Starting off with directly having sex is a major turndown for your partner or anyone you plan to have sex with. Of course, you should not rush while having sex, but you should never confuse it with rough sex. Even rough sex has its own foreplay with which you can initiate. 

Nervousness comes naturally when you are making love or dating someone. It is a confusion that you cannot seek help from a random friend around. What you need to do is to acquaint yourself with the most important topic in sexual terminology: the sexual bases. 

So, what are sexual bases actually? The bases in sex are not the same as the bases in baseball. You might feel left out when someone would start talking about how their beau took first base or second base with them. 

Talking of bases is quite sports-related but sexual bases are different and are a branch of the latest sexual terminology. Nevertheless, it is important to dig deeper into the meaning of sexual bases and to explore deeper parts of relationships and dating.  

Bases are a metaphor for kinds and levels of lovemaking you go through in a relationship or while you have sex. Sexual bases are communication without speaking words. Let us have a look at different sexual bases.

What are the bases of sex?

These five kinds of bases in sex that measure and determine the degree of physical or sexual intimacy in a relationship. These euphemisms became well-known after World War 2 which talked about sexual roles under the garb of baseball terms. 

The five bases of sex are:

  1. Strikeout 
  2. First base
  3. Second base 
  4. Third base
  5. Home run 

You and your partner are players of the game called lovemaking. Let us jump into the further explanation of these different bases of sex into a simpler definition. 

What’s first base?

This is the best phase and the most remembered of all bases. First base is when for a new relationship when the couple take their affection to the physical for the first time, mainly kissing in the first base. Kissing can be of any type like, a mouth to mouth or french kiss or mild kissing all over the face by their partner. 

sexual bases

Coming to the second base!

Here, things get more serious and is the second level of intimacy, higher than the previous one. 

It starts getting hotter in here with skin to skin touching, hugging and caressing. This stage sees more intimacy in regards to sexual connection. Upper body private parts like breast and waist are fondled and grabbed, below or over the clothing you wear. 

You got the second base, now!

Up the level to the third base, now!

Hotter than the above bases and more pleasurable than it. Third base includes the oral stimulation of your partner’s genitals. This includes touching below the waist, a step further from the second base. 

Touching and stimulating vagina, clitoris or testicles and the oral sex happens in this stage,without any sexual intercouse.

Now that we are done with third base, it’s time to play the final shot.  

It is a Home run, guys!!

This is the one which needs no explanation and is known to all even though you are unaware of the rest of the bases. Home run always means sexual intercourse. If you are virgin, you no longer remain so after the homerun, and  if you are not, then you have opened up the final key of intimacy with your new partner. 

Home run breaks all the boundaries of hesitancy and formality in a relationship. 

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So, what is a strikeout in sexual bases?

No one likes a bad start, but let us get done with the most disliked base, too. Strikeout in sexual bases means the failure. Failure of initiating any kind sexual activity and foreplay. There is no engagement from either of the side. 

Kind of a bummer, we know that! Alas! you are out.

Strike out does not mean never

One common misconception is that once you face a strike out, the game is over for you. This is not true. One might face a strike out many times if their partner is not giving them their consent. It might also imply that they are not in the mood, which is the important thing before you start with getting intimate. 

It can also mean that your intended is not interested in you, unfortunately. 

There is more to these sexual bases 

Wait there! What did you think? The euphemisms don’t end right here. There is more to the baseball euphemisms used for sexual bases that are quite popular in American culture. Here comes the baseball position to describe the role of the person having sex and more!

Grand slam and more!

 What’s a Grand slam? Grand slam in the slang dictionary refers to the anal intercourse and coming at the role played by each person in the anal course is termed as:

  1. Pitcher 
  2. Catcher

Pitcher and Catcher: Who?!

In the sexual baseball dictionary of sexual bases, pitcher refers to the person who penetrates the other in anal sex. 

And catcher is the one who is the recipient in the anal sex. 

The sexual identities are not left, either.

Yes, some terms are used to refer sexual identities in the sexual baseball terminology, too. 

  1. Switch hitter
  2. Playing for both teams
  3. Playing for the other team or battling for the other team.

Switch hitter in baseball refers to the person who can bat from both the sides, but in the extension to the dictionary of sexual bases, it refers to the person who is a bisexual. Meaning there is a home run for him in both sexes.

Playing for both teams is same as the Switch hitter, meaning a bisexual individual who can play the match with both teams i.e. can have sex with both the sexes. 

Playing for both teams or batting for the other team means that the person has deviant sexuality. He is either a gay or a lesbian, so he plays for the other team. 

In a nutshell, the main sexual bases are four: first, second, third and final home run. Apart from these, all the other definitions are a baseball terms expansion. 

It is important for one to get proper sexual education before you go for the home run and always remember: Your partner’s consent is above all.

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