If there is one clothing item every man should own, it is a denim jacket. When you are absolutely clueless about what to wear, mens denim shirt outfits are the key!

A truly versatile piece, the levis men’s denim shirt seems like a great escape from the ordinary black trouser and white t-shirt world. Even though one can think of a variety of outfits to wear, men don’t know how to implement it. This is why we end up locking our denim shirts at the back of our closet.

Denim can be worn on multiple occasions, be it semi-formal or casual. But, if you are clueless about how to style the best men’s denim shirt outfits, we are here to help! We have curated 5 men’s denim shirt outfits for 5 days of the week!

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History of the denim shirt

Before, we get into the looks, let’s see what made denim shirts so popular in the first place. 

Denim has become such an important of our everyday lives that we never question where it came from. Historians still debate the origin of denim, but it is suspected that it was first born in Nimes, France. 

The weavers of France were trying to replicate the Italian hard-wearing cotton fabric “Jeane” (named after the city of Genoa, in Italy). But, their attempt was unsuccessful, and instead, they came up with the twill weave of denim. Indigo dye was used to dye the twill weave threads, and give it the unique blue denim colour. 

Since then, indigo has been among the oldest dyes used in textile dyeing. Even if the denim fabric technology evolves in the future, the appeal of denim shirts is timeless. And, the best part about denim is that it is a sustainable fabric. 

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5 Stylish Levis mens denim shirt outfits combination

Here are 5 stylish men’s denim shirt outfits that can be worn and customized according to the occasion you are attending. Let’s get started!

1. Denim shirt with white jeans/trousers

We have all tried the denim shirt with black jeans combo. However, now it’s time to kick things up a notch!

White and blue are classic colours that complement each other very well when paired together. We agree that this combination is incredibly trendy and quite common, but take our word for it: it will never go out of style. Denim shirts that tend to have a little texture make for one of the best men’s denim shirt outfits when paired with white pants.

The key to acing this look is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it. For shoes, go for plain black loafers and for accessories, wear a minimalistic watch and some black shades. 

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2. Denim shirt with blazer

Who said you couldn’t style a denim shirt as formal wear? One of the most attractive men’s denim shirt outfits is to style it under a blazer. This look works best for slightly professional settings, especially if you have to juggle between your office meetings and having a social life. 

The classic way to wear a denim shirt under a blazer is to go for a textured black or navy blue blazer. But, if you are feeling especially adventurous, wear your blue levis men’s denim shirt under a white blazer. Either way, you will look amazing.

mens denim shirt outfits

Once again, keep in mind that you should keep this look simple. Don’t overdo it, go for sleek accessories like a complementary bow tie or a timeless wristwatch. 

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3. Denim shirt with a leather jacket

If looking incredibly sexy is your fashion goal, then you cannot miss this outfit. One of the best men’s denim shirt outfits, incorporating a suave leather jacket in your outfit seems like a fantastic idea. 

To widen your fashion arena and experiment with looks, we suggest that you pair a men’s denim shirt jacket with a classic black leather jacket. You can go for brown too if that is your colour. To keep the look minimal, go for a leather jacket either in black or brown that isn’t glossy or shiny. Instead, choose a textured leather jacket to bring out the ruggedness.

Pairing a leather jacket with a classic denim shirt will help balance out the contrasts and appeal to the eye. For pants, go for basic black slim-fit trousers, and accessorize with a black belt with a silver buckle. To complete this look, put on black Chelsea boots. 

4. Beige denim jacket

It’s a myth that denim only looks good in blue. The most classic way to wear a denim jacket is to wear it in beige or off-white instead of blue. For a simple look, go for a textured beige levis men’s denim shirt jacket. Pair it with a simple white T-shirt and dark grey chinos. 

For shoes, go for basic Vans or Converse. But, if you are feeling experimental, you can even go for chunky dad shoes!

If you aren’t feeling beige that day, you can also pick a men’s denim shirt jacket in colours like brown, washed grey, charcoal, or dark grey. 

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mens denim shirt outfits
5. Denim on denim look

Last but not least, here is one of our favourite men’s denim shirt outfits. One can never go wrong with classic denim on denim look. And, if you like monochrome outfits, this look is going to be perfect for you.

Keeping the shade of blue as central, choose a textured denim shirt and a solid blue pair of Levis jeans. And, to upgrade this look to a whole new level, wear chunky white sneakers. Keep in mind that this look may come off as too strong, so try to keep your accessories minimal. 

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