Before you leave for your hiking adventure, you need to secure the best hiking packs for yourself. Remember that your typical Kanken or Jansport is not made for a hiking journey. There isn’t enough room to carry your gear and they are not the most durable options out there. This article is about Hiking Packs Options.

The best hiking packs have a few features in common. First, they should be durable, made of a rugged fiber that won’t tear while you are climbing the highest peaks. Second, the straps should be comfortable. As you wander, you don’t want something that will slip off your shoulders. Third, the storage capacity should be more than your regular backpack. 

When it comes to picking the ideal lightweight hiking packs, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Luckily, we are here to help! Check out our complete guide to the best hiking packs before you wander into the wild! 

What is the best backpack for hiking? 

First thing is, what is the best backpack for hiking? We like to believe that there is an ideal hiking pack out there designed specifically for every traveler. To find your perfect hiking backpack, here are some pointers to consider: 

  • Price: 

Of course, you want a great hiking pack, but you don’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket. With that being said, you should invest in a high-quality hiking pack that will take you thousands of miles and lasts a good few years. Make sure you weigh out the pros and cons of each hiking backpack before you choose the one. 

  • Weight:

 When going on a hiking adventure, you will be required to carry a lot of heavy equipment, including your sleeping bag, water reservoir, tent, etc. So, you should ensure that you choose lightweight hiking packs. The ideal hiking pack should be the right balance between weight, durability, and comfort.

  • Frame:

The lighter you pack your hiking bag, the less frame it should occupy. Try to choose hiking packs that have simple frames and are easy to carry. 

  • Volume: 

Most lightweight backpacks carry an average of 40 to 50L. If you are a heavy packer, you should go for hiking packs that have a larger volume. 

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Do you need a special backpack for hiking? 

This is a question frequently asked by amateur hikers. Hiking is becoming an increasingly popular activity, and many may argue that you don’t need a special backpack for hiking. But, this is far from true. 

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A regular backpack such as a Jansport is not designed for outdoor activities like hiking. Hiking packs should be durable, made of strong fiber, lightweight, and voluminous. Besides, the straps on hiking packs are comfortable and resistant. Manufacturers make sure that the straps are not made to fall off your shoulders easily. 

hiking pack

Hiking packs come with a hip strap, which is more comfortable when you are carrying heavy equipment. Lastly, if you plan to go on hikes often, it is best to invest in a backpack specially made for outdoor hiking purposes. 

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Best Hiking Packs Options For Men In 2021

Check out the best hiking packs for men in 2021:

1. HMG 2400 & 3400 Southwest

Price: $310

The HMG 2400 and 3400 Southwest hiking backpacks are one of the best out there. They might be a little on the pricier side, but they strike a perfect balance between durability, weight, and weather resistance. The frame is highly effective and is sturdier than most hiking packs. This hiking pack is nearly waterproof and features spacious hip belts. 

2. The North Face Basin 18

Price: $89

If you don’t want anything pricy, go for the North Face Basin 18. It is spacious, has ample organizational pockets, and looks stylish! This hiking pack is perfect for beginners. 

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3. Arc’teryx Aerios 15 Backpack Men’s

Price: $155

The Aerios 15 is your best friend when it comes to long hikes. It layers comfortably and has enough pockets to carry your load. There are pockets on the shoulder straps to safely secure your mobile phone and other belongings. The backpack is durable and weather-resistant. It also comes with extra padding and makes for a comfortable carry.

4. Osprey Atmos and Aura AG 65

Price: $270

If you want a hiking pack that is fit for carrying heavy loads, this is the one for you. It’s spacious, features several organizational pockets, and is one of the best lightweight hiking packs. This hiking pack can hold an additional 35 to 50 pounds of weight compared to other hiking packs. If your priority is minimalism and comfort, go for the Osprey Atmos or Aura AG 65. 

5. Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50

Price: $240

Last but not least, we have the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50. It is well-padded, durable, ultralight, convenient, and comfortable. It features an ergonomic hip belt that can carry weight well while on the trail. One of the best features of this hiking backpack is the SitLight pad that can act as a back padding or a cushy seat. It has a 50 liters capacity, making it one of the best options!

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hiking pack

What Are the best Hiking Packs Options?

Once you have secured your hiking backpack, it’s important to pack everything you need. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a hiking essentials checklist:

  • Hiking Backpack: 

This is a no-brainer. Make sure you choose the one that fits all your hiking needs and budget. 

  • Clothing and Footwear:

 Hiking means wandering on uneven and rugged terrains, thus make sure you carry your hiking boots. Besides, always keep a fresh change of clothes with you.

  • Safety Equipment

Make a first-aid kit before you leave for your hike. Carry items like rope, swiss knife, painkillers, bandaids, gauge, cotton, soap, sanitizer, antiseptic, survival bracelets, etc. 

  • Water Reservoir:

 If you are going to be hiking long trails, you need your hydration. 

  • Nutrition:

Hiking Trips can go on for longer than you expect, so make sure you carry snacks. 

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