Hair growth is a natural process, and your back is not an exception to it. You are most likely to have hair growth on your back as well if you have it on your face or chest. A hairy back isn’t necessarily a problem, and hair removal from the back is one hundred per cent your choice. 

The hormone testosterone in men and its increased prevalence in men as compared to women is the reason behind this hair growth. Men who have greater levels of testosterone than others are bound to have excessive bodily hair, including their backs. Hence, the amount and speed of hair growth is completely subjective and differs greatly from man to man.

Just like the hair on any other part of your body, the hair on your back is also perfectly natural. However, society hasn’t spared this topic in poking its nose into, just like all other trivial matters. Therefore, it’s a preconceived notion that hairy back in men is usually not very attractive to look at.

Also, men with huge chunks of hair in their backs tend to generate a lot more heat, leading to more perspiration and sweat, including body odour. Hairy back in men might be completely fine for some while for others it is a matter of concern. If you don’t like a hairy back, we’ve got you covered in this article. 

Getting rid of hairy back

While we do not believe in such notions of how a male back is supposed to be, hairy or non-hairy; we understand that the choice is entirely subjective and hence, we are here to give away some ways for you on how to get rid of back hair.

1. Shaving: 

Shaving is the most commonly adopted method among men for removing back hair. Good shaving cream and a back shaver are must-haves. It will help you trim your hair easily and provide you with the perfect angle for reaching your back, without causing yourself any pain or irritation.

However, there’s a disadvantage to having, which is, steady hair regrowth. Once you shave your hair, they start growing back again quickly, in comparison to other options.

2. Laser hair removal:

Another way on how to get rid of the hairy back. Do you need a permanent solution to your hairy back and looking for a way? Well, laser treatment it is. Laser removal is a long process, which involves a month’s long procedure and is highly expensive. Laser removal must be done by a qualified operator. 

A few disadvantages to it are that it involves a lot of precautions and do’s and don’ts.  You would be required to not expose your back to the sun for some time after the operation, and the precautions would vary according to the amount of hair you have and your hormones.

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3. Waxing: 

Waxing is surely one of the most effective methods one can adopt for getting rid of hairy back in men. Once waxed, you can definitely have 2-3 weeks of the hairless back.

You must approach a professional if you choose the method of waxing to get rid of your back hair. Not only will you have to experience lesser pain, but it lasts longer than shaving and the hair growth also dies. You might get rashes, or your body might irritate if you do not wax your back correctly.

However, if you feel like you can wax at your home, that might not be that bad an option too, considering you have someone alongside you. Doing it single-handedly is certainly neither feasible nor advisable, if someone can help with your correctly applying the wax and stripping the strips off in the correct direction, you are good to go!

Waxing is not completely free of pain, and if it hurts, you can always apply an aloe vera gel or a good moisturizing cream on your back after the wax which would moisturize your skin and give you a pleasing smooth feel.

4. Cream hair removal:

Applying a cream for removing your hair is as easy as it looks in advertisements, just apply it on the area where you need to get rid of your hair, keep it like that for a few minutes and then wipe it off.

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However, you must keep in mind that hair removal creams also do not remove the root of your hair, they just remove it from the surface of your body, and hence, they are bound to grow back quicker. Also, if your body is a little sensitive, you must first try and apply the cream to a relatively smaller portion, because there is a high chance that you might develop any side effects to it, like rashes or a reaction that might result in redness, etc.

Why can back hair removal be a good option?

  • Makes you feel more comfortable in your clothes since your back hair doesn’t rub off against your shirts and produce an itching effect.
  • Definitely makes you sweat less, and gets rid of your body odour that is evident after sweat. 
  • If you have excessive unruly hair on your back, it might serve as a turnoff for some women as well. 
  • If you yourself don’t like the hair on your back, removing them would definitely enhance your personality since you’d be able to feel more comfortable.

Well, removing your back hair is, after all, one’s personal choice and it’s absolutely no biggie if you don’t want to remove them. If back hair doesn’t bother you, embracing them would be just the perfect option for you.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with your back hair and are in a dilemma on what to do about it, we have presented you with a little manual on what recourses can you choose. Just remember that whatever option you choose to go for suits your body and doesn’t result in any kind of side effects. Every person’s body is different and what might be the best option for one might as well be the worst for the other.

So, it’s you who will have to decide for your body and nobody else can do that for you.

We hope our little article helps you.