“Self-care is a necessity and not just a luxury.” When we talk about our hygiene, a lot of things come to our minds. Starting with brushing our teeth, bathing regularly to washing our clothes after every wear, and maintaining a clean room. If we talk about men, a lot of us forget that shaving too is a part of maintaining good hygiene. There are steps involved in everything, including the shower shave steps. 

Have you ever wondered, why is it necessary to follow steps in such basic routines which we probably already know about? Well, the answer is that yes, it is involved and a part of it because it saves you time. And, not just time, you might have heard of a management term called motion study. 

So, motion study deals with the appropriate way to do a certain thing. Why do you ask? It is because it helps to avoid putting in unnecessary efforts. The same goes for everything we do. And so, it goes for shaving as well. 

We’re sure you’ve given your shower the side look as you stood in your bathroom with a razor at your neck, dripping wet after just stepping out of the shower, and thought how tough it would be to start shaving in the shower.

After all, wouldn’t that be like slaying two birds with one stone? It would save you time, make preparing your face a lot easier, and make cleaning up a lot easier too. Allow us to brief you on the shower shave steps.

Shower shave steps

1. Hydration is a must

Staying hydrated, internally and externally is important. All of us might agree that hydration makes our skin better by not letting it get dry enough. Internal hydration is a different thing. We are here to talk about external hydration and exfoliation. Hydrating and exfoliating your skin can do wonders. The exfoliated and hydrated your skin will be, the easier and safer it will become for you to shower shave. It helps in removing all the dead skin cells and the dirt which earlier made its way into your skin. It will also help in enlarging your pores which will make it easier for the hair to leave the skin painlessly.

2. Let’s lather that baby up

Lathering up the area might not feel so important. But trust us, it is. Just exfoliating and hydrating won’t do the trick. If you decide on moving forward without lathering it up with either a conditioner or a shaving gel or mousse, think again. Soon enough you’ll realize your mistake and now the razor isn’t gliding through the way it should. It can result in you getting scrapes and cuts and nobody wants that, right? So just remember what you are advised.

3. Don’t use blunt tools

Using blunt razor blades can make the shaving task more difficult than it should be. It would make you go again and again to the desired area without showing many improvements. Always remember to use sharp razors but don’t be in a hurry. The trick here is to go slow and steady about it. Even thinking about getting cuts where you shouldn’t, gives us goosebumps. Anyway, remember what we told you, it’s always safer than sorry.

4. Moisturize it guys

To have that healthy and soft skin after a good shave, don’t skip moisturizing. You can choose amongst the various aftershaves or even settle for the golden aloe vera gel. It will help in soothing your skin and make it less prone to irritation afterwards. 

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So, when you’re feeling confident about facing the world, you don’t want those cuts and scrapes to make you look shabby right? Well, we have an answer to that as well. To be honest, having an answer to everything does make us feel wanted. Don’t you think so? Just kidding. So, moving ahead, we need to know why shaving mirrors play such a significant role.

Importance and types of shower shave mirrors

We have different types of shower shave mirrors, like-

  1. Convex mirrors
  2. Concave mirrors
  3. Plain mirrors 

Convex mirrors

These are the types of mirrors that will in turn help you to see a smaller image but shows a larger part of the area. For example, instead of just seeing a part of your face, you can see your entire face. How cool is it?

Concave mirrors

These mirrors are just the opposite of convex mirrors. They let you focus on the greater details on the part you’re shaving for a better experience. For example, if you just want to shape the boundary of your beard, concave mirrors are your friend. 

Plain mirrors

They are just like the normal mirrors you come across at different places. They show you almost an accurate representation of how you look. With equal amounts adding up to it, making it neither convex nor concave, it becomes easier for you to focus. 

You ask us, what is the best shower shave mirror? We’re so excited to tell you about it. It’s the Oliver silicon waterproof mighty mirror by Tooletries. It’s basically fog resistant, handy and guess what? If you suddenly drop it, it doesn’t shatter because voila! It’s shatterproof.

Now that we have talked about the shower shave steps and shower shave mirrors, allow us to proceed to the next significant thing. Yes, we are talking about the shower shave kits. 

Shower shave kits make it easier for you to stay organized and stay ready to rule the world with your confidence. You can either prepare one yourself or you can get various variants online as well. Remember, when you have everything, you don’t have to recall the steps. It comes to you naturally, getting your job done easily. 

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Dos and don’ts of shower shave steps.

Dos of shaving

  1. Get the exfoliation right and up to the mark.
  2. Use strokes that are shorter than the longer ones.
  3. Get yourself a razor with multiple blades, since it helps in cleaning the area in a more supervised and scrape-free manner. 
  4. If you have longer hair, give it a trim before rushing into anything.
  5. Always, and we say this with the utmost respect. ALWAYS shave in the direction favoring your hair growth.

Don’ts of shaving

  1. Remember not to heat that water too much. As much as soaking in water opens pores, too hot water can also close them back up.
  2. Don’t skip on that shaving gel or mousse or the conditioner. It’s your preference but please prefer something.
  3. Avoid leaving your razors in the shower. Store those in a dry environment.
  4. Don’t use dirty razors on different sides of your shaving area. Wash it before you use it again.

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We think that maintaining good hygiene is important, making shaving important too. So, stop procrastinating and get those hair trimmed out. Why did you think we guided you through the shower shave steps? Go, get that world drooling over you.