According to fitness experts, one of the most effective ways to gain maximum benefits of working out is to wear the right underwear that fits your body. Wearing the right type of underwear ensures comfortability, less odor, less chafing, and less irritation.

Therefore, the more you are comfortable in your underwear the more you will be able to focus on your body. So, read the rest of the article and find the men’s best exercise underwear to focus on building and improving your body and overall health.

5 Men’s best exercise underwears

1. Men’s Under Armour Tech 6

According to Under Armour, the size of the underwear should not hinder you from improving your body and ensuring your physical health. Therefore, they have featured boxer briefs which range from XS to 5XL. In addition to this, you will also find them in a variety of colors if you like to bring some novelty to your life every day.

These underwears featured by Under Armour are 90 % polyester and 10 % Spandex which is the best underwear material combination for a workout. In addition to this, they offer antibacterial treatments on their fabrics which prevents the development of bacterial infection, odor even after high intensive workouts and ensures more hygiene.

These Under Armour underwears are extremely flexible as they are structured with a 4-way stretch construction which helps the underwear to stretch in every direction. Therefore, they become extremely important if you have any sports event to attend or you just want to go to your gym.

2. Tommy John 360 Sports Brief

The Tommy John underwear is your perfect go-to wear especially if you hit the gym daily. Its 360-degree stretch fabric moves with you regardless of how intense your workouts are. Similar to the previous one, these underwear are antimicrobial and anti-odor.

Formed of polyester and spandex, the Tommy John 360 Sports Briefs help to keep you refreshed all day as they prevent the development of bacteria or any other type of infection. A comfortable contour pouch with a horizontal fly will provide you with the right amount of support.

You will have the Tommy John 360 Sports Briefs in black, grey, and dress blue colors. What’s interesting is that these underwear come with a guarantee titled Tommy John’s ‘Best Pair’ where you can receive a refund or replacement if you are not happy with the product for some reason.

These underwear are specially designed for the gym and high-performance activities. So, if you are an athlete, this is the right kind of choice for you. Be that as it may, these underwear are comparatively not breathable as the previous ones. So, you might have to weigh your options here.

3. Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer

The best thing about the Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer is they are not only suitable for gym wear but they are also the best underwear for everyday wear. They ensure breathability, comfortability, softness, and quickness in drying. They are some of the staple underwear that men should add to their underwear collection.

The ultra-smooth modal fabric of Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer makes the underwear one of the men’s best exercise underwear. This is because they are silky, lightweight, and smooth to wear. These boxers are specifically designed to ensure the right amount of comfort and support for men.

And guys, you don’t have to worry about a crouched version of a boxer after washing or laundering when it comes to ‘Lululemon Always In Motion’ boxers. Be that as it may, you might have to watch out for the fit which may vary from pair to pair.

4. Adidas Performance Climalite Boxer Brief

The Adidas Performance Climalite boxers are generally found in a pack of two with different varieties in color. These boxers are available in the range of 28 to 42 waist. Similar to the Under Armour boxer briefs, these are also available with the material combination of 91 percent polyester and 9 percent Spandex.

These are ideal for high-intensity workouts and other sports because they give maximum elasticity and enough support. Therefore, there is no more chafing or irritation near the crotch area. In addition to this, they also extend far down through the thighs which also prevents irritation between your inner thighs in any physical activity you indulge.

These boxers will not let ride up and their good fabric material ensures comfortability and support, which could be a major uptick for people who indulge in sports activities regularly. Be that as it may, its medium-rise design will not be liked by many. Therefore, make sure that you try it properly before buying it.

5. Jockey Men’s Sports Brief Underwear

In addition to different varieties of color, the Jockey men’s sports boxers are also available in different patterns which can help you bring some novelty to your underclothing. They are available in sizes from S to XXL.

They have the material combination of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent Spandex which ensures elasticity and flexibility. These boxers are perfect fit for high-intensity workout training that involves your core, your legs, or any other lower part of your body.

Featured as mid-rise boxer briefs, the extension of these boxers provides enough coverage of thighs which is almost to the knees. This extension ensures that your legs do not get frequently chafed or irritated due to friction. Consequently, you can increase your workout sessions and indulge in more physical activities.  

What’s new with these boxers is that they ensure good temperature and keep the odor under control, because the larger part of your thighs is covered with them which keeps your thighs and your private parts from overheating.

The most important part of Jockey’s boxers which makes it the men’s best exercise underwear is its superior flexibility which can be a bonus point for you while working out. However, its importance to flexibility often overlooks breathability than other models.

These are some of the men’s best exercise underwear which will help you to focus more on toning, and shaping your body instead of getting distracted by underclothing issues.