Everyone desires a well-toned physique without any body fat, but not enough consideration goes towards the shoulder workout and well-functioning and increasing the strength of the body parts. Shoulders become one of those neglected body parts. Hardly do we see shoulder workouts on the internet discussing its importance and how it can affect shoulder movement in the upcoming years with age. A shoulder workout is beneficial for a proportionate physique, and a healthy and steady movement of muscles and joints.

Having well-proportioned shoulders not only improves the appearance but also your body posture. Moreover, this workout is necessary not only for the improvement of the physicalities, but also reduces the risk of development of other pains and problems relating to your back. 

Why is a shoulder workout necessary?

As necessary as any other workout, shoulder workout holds a higher importance than others because of its underestimation and neglect. Shoulders are used in everyday tasks from lifting objects to playing your favorite sport. Hence, a shoulder workout helps in strengthening and keeping them healthy.

As we live an extremely monotonous lifestyle wherein people in their 9 to 5 jobs, are struck in front of their computers and laptops have made the shoulder muscles partially inactive. This can have serious implications like pain during its movement or unable to lift the arm after a certain extent, if the inactivity continues. Lifting heavy weights unknowingly can also result in muscle spasm, again restricting your work and confining you to your bed. 

Now that we have a look at the harms and effects of not doing shoulder workouts, let us move on to avoid and strengthen them. 

DIY shoulder workouts at home

One can do all the shoulder exercises at one’s comfort, in their homes. With the help of some of the shoulder exercises and workouts that will be discussed further, will facilitate and make it easier to do. 

Some of the best shoulder workouts to do at home are here:

1. Diving Dolphin: This works best for strengthening your arms and muscles. It also provides a good stretch to the upper body muscles (shoulders and arms) and the abdominal area.  

  • Lie in a forearm plank position with your feet drawn apart to hip-width.
  • Move your legs towards the arms to raise your hips upwards.
  • Come back to the original planking position by lowering the hips and moving shoulders forward
  • Repeat 

2. Standing Against A Wall: This one is very effective for improving the posture and the shoulder muscle-joint movement, and also helps in relieving the cervical and lower back pain. This one is the easiest and the best shoulder workout at home.

  • Stand straight against the wall 
  • Straighten up your arms and move them upwards
  • Lower them slowly and bring them back
  • Repeat 

3. Push-Ups: Push-ups are often overlooked when you do shoulder exercises at home, but they are super effective in making and developing your shoulders, especially for the beginners. Push-ups also build upper body and lower back strength. 

Shoulder exercises with dumbells to be done at home

 Apart from the above basic, equipment-free shoulder exercises, there are also other forms done with the help of equipment. These are equally effective and beneficial as the others. All the exercises must be done three to four times a week, for at least 20 minutes. The time duration keeps increasing gradually as you condition your body by and by to do more of it. 

Let’s move on to different exercises now which most of them are done with the help of dumbbells. 

4. Dumbell Lateral Raise: Dumbbell pushups also strengthen shoulders and back. But exercises with dumbbells require careful attention and proper balance, especially for beginners, otherwise, it ends up giving pain rather than relief. 

  • Hold the dumbbells and stand straight with legs drawn slightly apart from each other.
  • With straight hands, move your arms upwards until they are at level with your shoulders, and you will feel the muscle movement till the back. Your palms should face downwards.
  • Bring the arms down slowly, and repeat the process. 

5. Reverse Fly: This exercise strengthens the shoulders and the back, and is also done with the help of dumbbells. Here’s how you do it:

  • Stand with your legs slightly apart, holding dumbbells. 
  • Bend forwards with legs straight till your body is parallel to the ground and palms facing each other
  • With this position move your arms up straight to the level of shoulders with a slight bend at the elbows.
  • Bring them down and repeat the process 

These are the two most basic and easy exercises with the help of dumbbells. There are many more that you can do at your convenience for your shoulder.  

Benefits of shoulder exercises

Exercising can help reduce pains and strengthens body joints and muscles. Continuous exercise can help you to improve the shape and physique of the body thereby improving your physical appearance, posture, and reducing fat. Exercises also make you more active and become a major change in your otherwise sedentary and inactive daily routine. 

Exercises that target to improve your joints and muscles helps in easier movement of them. Normal shoulder exercises help to a great extent to facilitate easy movement and endure heavyweight when being lifted. Normal tasks like passing a glass of water, playing volleyball, stretching the arms, lifting a heavy suitcase need arm movements and prolonged periods of inactivity can cause excruciating pain while doing these absolute normal activities. Shoulder exercises thus become beneficial and crucial. 

Workouts also bring stability to the body thus preventing dislocation of bones caused due to strenuous activities and avoiding friction between the joints. The synovial fluid present between the joints needs movement and exercise to work smoothly and stay healthy, so regular workouts and exercises help in keeping away from any injuries and problems.

Exercises also help in weight loss when combined with proper nutrition and health care. It helps in reducing overall body fat, reduces the risk of chronic conditions from developing, and providing more mobility to body parts and healthier ways to function.