were rejected by your crush or your girlfriend broke up with you, then respect their opinion. It’s difficult indeed and it’s also natural to feel hurt or cry about it. So, go ahead and express your pain or cry. But don’t push them. 

If they feel that their decision was wrong, they will certainly approach you and talk about it. But, if they don’t then don’t try to prove how worthy you are in front of them. It will only set them off and make them lose respect towards you. 

3. Performance pressure surrounding sex:

Feeling anxious and stressed before and during sex is one of the most common relationship issues for men. The convention is that men are supposed to be ready for sex and they have to be extremely good at it. If they are not able to satisfy the desires of their girlfriends, they will be immediately rejected or they might be called more effeminate. 

However, if a man feels more stressed and pressured during his intercourse, he wouldn’t be able to get an erection, or even if he does, he won’t be able to sustain it for long. 

People with erectile dysfunction are more often than not, dealing with psychological issues than physical issues. Therefore, it’s necessary to be mindful of your thoughts and believe in yourself. 

If you’re not able to control them and it feels like these emotions are taking a toxic turn, it’s probably for the good of your relationship to talk to your partner. Maybe, you can also think about counselling and visiting a therapist.

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4. Being the sole financial aid of the family:

Although society has made huge advancements, families still look forward to their men being the only financial support which is practically unfair. This puts them under a lot of stress and pressure, which as a consequence, strains their relationship.

In addition, problems also arise when a male partner earns less than a female partner. This can create a chasm between two partners and before you know it, the relationship has reached a point of no return. 

These are some of the common relationship problems of men. When you take a closer look at all of them, you’ll realise that almost all of them arise out of society’s notions of a man. And one of the best ways to fix relationship problems of men will be to create your definition of a ‘man’ and discard all society’s conventions. You’ll realise how simple and easy life is then.