Contrary to common perception, physical appearance is equally important as internal beauty, or as they call it, the beauty of the soul. The reason is, your physical appearance is great, perhaps, the only determinant of the first impression. And the first impression is indeed the last. 

Although first impressions may not prove to be the last impressions, they are extremely important when you are looking to date somebody or trying to find a job. With that said, if you’re dubious whether you’re good looking or not, the below-mentioned are some of the most obvious signs of good looking guys. 

4 most obvious signs of good looking guys:

1. People always want to help you:

Have you ever felt that whenever you’ve faced difficulty with something, people are always eager to help you? It could be because the people you’re surrounded with are just trying to show some kindness. However, if you experience it happening to you every time, then maybe it’s a sign that people are attracted to you. This proves that you are a good looking guy. 

The science behind this is very simple. When people are attracted to you and they can feel the positive energy emanating from you, they are eager to become a part of your vicinity. Not only that but they also want to become a part of your social circle. Hence, they are very generous and more amicable towards you than others. 

In addition, if you want to know whether the girl you really like likes you back, then this can be one of the most important factors. If a girl genuinely likes you, she’d always be on the lookout to spend as much time with you as possible and jump at any chance to help you. She’d want you to acknowledge her kindness and make her an important part of your life as you are an important part of hers as well. 

2. Your smile is contagious:

Charles Gordy once said, ‘A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks, and he couldn’t be more right. A smile has become one of the most confident and charming possession of a good looking guy and you’ll affirm it when you see in almost all the pictures of good looking guys. 

If you’ve received compliments about your smile or observed the person you’re talking to, treating you with a smile, then you’re certainly one of the attractive guys. This happens because people are pulled into your vicinity by your smile. Wear a confident smile on your face and you’ll decode the secret of attractiveness. 

Be that as it may, someone complimenting you about your smile can be based upon a plethora of reasons. For instance, if a cute girl is complimenting your smile, then she is certainly flirting with you. Or an acquaintance of yours does a similar thing, it can be just a part of the small talk or an attempt to break the ice. Therefore, it depends upon the situation that you’re in.

Under such circumstances, the best thing to say is, ‘Thank you’ and move on. You can reciprocate the compliment if you want to.

3. You are received with multiple raised eyebrows:

Now, this might not be an obvious sign on every occasion. Sometimes, it can be caused by something weird associated with you, for instance, your attire, hairstyle or an action. But, when you recognise that people, especially women, have raised their eyebrows in your direction for a positive reason, then probably it’s because they’re caught off guard and surprised.

According to science, people are not much in control of the upper part of their head, that is, the eyes and brows. Resultantly, the movements associated with these parts of the head are facilitated subconsciously. So, if a woman raises her eyebrows towards you subconsciously, then perhaps she is attracted to you. 

In addition, this movement is often complemented with a smile, which is also subconscious sometimes. Although it’s a reaction that lasts for only a few seconds, it can still be an indicator of many things. Only if you don’t fail to recognise it. 

4. Staring is commonplace for you:

Have you ever received uncommon stares from your masses wherever you go? If you have, then you shouldn’t be reading this article because you already belong to the coterie of good looking guys. 

Again, science can explain this. Whenever you find something that is mysterious, beautiful, pleasurable and attractive, your brain releases the hormone dopamine which renders you pleasure. This explains why we are so mesmerised by art, and the subject of this article, a good looking guy. 

Be that as it may, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of a stare and what you’re supposed to do, if you experience it from a girl. So, if a woman locks eyes with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you. Maybe, she was looking for something and coincidentally your eyes met. 

However, if a woman locks eyes with you for a while and there’s a slight curve on the sides of her lips, then she’s certainly into you. This is one of her ways to establish a connection with you. In addition, if a girl is staring at you but doesn’t smile, then maybe she’s waiting for you to make the move. 

So, you need to be mindful of every action of women, especially if it involves the woman you’re interested in. 

These are some of the tell-tale signs of a good looking guy. However, after all these clear signs one is always left wondering as to why good looking guys are single? It’s not difficult for a mystery to crack. Trying to be a ‘good looking’ person is, in a way, yielding to the societal conventions which are unattainable. Therefore, you can be good looking by moulding your attitude, personality, fashion sense and the way you communicate with people. 

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