Having a healthy sex drive is not just about the sex, but it is also about the bigger picture. A healthy sex drive reflects your overall health and is linked to feeling healthy both emotionally and physically, This article will help you to know about Fruits For Sex Enhancement.

This is no surprise that the foods we eat play an important role in our sex drive or libido. It is commonly perceived that foods that look like body parts can have incredible effects on your sex life. A nutritious diet can benefit your sex life in many ways, such as:

  • Boosting your libido
  • Improving your stamina in bed
  • Improving blood flow and heart health

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Fruits for Sex!

Eating a diet that is rich in foods such as fruits can also prevent disorders that affect your libido, like hormonal conditions, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, inability to maintain an erection, metabolic syndrome, etc.

But worry not, there are several fruits for sex that will take away all your woes and give you a healthy sex drive. Any healthy food is good for sex. But, there are certain fruits for sex enhancement that seem to be more beneficial.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of the best fruits for sex drive. Read on to know more!

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5 Best fruits for sex drive

Here are 5 fruits for sex enhancement that can do wonders for you in bed. These fruits for sex are packed with nutrients that can not only perk up your libido but will improve your fertility and overall health.

1.Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries and Raspberries are the number one fruits for sex enhancement. The tiny seeds that you see in fruits like strawberries and raspberries are loaded with zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for sex and is beneficial for both men and women. 

Zinc from fruits for sex enhancement like strawberries and raspberries helps the body prepare for sex. In men, zinc helps in regulating healthy testosterone levels which is crucial for maintaining an erection longer and producing semen and sperm. Zinc levels reduce during sex, therefore men need to load up on zinc before intercourse. 


Remember the famous peach scene in Call Me By Your Name? That was probably a metaphor for how great peaches are for sex. 

Fruits For Sex

Prunus persica, commonly known as peaches, is a small fruit. Peaches have a fuzzy peel and have yellow or sweet white flesh. Not only are peaches delicious, but they are one of the best fruits for sex drive. Peaches originated in China more than 8,000 years ago, and have been used in Southeast Asia as a traditional treatment for improving libido and fertility.

Peaches are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. One small peach has about 17 percent of an individual’s daily Vitamin C requirement. The Vitamin C present in peaches helps in improving sperm count and also the quality of sperm. 

Therefore, peaches are great for your sex drive and may also be beneficial for treating infertility in men. 

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3. Watermelon

Watermelons are delicious and refreshing. Low in calories, one cup of watermelon only contains about 46 calories and is abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and healthy plant compounds. 

According to studies conducted on sex drive, eating foods that have a high water content helps in increasing performance during sex. As you know, having sexual intercourse can be strenuous and may leave your body fatigued. Interestingly, watermelon has a water content of over 92 percent, which makes it great for sex.

One of the most essential fruits for sex, watermelon improves your erection and increases your libido or sex drive. Watermelon is packed with a healthy compound known as citrulline. Citrulline releases amino acids and arginine in the body. Amino acids and arginine have been found to improve sex drive considerably and are also beneficial for vascular health.

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4. Apples

Next on the list of fruits for sex, we have Apples. Apples are abundant in a compound known as quercetin. Quercetin is a type of antioxidant, or flavonoid that has numerous health benefits. 

Fruits For Sex

As far as sex is concerned, quercetin present in apples help in:

  1. Promoting blood circulation
  2. Managing the symptoms of prostatitis
  3. Treating erectile dysfunction and metabolic syndrome

According to research, high blood pressure can lead to sexual dysfunction because blood vessel damage impairs blood flow to the genital area. This is one of the primary causes of Erectile Dysfunction. 

Quercetin has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure at doses of more than 500 milligrams a day. Males who have a higher fruit intake usually report a 14 per cent reduction in erectile dysfunction. 

Therefore, a diet rich in flavanoids helps in boosting overall health and also keeps your sex life happy.

Other foods that are rich in flavonoids include dark-colored grapes, citrus fruits, cherries, red wine, strawberries, blueberries, etc. 

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5. Avocados

Last but not least, we have Avocados. Avocados are delicious and can be prepared in multiple ways. Folic acid and Vitamin B6 are two of the most important nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy sex drive or libido. 

Avocados are a great source of folic acid and vitamin B6. Folic Acid helps in pumping the body with energy and vitamin B6 is useful in stabilizing the hormones. Therefore, eating avocados will do wonders for your sex life. 

These were 5 fruits for sex that will help you with your bedroom woes. However, while these fruits are great for pumping hormones, a diet alone isn’t enough to improve your libido. If you notice a persistent lack of desire, you should consult your doctor.

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