Everyone thinks that growing a beard is a struggle, but trust us, that isn’t even the beginning of your struggles. Anyone who has a full beard knows that maintaining it isn’t a cakewalk.

Growing and grooming a beard isn’t just a style statement for men, it’s more like a lifestyle. While there are many reasons to grow a bushy and long beard, beard problems are common. Common beard problems can be frustrating. But, if you know how to take care of it, there’s no stopping you from achieving the beard of your dreams. 

As we said, even though a long beard look is killer and sweeps the ladies off the floor, growing a manly beard can invite some common bard problems like beard acne, beard dandruff, etc.

In today’s article, we have covered the most common beard problems and what you can do to get rid of them and continue having a beautiful beard! Read on! 

Here are the most common beard problems that long-bearded men are subject to. Always remember that a little care goes a long way!

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Common Beard Problems and Remedies to get rid of them

1. Itchy beard

An itchy beard or beard itch is one of the most common problems encountered while growing a beard. No matter what the cause may be, an itchy beard can be irritating and can distract you from performing your regular tasks. Suffering from the wrath of itchiness is a common beard problem and not a cause for concern. However, the itchy beard may be worse if you’ve been the babyface and clean shaved for years before growing a beard. This happens because your senses are not used to a thick mane. Poor hygiene conditions can also contribute to an itchy beard.

Beard Problems

When you have an itchy beard, don’t tear down your face with violent scratches. Instead, here’s what you should do.

What to do: 

Proper beard care is at the heart of tackling all beard problems. Thus, indulge in some good beard care and maintenance. 

If you want to control the inflammation, use natural ingredients like Argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. These oils will moisturize the skin under the beard hair and get rid of dry skin. Beard oils that have cooling agents like menthol or tea tree oil extracts work well too.

Beard Problems

2. Beard Dandruff

Yes, beard dandruff is a real beard problem and it could be deadly too. Just like your scalp, the skin under your thick beard can start flaking too. After all, your beard hair is not much different from the hair on your head. However, unlike the hair on your head, beard hair dandruff has nothing to do with the weather conditions. Instead, it actually depends on your skin type. People with dry skin are more prone to beard dandruff. 

What to do: 

Instead of washing your face and beard with hot water, try washing it with cold water or room temperature water. Hot water can dry the skin under the beard and cause it to flake. Grapeseed oil helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells from dry skin. You can also use apricot oil and eucalyptus oil to relieve dandruff and discomfort. Aloe vera gel can do wonders too!

3. Beard Acne

This is one of the most common beard problems. Beard acne is a pesky problem that most men with thick and long beards are susceptible too. Beard acne is caused by bacteria buildup. Bacteria can enter the skin and infect the hair follicles resulting in painful acne. And, if you have an oily skin type then you are more prone to pesky beard problems like beard acne. And, shaving can irritate the skin and make beard acne worse, so you should stay away from the razor for quite some time. Shaving could cause further breakouts and irritate the skin under the beard.

What to do: 

Just like any acne-prone skin, your skin needs anti-bacterial treatment. Natural and organic oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, etc. can help reduce beard acne a considerable amount due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Beard Problems

Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are also effective in healing skin lesions. Therefore, choose a beard oil that has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and you will be good to go! 

4. Brittle beard Hair

One of the most common beard problems is brittle beard hair. Just like the hair on your head, beard hair can be brittle too. And, the last thing a man with a thick masculine beard wants is brittle beard hair. Brittle beard hair usually breaks off when you comb it or brush it. This can cause uneven growth in terms of length and volume. Besides, it can also make your beard appear wiry and old. Brittle hair causes beards to look unhealthy and that is one look you should avoid. 

What to do: 

The easiest thing you can do to tackle beard problems like brittle beard hair is, massage the hair with organic rosemary oil. Rosemary oil helps in making your beard hair strong and prevents it from graying and looking old. You can also use natural vitamin E extracts as they work wonders on brittle hair.

5. Flaky skin

Another common beard problem is dry or flaky skin. Dry or flaky skin occurs when the skin’s layer of natural oil reserves dry up. Usually, the cold weather drains the natural moisture of the skin from the epidermis. The products you use on your face like soaps or face washes with dry chemicals can strip your skin of its oils, thereby causing dry or flaky skin.

What to do: 

The remedy for dry or flaky skin is easy. You need to step up your moisture game. You could use a vast variety of oils like argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, etc. These oils help to prevent dryness and also relive the skin of the dry and flaky itchiness. Shea butter is a great moisturizing agent too as it helps improve the skin’s collagen. Also, you should avoid heat styling products like blow dryers.

Beard Problems

These were all the beard problems that you needed to know about. A little grooming and beard care go a long way!