Most individuals are mindful of their height and spend a lot of time questioning themselves how they could look taller. You would be shocked to discover that your height is not completely genetically dependent. In fact, many environmental variables affect your body and sometimes even your height. So now you must be wondering how to increase height? Keep reading to find out.

When you look in the mirror and wish to be a little bit taller, you are not alone. Yet you have not much command over your height as a feature of your body. While you may have seen some cures and miracle tips, once you are finished growing, you really can not do much about your height. 

There are several aspects that can help you optimize growth before your height exceeds its maximum. However, you can only control how tall you look after adolescence, not how tall you actually are.

Factors your height depends on

Various considerations contribute to the overall height. It is assumed that 60 to 80% of the overall height is due the genetic and hereditary causes. The rest is usually taken into account by such external conditions such as diet and exercise. 

Most people grow around 2 inches in height per year between age 1 and puberty. One can grow at a rate of 4 inches per annum after puberty hits. Both evolve at a different rate, nevertheless. 

This spike of development normally starts early in puberty for children. Before the end of their teens, children may not notice this abrupt growth in height. As adults, you normally stop getting taller. Thus, as an adult, it is pretty unlikely that you can grow your height. 

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That being said, one could do some things through puberty to make sure their development potential is maximized. As an adult, you can try to encourage and preserve your general well-being.

A majority of people generally stop growing up after getting 18 years old but the precise timing varies based on whether you are male or female and when your puberty started. 

Girls usually achieve maximum height at around 14 or a few years after the beginning of their menstrual cycle. Boys typically start to develop after 16 years of age but can then grow a few inches. 

During puberty, the rising plates at the ends of one’s bones make the bones longer and in turn, taller. When you approach the end of puberty, the long bones acquire a final formation and the cartilage transforms to bone or ossification takes place. One’s height is usually fixed at that point once that happens and there is little to no scope for growth. 

However, try these solutions to increase your height marginally and to appear taller:

Balanced Diet

In terms of growth, a healthy diet is crucial. Nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D are really important because evidence shows that these can improve bone health greatly.  Consuming fruits and veggies is essential to all, particularly to those who are still in their growth stages. Vitamin and mineral levels are vital to all. 

 Increase Height

Studies demonstrate that protein is important for bone health and it could benefit the spinal bone density. In a 2016 report of 45 Twins, the diet was found to be particularly critical in early childhood, and protein deficiency may have the greatest effect on the climate.

A mineral and vitamin (particularly vitamin D) rich diet could help your body grow and build. Calcium promotes the growth of your muscles, while Vitamin D improves bone and muscle growth. 

A balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates should be included. Your dinner table could always contain milk, meat, veggies, and nuts. Make sure to keep the food intake routine. It is recommended to eat meals three times a day coupled with a few snacking breaks between them.

Go out on sunny days

From direct sunshine, you get enough vitamin D which is crucial for your bones. However, it is beneficial only when the UVB concentration is not exceptionally low. From the weather predictions, you can get to know about ultraviolet light and its present status. In the morning hours, late evening, or much of the winter months, the skin does not receive ultraviolet B. So get some sunlight on a sunny day to increase your chances to get taller. However, make sure to use sunscreen on very sunny days or you’d end up looking red like a tomato.

Maintain a correct posture

A bad posture could make you appear shorter. While slouching or slumping over time will impact your total height. In 3 places, the back should be naturally curved. These curves will adjust to match your incorrect posture if you consistently sink or are sluggish. This could also exacerbate neck and back pain. 

It is important to be conscious of how you sit, sleep, and stand. Discuss with the doctor what ergonomics should be integrated with your everyday life. A memory foam pillow or a standing desk could be everything you need to rectify your posture depending on your needs. 

You should also workout and preserve body posture over time. Speak to your doctor if you are unsure where to proceed as they could suggest an exercise routine best suited for your body’s requirements.

Get proper sleep

Studies have found that a number of growth functions occur during sleep, which might imply proper sleep for proper growth. 

Research in 2013 showed that the height and weight in children with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) were lower relative to those who did not have OSA. Since OSA may induce disturbed or disrupted sleep, these results indicate a negative growth effect on sleep quality.

When puberty finishes, the height is generally fixed and there’s not much scope for growth. You cannot actually see a lot of difference even if you do the entire world of CrossFit and yoga. So how can you increase height?

Your height can, however, alter quite marginally during the day (do not get over-enthusiastic, it is just about half an inch). This is because the disks in your spine are lightly squeezed by regular activity that damages the cartilage and fluid in your spine. Plus, it does not help you if you sit at a desk all day long. 

Obviously, after a point in time, there is scope for a person’s height to increase. However, maintaining a correct posture, practising yoga, building your muscles, and dressing accordingly along with following the above ways to increase height could indeed make you appear taller than you are. 

Always remember, you are much more than just your height. 

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