Black jeans are one piece of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. Easy to pair up with different types of upper wears, shoes, and accessories, it gives you just the right look between casual and cool. Black jeans are comfortable for most men, as well as can be worn for various occasions, ranging from a party with friends to a casual outing to semi-formal meetings.

What do I wear with black jeans? 

If you are looking for black jeans outfits, you’re at the right place. If you own black jeans already and are baffled as to what to pair it with, here we are to suggest some of the best black jeans outfit ideas for men. Also, if you do not already own one, we would suggest you get yourself one as soon as you can. 

Honestly, black jeans are so versatile that they go well with almost anything and everything, and there’s no need for you to worry about your outfit so much. However, some of the best black jeans outfit ideas for you:

1. Black jeans + Black shirt:

This combination is genuinely one of the most stylish yet sophisticated combinations among all men’s black jeans outfits. Black jeans paired with a black shirt can be worn in casual as well as semi-formal events, and it won’t disappoint you.

If you are looking for something subtle yet stylish, this can be one of the perfect picks for you. However, do remember to pair this outfit with the right shoes. If you wear a lot of accessories with it or very ostentatious shoes, it might ruin the entire aesthetic and clean look of the combination. So, choose the right shoes and accessories according to the occasion you are wearing this to.

2. Black jeans + White shirt:

Black jeans and a white shirt, both of them give you a decent look individually as well as when worn together. Formal, casual as well as semi-casual events, you can wear them everywhere and it will give you the traditional and minimal classy look that every man yearns for. It is one of the best black jeans outfits that work in almost every setting and never disappoints.

black jeans outfits

For a more formal look, these can be paired with loafers or a blazer as well, whereas you can always go for sneakers and a short-sleeved shirt when wearing it casually. For formal occasions, you can also wear this with a tie.

Again, your shoes and accessories that your pair with your outfit is very important in deciding your overall look, so be careful with them! 

Depending on the season, this outfit can also be paired with a bomber jacket, a topcoat, or even a long pea coat as just the perfect warm layer.

3. Black jeans + T-shirt:

Black jeans are definitely one of the most comfortable things for men to wear as daily casual wear, and when you are wearing it like that, you can always pair it with a casual t-shirt of almost any colour. The best thing is that your black jeans will go well with the brightest of colours to the most subtle, muted shades.  

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Crew neck t-shirts in grey, white, or even blue colours can also greatly enhance your look and you may add them to your wardrobe collection. 

4. Black jeans + a polo:

The best black jeans outfit ideas ought to include this one for sure. Polo shirts complement black jeans quite well, and more so if you choose darker shades of the polo.

Polo t-shirts usually give you an athletic look and men do not prefer wearing them casually. However, black jeans paired with a polo can surprisingly give you the most casual look and you can wear them on most occasions, without appearing like an athlete.

Long sleeve polo shirts have the ability to give you a formal look and you can wear them even to your workplace.

5. Black jeans + Denim jacket:

Black jeans can perfectly complement a denim shirt or a denim jacket. Black jeans with a blue/black denim jacket give you a really cool look, to be honest. You can pair these with your sneakers or even your boots, and voila, you’re ready!

Other jackets that can easily rock your black jeans outfits are a classic Harrington, a bomber, or a heavy-cotton chore jacket.

What about my footwear?

Your footwear can literally make or break your look. In addition to what upper wear you choose for your black jeans, it is extremely important that you choose the right footwear for yourself. 

  • Black shoes: Black shoes usually never go wrong, and definitely not with black jeans. According to whether you are wearing the outfit for a casual or a formal meeting, you can decide the types of shoes that you want to wear. Black sneakers can suit you perfectly for a casual event, whereas boots, oxfords, or black loafers can be worn for a formal /semi-formal event.
  • Brown shoes: Brown shoes can be one important part of your casual black jeans outfits. Brown chukkas or brogues pair well with black jeans. 

For formal events, you can even try going with Derby shoes, only if they look good according to what upper wear you are pairing them with.

Also, brown shoes work the best when you wear them with black jeans and a lighter shade shirt/t-shirt. Remember not to wear a very dark shirt, because it might not complement your entire look really well.

Also, apart from the shirts and shoes you pair with your black jeans, the first and the most important step is to choose the right fit of jeans for your body shape, and you just cannot go wrong with that. Slim fit or a regular fit, decide what looks the best on you, and what suits your body shape well. Black jeans can make any outfit stand out from the rest and it’s easy to pair things with them, too. 

We hope you get some of the best men’s black jeans outfits that you have been looking for, and rock your outfits the next time, earning compliments from everyone.