Change is the only constant and what better than the ever-changing trends to prove this adage. The post-Covid era has brought some drastic changes in men’s grooming patterns. Being confined into our houses, the grooming patterns have become more minimalistic and inclusive. 

From skincare to long beards, these trends have opened new avenues for men that were perceived as impossible or never thought of. So, this year let’s try to create the ultimate men’s grooming kit with these amazing grooming trends. 

5 best men’s grooming trends 2021:

1. Embracing skincare:

With the significant spike in the men’s grooming industry, skincare has become undoubtedly the voluntary choice of the majority of the male population. It no longer contains effeminate connotations, nor does it become the chasmic facilitator of gender discrimination. 

Be that as it may, this growing trend of skincare among men in 2021 can only be credited to the 2020 lockdown which literally forced men to take care of their skin.

With this increased focus on their skin, men have started to dig deep into the various skin problems they face and their reasons. For instance, wrinkles, hair fall and dark circles are often the indicators of excessive stress. Consequently, men are also trying to reduce the amount of stress they are facing. 

Therefore, instead of considering skincare as just a superficial regime, men have realised its mental and internal significance. 

In addition, the skincare regime has become customisable according to men’s personal needs, which is one of the major advantages of skincare. This also sheds light on the concept of the ‘right’ skincare regime which is completely futile. There is no ‘right’ skincare routine. You do what’s right for you and not for somebody else. 

2. Flexing your grey hair:

The clock is always ticking and the sand is always slipping. As much as you might wish to stop time, it will never stop from advancing. And unfortunately, so is your age. The harsh reality of old age hits hard when you start to see those stubborn wrinkles around your eyes when you smile and those grey hairs that will never fail to appear just to remind you of the immortality of human beings. 

However, this year, there is no more hiding and nor more colouring. This year, it’s only flexing grey and white shades with grace. Admittedly, it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re so attached to those thick black locks. But, dying your hair black does not mean you’re growing any younger. So, stop defying the natural cycle and just accept it with confidence. Who knows, you might look even sexier and debonair in those grey hairs than in black?

The more you try to hide away the natural and the normal, the more you lose your self-confidence and self-love. This is a vicious cycle to fall into, especially when you are pressured by your spouse, relatives or society. Therefore, it’s important to discard these unsolicited opinions and just embrace those grey locks.

Celebrities like Will Smith and Colin Jost are among the many who dissuaded themselves from believing the falsities of the beauty standards set by society and didn’t find any reason to hide their age. For they knew, with age comes wisdom. So, this year, let your inner guru shine through your grey mane. 

3. Experimenting with long hair-length:

Long gone are the days when men only donned short hairstyles. This year, it’s time to defy all the norms and conventions and grow those hairs that never got the chance to do so. Again, the prevalence of this trend is only possible due to the pandemic which saw the shutdown of all the barbershops in the lockdown.

Besides, some men do secretly fancy becoming Jason Mamoa for all the different reasons and what better time than this to at least try one of his signature hairstyles?

Long-hair guys emanate chill, cool and confident vibes. There’s something artistic in the way they style their long hair which never fails to grab the attention of the crowd. 

4. It’s either long hair or no hair at all:

If you think that you cannot pull off long hair, then you might as well try a bald look. The idea of having no hair at all on your scalp might sound weird to you at first, but shaving it off will certainly be experimental and fun to try. Besides, it’s just hair, they’ll grow. 

Some of the best figures who have rocked the bald look are Dwayne, ‘The Rock’, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. However, such an extreme step is bound to come up with some uncertainty and fear of suffering from regrets. But, believe it or not, shaved heads with well-trimmed beards look extremely sexy and bold to women. So, don’t think much dude, just go for it. Cut all the crap!

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5. Longer beards:

From DJ Khaled to Deion Sanders, bigger and more natural beards have certainly become the trend this year. Contrary to the common convention to keep the beards short and perfectly trimmed, growing them longer and taking extra care of them has certainly become one of the essential [parts of men’s grooming, especially black men’s grooming. 

If you’ve been keeping your beard too short for a while now, it’s time to grow it longer and see if it suits you or not. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all messy and tangled. If you decide to grow a long beard, you also have to stay committed to grooming it with beard oil, shampoo and conditioner. You don’t want your thick and long beard to be full of beardruff. (beard dandruff)

You can also use beard wax in the morning to give it shape in such a way that it helps in accentuating your facial features. So, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, it might prove to be one of the best decisions of your grooming routine. 

These are some of the most prevalent men’s grooming trends that are observed in 2021. As you can see, they are not confined to the surface, when it comes to grooming, but they signify and include the importance of inner health.