Boxers are one of the most staple menswear that is required in their wardrobe. They are important, especially, when you are not the person who has to constantly wear suits or slim jeans every day. Boxers have the maximum breathability that no men’s wear could ever have. No matter what you wear, you would always feel comfortable in boxers.

Why are boxers the favorite underwear for men?

Men have been wearing boxers in their teen years, and are extremely comfortable with its baggy cut, elasticated waist, or a stretch band waist version. However, if you have bulked up thighs, the stretch band waist version may not be the one for you, as it is the viable option for slim thighs. For bulked up thighs, the traditional elasticated waist version is the most appropriate.

As they are the most breathable ones, they can be your perfect companions, especially during the night. While there are other types of cool boxers out there, you might want to opt for a solid color or a patterned boxer with a traditional waistband.

However, when it comes to buying boxers, make sure you try your hand in every type of boxers and do not wear the same traditional kind every day. Try and bring some fashion into those undies, even though nobody can see it. There are a plethora of boxers that  are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Here’s a complete guide for you related to the types of boxers.

5 Stylish and comfortable boxers for men:

  • Solid Design:
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Now, this is an easy one. Solids are like the classic staple types of boxers that every man has in his wardrobe. These can range from the common whites, blacks, greys to the most attractive reds, blues, oranges, and many more.

These are probably the best boxers for men because they will never fail you by providing you with much-needed comfort and support. You can never go wrong with them and you will never regret them. Don’t restrict yourself to the basic and staple colors. Be creative and build your collection of boxers in attractive colors such as red, orange, blue, and many more.   

  • The Patterned Boxers:

If you are bored with the conventional solid colors of your boxers and want to level up your style to a more aesthetic one, patterned boxers are the ones for you. These patterned boxers come in a symmetrical checkered, polka-dotted, or even in a striped version which helps you in turning more creative with the designs. Patterned boxers are the perfect types of boxers for men as it helps in sticking to the fundamental design but also allows to be more creative with the outlook.

  • Printed Boxers:
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Have you ever thought that your favorite Marvel Superhero cannot be just limited to the outer clothing style? Yes, you can also print Hulk or any other Marvel Hero on your favorite boxers and wear them. You can express your choice and your personality even through your boxers even though they do not get that much daily attention. Today, printed boxers are available in all types of prints, be it your DC heroes or your favourite cartoons, you have a choice to choose out of the ginormous lot. Choose wisely!

  • Cotton Boxers:
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No matter how colorful your boxers are or how beautifully Thor has been printed on your boxers, at the end of the day, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you are not going to wear it. Therefore, the key here is finding the perfect fabric while buying certain types of boxers for men.

For boxers, cotton is the most appropriate option as it is the most breathable, supportive, flexible, absorbent, readily available, and most importantly, cheaper than the other ones. Due to the advancement of technology, you don’t only have cotton, but also cotton blends and other fibers are used today to upgrade your comfortable experience with boxers.   

For instance, you have one such fabric called Modal which is turning out to be popular in the men’s underwear industry as it is even softer and more comfortable than the regular cotton fabric you wear for boxers. Apart from cotton and Modal, you also have silk boxers gaining momentum more than spandex and lycra because they are chosen by only a few men on some specific terms and conditions.  

  • The Boxer-Briefs:
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These boxers are of the most versatile kind as they are a hybrid of boxers and briefs. This means that they are the mixture of comfort and close fit of the briefs with the fundamental design and coverage of boxers. Although this is a comparatively new style in men’s underwear, it has started to become the go-to style for most men.

Briefs are often not the go-to style for bulked up people or athletes because they fail to provide sufficient coverage. Not only this, but boxers too fail to comfortably cover the thigh and bum areas, and even if they do, the waistbands end up being loose. Therefore, boxer-briefs are like the perfect middle point, canceling each other’s limitations and providing a perfect and comfortable experience.

As it is a mixture of boxers and briefs, higher waistbands are generally the common features of boxer-briefs. These higher waistbands suit men with taller frames and a built-up physique.

These kinds of boxers generally are mid to low-thigh in length and also have a button fly. This could add an extra layer to your clothing and help in preventing any friction caused by rubbing or chafing. Whenever you go out there to buy such types of boxers, make sure they are not too tight as they will not give a decent outlook, if you are wearing trousers. Remember, the key here is to feel comfortable and not conscious of whatever is going down there!

These are, hands-down, the best types of boxers that every man should own in their wardrobe as it brings together the best features of two different garments for providing a convenient, comfortable, supportive and flexible garment which will certainly not make you regret any of your decisions.