Running in the scorching heat of summer is all good for your health and fitness but not so much for your thighs. The chafing struggle is certainly real when it comes to running at hot temperatures, especially when you’re not wearing the right kind of shorts. 

If your skin is chafed due to the shorts you’ve been wearing, then you’ve come to the right place. This article enlists some of the best running shorts that can help prevent chafing or the shorts that help you manage chafing. So, why don’t you take a look?

5 comfortable running shorts that can help prevent chafing:

1. Under Armour Men’s Raid workout gym shorts:

Under Armour running shorts are some of the best classic running shorts for men that provide much-needed comfort and support while running. 

Made out of lightweight polyester and elastane fabric, the 10-inches long shorts provide maximum coverage and elasticity. 

What makes these shorts comfortable and supportive, apart from these enduring features, is their loose fit which will certainly prevent any sort of chafing or irritation during your run. 

Not only their loose fit but also the availability of a mesh liner makes them more breathable. In addition, they are also moisture absorbent, which keeps your shorts dry and free all the time. 

If these features were not enough to convince you, then here’s another one: the Under Armour shorts prevent the development of bad odours. Yes, you’ve read it right. Their anti-odour quality prevents the growth and development of bacteria and odour microbes. 

They also have two pockets where you can save your phone and other necessary accessories. 

Now, before you scroll to another point, here’s one more enduring feature of UA shorts. These are made with UPF-30 technology which protects your skin from perilous sun rays. 

2. New Balance men’s accelerate 5 in shorts:

Made out of recycled Polywoven fabric, these New Balance running shorts are a great choice for men. These shorts contain dri-tech which helps in absorbing moisture faster than other shorts and makes you feel cool and dry in no time. 

Its crepe brief liner gives you an athletic fit, facilitating more space, freedom and mobility. What’s more interesting is that its elastic waistband will not stick to your and create those marks on your body after you’re done wearing them. 

It also offers two side pockets to store the necessary items such as phones, keys, earphones, etc. 

3. Souke Sports men’s workout running shorts:

Souke shorts are one of the best running shorts that can help prevent chafing because they have a built-in underwear facility. Consequently, you don’t need to wear underwear with this one. Made of 92 percent Polyester and 8 percent Spandex, these anti-moisture shorts have perforated side and black panels which keep them dry and breathable while wearing all the time. 

From running to hiking, these shorts are the perfect companions in whatever you do. Their elastic waistbands are extremely comfortable and you can adjust them the way you want. 

One of its most important features is its side pockets which can accommodate any necessary item and keep it safe with the help of a zipper. 

Its fabric is extremely durable and smooth, which causes no sort of irritation or chafing against your skin. What’s more, is that these shorts not only top the comfort levels but also the fashion demands. If these features don’t convince you now, it’s difficult to enumerate what else will. 

4. Soffe Men’s ranger panty running shorts:

If you’re looking for something more durable that is perfect for physical training, then these Soffe Ranger running shorts are the right fit for you. 

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From its comfort, durability to its affordability, Soffe shorts with their short inseam and breathable fabrics, provide a premium experience to men who are wearing them. If you’ve not already guessed by now, then it’s time to know that the ‘Soffe’ name alludes to the smooth and soft feeling of the fabric. 

In addition, the elastic waistband of these shorts are also pretty comfortable and do not leave any marks once you’ve worn them. 

What makes this nylon tricot made shorts more breathable and promising are the vents on both sides which facilitate more airflow and motions. You’d be thanking yourself even when you choose to wear them in the house and relax. 

Similar to other shorts mentioned before, the Soffe short also provides more room to breathe and side pockets to safely store all the necessary items. 

With more space and freedom to move, there will be a significant reduction in chafing or irritation of the skin on your thighs. 

Wait, the list of the advantages is not over yet. There’s more. These shorts help in getting rid of bad odour and absorb excess sweat or moisture. 

Be that as it may, there is a downside to it that has been reportedly addressed by many. It alludes to its thin material which becomes a bit see-through. 

5. Champion men’s long mesh shorts:

When it comes to Champion’s men long mesh shorts, you can wear them at your gym, in the field or court. With its guaranteed smoothness and breathability, the outline of these running shorts is made up of mesh whereas its inside is of polyester.

Entirely made from polyester, these shorts promise your skin much-needed comfort by using ultra-smooth tricot. 

Available in different sizes and colours, they are equipped with deep pockets that ensure more safety of all your items and less hindrance while you’re practising your physical activity. 

These shorts are equipped with an adjustable quick cord and long inseam, which make them impeccable for everyone. However, similar to the Soffe ranger shorts, these too are quite infamous for their see-through quality. 

These are some of the best and comfortable running shorts that can help prevent chafing among men. So, go ahead and save your thighs by trying any of them. 

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