One of the most common skin complaints men have is only skin. Oily skin results from the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are situated under the skin’s surface. This article is about 5 Powerful Ways To Control Oily Skin.

Too much sebum can lead to oily skin, which can further cause clogged pores and acne. Many factors contribute to the overproduction of sebum. These factors include genetics, chronic stress, hormonal changes, etc. 

Are you looking for powerful ways to control oily skin and stop getting a shiny face? Continue reading!

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Is oily skin unpleasant? 

Technically, no. Having oily skin isn’t at all bad. The natural oils protect and preserve the skin cells. People with oily skin usually have fewer wrinkles and frown lines. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sebum moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy and glowy.

However, oily skin does have its vices. As we said, overproduction of sebum can lead to clogged pores, a super-shiny face, breakouts, cystic acne, etc. Luckily, it is easy to control oily skin with a few steps. There are many best products to control oily skin available in the market that will help you manage your skin woes. 

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5 Powerful Ways To Control Oily Skin and have a radiant glow

1. Wash your face but don’t wash it too often

It seems intuitive to wash your face when it is oily. And, you must wash your face to get rid of the oil. But, the best way to control oily skin is to wash your face only 2-3 times. It seems tempting to wash your face, but overdoing it can backfire and regain back the impurities. 

Are you wondering how to control oily skin? Limit washing your face only twice a day. When you wash your face too often, it removes the protective oils that can leave your face feeling parched. And, because our skin produces its moisture, it may respond to dry skin by producing more oil. That is what you have to avoid with oily skin.

Therefore, wash your face only twice a day and not more than that. If your face feels dirty, consider using blotting paper, splash it with water or use baby wipes. 

 2. Make sure to apply your skin type skincare essentials!
5 Powerful Ways To Control Oily Skin

Before buying skin care products to control oily skin, read the labels carefully. Certain ingredients and keywords on your skincare products will tell you if the product will help you control oily skin or make it worse. Use products labeled “non-acnegenic”, “non-comedogenic”, “won’t cause breakouts”, “doesn’t clog pores” etc. 

Try to buy products with active ingredients such as salicylic acid, niacinamide, retinoids, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, hyaluronic acid, etc. These ingredients are effective in managing sebum production and will help you control oily skin. 

Also, try to use lighter formulations instead of heavy creams. Lighter formulations include skincare products such as aloe vera, serums, gels, lotions, and powder. Avoid creams and ointments with high levels of chemical components. 

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3. Never skip moisturizer and sunscreen

We know that it seems counterintuitive and useless to apply moisturizer when your oily skin already produces so much moisture. But, applying a generous layer of moisturizer gives your skin an added layer of protection against the rebound sebum and oil production. Thus, consider applying light and oil-free moisturizer. 

No one should step out of their house without applying sunscreen. And, sunscreen won’t make your face look greasy if you use the right one. To control oily skin, use a gel-based moisturizer that contains mineral blockers like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Sunscreen will protect your face from the UV rays and harmful free radicals present in the air. 

4. Use cosmetic clay

Cosmetic clay, popularly known as healing clay is used to absorb skin oil and treat oily skin conditions. French green clay that comes in a powder form is acne absorbent and works wonders for oily skin. 

5 Powerful Ways To Control Oily Skin

To make a French green clay mask, combine rosewater with one teaspoon of cosmetic clay until it forms a pudding-like consistency. Apply the clay mask to your face and let it try. Next, rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

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5. Jojoba oil

If you think applying oil to your oily skin will make it worse, you are wrong. Jojoba oil is an age-old remedy to control oily skin and treat acne. It is one of the most powerful ways to control oily skin. 

Jojoba oil mimics the effects of sebum to trick the sebaceous glands into producing less oil. Therefore, it keeps the oil levels balanced. According to a study conducted in 2012, applying a face mask made of jojoba oil and cosmetic clay three times a week helps control oily skin and heals mild acne and skin lesions. 

However, keep in mind that a minute of jojoba oil will be enough. Don’t use too much of it as it can have repercussions.

 Massage a few drops of jojoba oil into your skin and see how it reacts before continuing with the treatment. 

6. Drink spearmint tea

How to control oily skin? Drink Spearmint Tea. Drinking organic spearmint tea is one of the most powerful ways to control oily skin and stop shiny faces. Clinical studies have shown that drinking at least two cups of spearmint tea every day can reduce blood levels of circulating androgens. 

5 Powerful Ways To Control Oily Skin

Androgens are male-type hormones that can trigger oil production and worsen cystic acne. Drinking spearmint tea can considerably help in controlling oiliness. Therefore, it is worth a try!

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These were six powerful ways to control oily skin and stop shiny faces. Remember to stay consistent. It will take you at least a month or two before you notice any significant improvements. So, don’t give up so easily!

If you are happy from within, it’ll be evidently noticed on your face. Mental health plays a vital role in maintaining glowing skin!

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