Unlike the beliefs of a few people, men too must pay heed to the intricacies in order to really dress well. Any average person has an idea of the basis for layering clothing, and are already fairly informed in the selection of suits as per their tastes and know what seasons call for which materials. If you are seeking to own a bespoke suit (if you do not already) then you already understand the simple distinction between bespoke clothing and made-to-measure. This article will help you to know about 4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Sports Coat Today!

Interestingly, a few facets of men’s wear are more mysterious than others. One such thing is tailored, well-fitting coats and the understanding of an average man is not clear enough to nail the look but rather leads to a fashion mishap. 

It is generally noticed that as far as the subject of jackets is concerned the words “sports coats,” “blazer,” and “suit jacket” are used interchangeably far more frequently than not by both the shoppers as well as the retailers. Prudently, these coats are, in many respects, very identical. 

There are a few notable distinguishing details, though, that should be understood. Can you wonder why? For starters, it would save you from humiliating wardrobe mishaps by learning the distinction between these three classic menswear staples. You will realise not to dress up in a sports jacket for a formal gathering, and you will know not to try, for instance, to layer a bulky sweater under a tailored suit jacket. 

A sports jacket (popularly known “sportcoat”) is usually a less systematized, more casual item, making it the least formal of the three. A sports jacket played a role decades ago exactly as its nomenclature indicates, it was specifically what men wore when they engaged in recreational events such as hunting. Sports jackets were often something a guy would wear in the mornings or when anything as formal as a suit was not warranted by the season or occasion.

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Sports jackets were viewed as a luxurious piece of clothing decades back, as many men were merely able to afford a standard suit without any alternate choices. The sports jacket lost its association with outdoor activities over time, as clothes became more accessible and economical, and instead grew to be a standard of a relaxed but elegant style. 

Sports coats are generally provided in a wide range of designs and colours unlike blazers or suit jackets. They are less organized and fitted, giving both the freedom to layer and a broader range of motion. Elbow patches, slits, ticket pockets, and/or pleats are often included however, they are not a mandatory feature of sports coats these days.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Sports Coat Today!

Being the least formal of the three styles of jackets, anytime you choose to carry a pair of denim trousers, the sports jacket should be your go-to. Alternatively, practically any pair of pants that is not similar to your sports jacket in colour or texture would pair well. These coats go really well when worn over sweaters, turtlenecks, and practically any other winter or bulky clothing, as a sports jacket are usually the most loose-fitting choice. However, as well as they go with sweaters, they also look excellent when paired with any button-up or standard tee.

Impressed by their functionality and design? Here are some of the best reasons to wear a sports coat:

1. The Perfect Business Casual

Since a sports coat is less formal than a suit, you could carry it in a casual workspace  and not appear overdressed or too formal. Hence, if the office’s standard dress code involves items such as oxford fabric button-down shirts with chinos, putting on a sports coat over the top of this would not be seen as overly formal. So with a sports coat, without popping out like a sore thumb, you can embrace your interest in classic menswear in the workplace, particularly if you go deeper into the casual setting by carrying the sports coat without a tie. 

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently going on, workplaces are expected to get a bit more informal as a result. So, to bear this aspect in mind is particularly useful. Additionally, wearing a sports coat at home for a Zoom meeting is definitely going to be regarded as more natural than putting on a complete suit.

Sports Coat

2. Styling Options

Another advantage of the sports coat currently is that it is certainly possible to open the door to a broader variety of thrilling design possibilities. One of the other big benefits of wearing a sports coat, apart from the practical reasons we have already mentioned, is that it will allow a gentleman to get into more distinct style scenarios. This is not to suggest that, of course, suits are stylistically limited, but rather the sports coats open the door to a much broader variety of choices. 

For instance, a sport coat would allow you to use them on a larger scale if you are fond of patterns than only in your accessories. Although a complete suit with a windowpane design may be too brazen or loud, it will probably fit on your upper half. 

A sports coat will also be the chosen alternative for seasoned dressers, considering the broad range of choices it offers. The choice of a sports coat with unusual trousers is more flexible and more imaginative.

3. Athletic Look

Sports Coat, with its v-shaped lapels and its darted design on the edges, makes the waist of the person wearing it appear narrower and  the shoulders and chest to appear wider. You could indeed get similar results through waist suppression, but the choice is yours to make, whether you wish to appear athletic or shrink-wrapped.

4. Durability

Another advantage of sport coats is their durability. The materials employed to make many sports coats are often heavier and more sturdy than those for suits since they were initially made for outdoor activities. 

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The regular business suit, tailored out of the super wools, in particular, is bound to be very fine and lightweight. Though you will get a polished and formal look from these smooth weaves, they will practically wear out sooner. Further, with their tailor-fit style, suits often become difficult if not impossible to fit with slight loss or gain in a person’s weight unlike the comfortable fit of sports coats.

Therefore, a sport coat is something that you can wear when you are confused about the dress code or want to be attractive and stand out by doing less. That is the major advantage of a sports coat.