Chinos are one of the most important essential basic items that must be present in everybody’s wardrobe. They fit perfectly between suit pants and jeans. Their silhouette and trouser like look give them the sophisticated look, and the durability of the fabric and their structure make them more casual and playful in look and feel. 

Other than these, chino colours are another reason why they are a must-have item in terms of men’s clothing; as most men do not dive into trying on other colourful bottoms that might be available in the market, as a skirt or shorts. This ends up leaving chinos as the only option for bottoms from where men can add some colours to their outfits. 

Here are five of the best chino colours every man should own.

1. Black chinos

If your workplace is okay with semi-formal attire, then you can sport these black chinos instead of your black suit pants. Black chinos pretty much look like slim fitted black trousers,  but they give you the added mobility. 

The colour black goes well every colour, and so you can style it with any kind of top. You can put on a simple round each tee or add a formal shirt on top. This is because a black chino is a very muted item of clothing. You can wear it five days a week and no one would even notice that you haven’t changed your bottoms for a whole week. This mute nature of black chinos will allow you to pair it up with your fanciest and the most extravagant shirts and tees, and your outfit will still look an optimal amount of fancy.

Whereas, you could not do this with certain types of denim jeans or trousers. Though black trousers and jeans would too look good with any kind of tops, the black pair of chinos will give you a good balance of the two options – sophistication and comfort. 

2. Olive chinos

A great new colour to add to your wardrobe, the colour olive is highly versatile and still manages to stand out at the same time. Since it’s a muted and dark colour, it does not overpower other colours, and easily adjusts with them, it’s not a pushover though. The olive has its own charm and has a freshness to it as compared to the common black. It is a great way to add some subtle colour to your ensemble.

chino colours

Olive chinos can be worn with a shirt, and with a jumper or jacket in cooler weather. The dark earthy tone of the colour olive makes it one of the chino colours every man should own, especially for the fall and winter. It looks warm and cosy. This colour, like black or even better than that in some cases, goes well with all jackets and cardigans.

An olive chino is great for summers too! You can wear your brightest tank top or tee on top of this colour, and you still won’t look like neon road signals. The colour will effectively balance them out tastefully. We would say olive is one of the best chino colours of all time and thus something every man should own!

3. Blue chinos

Once you try these chinos on, you might want to bid goodbye to your plain blue wash denim jeans. Okay, this might be a little exaggerated. But blue chinos do work just as fine as your blue jeans would. Moreover, their structure allows you to even pair them with a shirt and a blazer on top, for a semi-formal look. 

Blue chinos work well with light as well as dark colours on top. Since blue is a well-accepted colour for pants, a pair of chinos in this colour is a great choice if you want your bottoms to have more colour than just the usual black. Since this colour is a little lighter than usual pants, we would insist that you pair them up with darker tees and jackets. But hey don’t let us stop you from experimenting. This is something that works for most people. We encourage you to experiment yourself and find something that’s more you!

Chinos give you the option of experimenting with colours on your legs, but if you are someone who prefers to play safe in fashion, black, blue and olive are the best chino colours for you. 

4. Brown chinos

Another classic colour, the colour brown also is widely acknowledged as a colour which is accepted for men’s pants. 

This is especially true if you want to dress yourself into a more casual and cosy look. This is the reason why the colour brown is quite common in corduroy, and why we are recommending this as one of the best chino colours. 

Since this brown is a lighter colour, we suggest you pair it with darker coloured tees, shirts and jackets. And if you want to wear lighter tops, go for muted tones. 

5. Grey chinos

Grey is another top choice when talking about chino colours every man should own. Because of its subtle colour, you can pair it with a white shirt and create a great semi-formal outfit. 

Typically, lighter coloured bottoms are advised to be paired with darker colour tops, and the case is the same here. And since this grey is close to white, it allows all colours to go well with it. Pairing bright printed shirts are an excellent choice to wear with these. Other than these, any tee or jackets will match well with this chino colour. 

The colour grey in chinos is one of the best chino colours because they can be styled for formal, semi-formal and casual occasions. You just need to figure out the type of top and shoes you think will be appropriate, and you’ll be good to go.

These five colours are among our choices of the best chino colours every man should wear. You can of course look at more chino colours and find out combinations that go well with each of them. Who knows, you might find a colour better than the ones mentioned here! And let us know too!