The suit is one of the distinct eternal-bastions of menswear; it’s tantamount to great, timeless style and the basis of any gentleman’s formal wardrobe. Regardless of its heritage and pride of place in our closet, the suit doesn’t always get an effortless ride, particularly by some of the more uninformed wearers. In actuality, it’s the easiest thing a man could ever wear, it’s uncomplicated and a good 60% (a ballpark figure) of the work has been done for you – the only thing left to choose is the choice of shirt and tie, and all-important shoes.

Despite the ubiquitous existence, centuries of daily wear for reference, and a multitude of style channels out there, a good percentage of the male population can’t seem to get it rather right. It’s time to squash out any easily correctable sartorial missteps when it comes to suiting, with the undemanding solutions to make sure you always look every inch the gentleman.

5 Suit mistakes MOST men make

1. Buttoning blunders

Is it that hard to button a jacket up correctly? It would appear so from a quick look around the Square Mile. Simply put, a bottom button should never be buttoned, that goes for jackets and waistcoats – except of course if you’re stepping out in a single-buttoned piece, then the option is out of your hands, metaphorically speaking.

Two-button jacket? You just need the top one done up. Three buttons? The middle and, at a push, the top one too. Four Buttons? Find yourself a new jacket. Don’t make mad men mistakes. The logic behind this is twofold. Number one, it looks better. Number two, many modern suits aren’t built to be buttoned up completely and pull in unattractive places when done so.

On the matter of buttons, don’t leave them done up when you take a seat, it’s not fine for appearances, or the life of your tailoring. Always unbutton while sitting down, always.

2. Cuff it out

One of the common suit mistakes most men make is about a trivial detail, but one that makes a difference. Ideal yet often overlooked, your sleeve length plays a key part in the entire look of the suit. A half-inch of shirt-sleeve ought to be making an appearance at the end of your jacket. If not, either your jacket is excessively long or your shirt too short –figure it out.

3. Trousers and tribulations
man holding his phone while leaning on building

Before we depart any further, may we initiate with a definition? When talking about the accurate fit of a pair of trousers, you’ll frequently hear people use the term ‘break’. Put simply, the break is the fold or creasing that crops up when the bottom of the front of the trouser leg rallies with your shoe. 

Now, whilst the ‘proper’ trouser length is a matter of discussion. Eventually, there are two options to guarantee you get it right: 

1. No break – where the trouser leg just nibbles the top of your shoe. Or,

 2. trivial break – a little longer. Go for either of these and you’re on your way to sartorial greatness.

4. Overblown accessories
A man's hands adjusting the cuffs of his black suit

Does everyone love a good pocket square, perhaps even a tie bar, at a push-a-pocket watch, but all of these simultaneously? Not so much. Highlight but don’t go over the top. Choose a maximum of 3 accessories and don’t overcompensate by creating them the boldest they can be. Sometimes a clean white pocket square, a la Don Draper, is more useful than a primped-up paisley handkerchief. It is also a Suit Mistake MOST Men Make.

5. Leather up

Between shoes, watch straps, and belts, leather frequently becomes a key part of the suiting-supporting cast. Make sure these embellishments aren’t letting you down; keeping them on-point could be the ultimate piece to your tailoring puzzle. Matching leathers is essential when it comes to style, yet so many let this one slip. Maintain it in the same color family and not wildly different shades and you and your suit will look excellent.

As an extra bit of advice, be attentive to the color of your suit and whether the leathers in question correspond. The only utter no-go here is a black suit and brown or navy leathers – anything else and you can’t go too far erroneous. Now, you just need to avoid neck plastic surgery men’s mistakes. Ha-ha! Just kidding.

The suit is one of the lone evergreens of menswear. It is the establishment of all gentlemen’s wardrobes. It can radically change any man’s appearance. But just as impressive as the right suit can make you look – the sad fact is – that just as embarrassing the wrong suit can make you look. A single mistake will ruin your overall look.

A good percentage of us men can’t appear to get it quite right. If you are one of them, you are not unaided. You might be making a few mistakes and not even recognize them. There is no lack of style tips, on the internet, in fashion magazines, and regrettably frequently from less sophisticated friends and colleagues. And then you become a men’s mistake meme material. The latter is well-meaning obviously, but that’s not what you need.

One very frequent misconception is that it is about the money you give for the suit. But nothing could be more erroneous. It’s the manner you wear it that matters most. So, we hope this article will be fruitful enough for recognizing Suit Mistakes MOST Men make. Ensure to not make these mistakes anymore. Go men, suit up!