Hey, you were the one wanting to live a productive life right? Wait, don’t scroll, I am still talking to you! My dear men, are you among those people who get up at 12 in the noon and decide they will live a productive life since then, but fail terribly as the day proceeds? Then you are not alone. Hundreds of men out there dream of living a productive life but are unable to find a comprehensive answer on how to be productive in life. 

Although there is no particular answer on how to be productive in life, there are certain habits that a man can incorporate in his daily life if he intends on living a productive life. These tips for a productive life can be included in one’s routine, be it their morning or evening or daytime routine and will help to develop a productive and healthy lifestyle in the long run.

1. Meditating

One of the most mindful habits a man can incorporate in their daily lives is meditating. Meditation helps calm an anxious mind and body. A calm mind is capable of making sound decisions that bear fruitful results. Hence, if men incorporate this step into their lifestyle, it will help them develop a strong willpower to enable them to get through the day. 

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It does not necessarily have to be done early in the morning, meditation can be practised when required. If you are struggling to make a financial decision, are confused about which stock to invest in, or contemplating over a serious issue, meditation can help calm your mind which will lead you to make the best decision for yourself.

2. Setting intentional goals

Have you tried making to-do lists before, but ended up not completing one single task from that? The reason behind this might be the fact that the goals weren’t intentional. Setting intentional goals to lead a productive life means having a solid purpose behind those tasks, no matter how small they might be. Imagine, you want to go for a 1 kilometres run, ask yourself why do you want to do that? 

Is it because you want to lose body-weight so that other people consider you ‘smart’ or is it because you are committed to getting a healthy body and physique. The intentions behind the goals are the small desires of our hearts. Setting small intentional goals for yourself throughout the day will help you complete the majority if not all your tasks for the day and will leave you feeling proud of yourself. 

As a result, you will be motivated to do the same the following day. Remember, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice-versa.

3. Time Management 

Remember, punctuality is freedom! Every human being on earth gets 24 hours in a day. It depends on you if you want to binge-watch Netflix for 14 hours a day or exercise, cook, clean, or learn some skills within those 14 hours. A man who knows his priorities straight is wise for he knows how important time is. Time is money, it is fleeting, the better use you make of it, the more it is advantageous for you. 

If you are of the notion that everything is based on luck and hard work is nothing but a hoax, remember fortune favours the brave and luck comes only to those who are prepared for it. The ones who manage their time efficiently by putting in the required hard work will be quick to prompt when an opportunity knocks because they were prepared as they managed their time well. Time-management instils in you a sense of discipline which is the simplest yet the greatest of virtues, the leaders throughout history have possessed. 

4. Save Steadily, Invest With All Prudence

Saving steadily and investing with prudence simply means managing your income judiciously. Remember, productive life isn’t a one-day phenomenon, it is built over time. Saving and investing with all prudence is a hack that has enormous benefits. From saving us in times of distress to helping us avoid extreme situations, it has always proven beneficial. It is always smart to take out some amount of your salary every month for saving. 

But it is of no use keeping the money idle, it is smart to invest the money, be it in bonds, equities or in the capital. Growth-resources help the money multiply as it provides a certain return-on-investment which keeps our money safe and our profits steady in the long run while preparing us for any unforeseeable emergency.

5. Practice Gratitude

Even though gratitude might not seem a habit fresh off the list of ‘Top 10 habits of the year’ but is known to have done wonders. Gratitude in its essence is the habit of being thankful for the things we have received in our, be it big or small. 

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Practising gratitude helps us appreciate the smaller things in life and teaches us the value of those. This practice allows us to be grounded and not forget our roots, the place where we belong. Gratitude is a time tested pathway towards living a productive lifestyle. It helps divert our attention from what we have rather than what we lack, thus, allowing us to think positively and lead a productive life.

Create your new goals and routines

The list of habits for leading a productive life is endless. What works for some people, might not work for other people. You might have to adopt a different path towards your journey of living a productive life. At the end of the day, we all are individuals trying to survive in this world. What matters is that we become mindful of these habits and develop the willpower to facilitate a change. 

These tips have stood the test of time coming from people who have observed noteworthy results from their use, but there’s no magic mantra behind them. The man who is eager about leading a productive life and is willing to employ these tips for a productive life is just a step away from discovering and exhausting his true potential and bears the power to transform his life for the better.