If you are looking for a core-busting workout that can be done at the comfort of your own home, you’ve found the right page. 

Most people nowadays owing to their busy lives and tight schedules, do not have time or luxury to burn calories at the gym. That is where strength training exercises like leg raises come in. Not only are they super hardcore and will bust your abs, but they also allow you to work out in the comfort of your own house. You don’t need a trainer or heavy gym equipment to help you do leg raises.

Today we bring you a complete guide on how to do leg raises and the right way to do leg raises! Let us start by knowing why you should do leg raises in the first place.

5 Surprising benefits of leg raises that is a game-changer

The lower abdomen area along with the hips are the hardest to shred when it comes to weight loss. It is not impossible, but it is definitely hard. And, most times, you don’t even notice any difference until it’s been months. You need a workout regiment that doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym but burns fat fast in these areas. Fortunately, you have leg raises that will do the job of burning belly fat and strengthen abs muscles. Here are 5 benefits of leg raises that are a game-changer:

1. Strengthens core muscles

The most obvious benefit of leg raises is that it strengthens your core muscles. Leg raises target your lower and upper abdominal muscles which help you burn fat. Although it’s challenging to burn belly fat, doing leg raises in continuous repetitions can work wonders for your abs. 

Leg Raises

2. Flexibility

Doing leg raises can improve your flexibility of both the abdomen and hips. This happens because leg raises involve constant joint movements. Leg raises help you to stretch your muscles to the maximum potential without straining or injuring them. They can also aid in improving posture.

3. Balance and stability.

Leg raises variations can help you improve your balance and stability. Leg raises allow you to carry your entire body weight and prevents you from tripping over. This is why leg raises are a top choice for professional athletes who rely on balance in their game. 

4. Low risk of injuries

Leg raises are a relatively easy exercise. Yes, they have amazing benefits on your abdomen but they don’t strain your muscles heavily. Doing leg raises improves your back support which in turn lowers the risk of injuries. Therefore, compared to weightlifting or other strength training exercises, leg raises are way better. 

5. Fast calorie burner

Leg raises burn calories way faster than other abdominal exercises. They tone your muscles, improve your form, and burn around 60 calories every 10 to 15 minutes. When paired with a low carb diet, leg raises can bring results in burning belly fat in 3 weeks. 

How to do leg raises? Is there a right way to do leg raises? 

Next, we come to, how to do leg raises, and if there is a proper way to do leg raises. 

First things first, there is always a proper way to do each and every exercise and that includes leg raises as well. If not done correctly and with improper posture, exercises can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important to know the correct technique, form, stance, and pressure points before attempting to do any exercise even if it is as simple as leg raises. 

To do leg raises:

  • Start by lying flat on the ground with your arms by your sides. Make sure that your legs are stretched out as straight as possible. 
  • Now lift your legs with velocity till the point straight towards the ceiling. You have to make sure that you don’t lift your hips in doing so. 
  • Also, your toes should be pointed out. 
  • Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering your legs and rating theme in the ground

This is the correct way of doing leg raises. Now all you have to do is repeat this wonderful exercise in reps for a good 10 to 15 minutes. You can do it for a prolonged period of time if your body permits it. 

Leg Raise Variations

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Let us look at some leg raise variations that work just as well as the regular leg raise exercise.

1. Single leg raise exercise

If you want to make leg raises easier, you can do so by bending your knees during the movement. However, another less taxing leg raise variation is to lift one limb at a time. This is called the single-leg raise exercise. 

Keep one leg on the ground as it will help you stabilize your body as you raise the other leg. This will also help you perfect your form. 

2. Weighted leg raise

If you are in the mood for challenging yourself and making the leg raise exercise more difficult, here’s how to do it. Introduce weight. You can hold a dumbbell or a sandbell between your feet as you perform this exercise. Don’t start too heavy as you can injure yourself. Instead, start light and build your way up by adding more weight as you go. 

3. Hanging leg raise

Another killer exercise is the hanging leg raise. This leg raise variation involves a pull-up bar or a gymnastic ring. However, be careful to only do this leg raise variation exercise if you have decent to good upper body strength. Or else, you may end up injuring yourself. 

  • Hang yourself from a pull-up bar while you raise your legs till they are parallel to the ground. 
  • Now, hold the position for a good few seconds before you ground your feet. 
  • Repeat this until you are exhausted and that will count as a superior abdomen workout! 

This was our complete beginner’s guide to the killer ab exercise: leg raises. No matter what you do, be consistent, start small, and don’t overexert yourself. 

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