In your 30s, you are probably living the life you’ve envisioned. If not, then you are at least working towards it. Whatever be the situation, in your 30s, you are at that point in your life, where your career, your relationships and your entire life, in general, is working at full force. Amidst these bustling activities, it’s hard to notice some of the important changes in your body. 

Due to the advancement of your age, you will be facing certain health issues that can only be dealt with medications and a healthy diet. You might observe certain problems such as muscle loss, lack of energy and stamina, decreasing flexibility, weight gain and whatnot. Therefore, in order to deal with these problems, here are the top 5 vitamins and supplements for men in their 30s.

5 best vitamins and supplements for men

1. Omega-3 fatty acids: Heart and brain health

Omega-3 supplements have become one of the most important, high-on demand supplements for men. One of the best sources of these supplements is fish oil supplements.

If you are vegan then you can also consume vegan omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Apart from these, you can have krill oil which is also one of the greatest options for consuming omega-3. The best part about consuming krill oil is to consume omega-3’s krill oil supplements which are more easily absorbed by the body than any other supplement. 

Pumpkin seed oil can be considered to be the best because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which ensure men’s prostate health.

2. Probiotics: Digestive and immune health

Your gut health is extremely important. If your digestive health is not ensured, your physical, as well as mental well-being, is disrupted. 

Your digestive health ensures appropriate absorption of nutrients which in turn bolster the proper functioning of your body and support the immune system. Probiotics create a nutritious environment for good bacteria to grow in your gastrointestinal tract.

Be that as it may, probiotics are not to be taken once in a while when your stomach is upset. They should be taken regularly to ensure prolonged healthy living. 

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3. Calcium & Vitamin D: Strong muscle growth

Calcium and vitamin D are some of the essential vitamins that need to be consumed daily. If they are not included in your food sources, then make them a priority and consume these vitamins and supplements without any fail. Make sure that you consume them together because you will need vitamin D for full absorption of calcium.

Although you might not face any serious problems regarding your bone health when your 30s take a turn, regular consumption of these vitamins and supplements will ensure a bone-healthy future. So, take steps for a healthy and healthy future.

In addition to bolstering your bone health, calcium and vitamin D also help in keeping your heart healthy, your muscles strong and ensure the proper functioning of muscles. 

4. Magnesium: Stress and sleep

Magnesium is one mineral that is scarcely consumed in a man’s daily dietary choices, partly because the levels of magnesium have significantly reduced in the soils. This mineral is quite essential to carry out several important processes in your body and so the dearth of it can cause subtle but serious problems. For instance, low magnesium levels in your body can make you feel tired all the time, anxious, stressed and insomniac. 

When you consume a sufficient amount of magnesium in your body, proper functioning of muscles is ensured, your nerves and neurotransmitters work efficiently, transportation of essential vitamins and minerals is done properly and your stress response is ameliorated.  

You will observe that upon taking magnesium, you will feel less stressed and more tranquil even in trying circumstances. Don’t believe it? Then you can check out certain mega men vitamin reviews that can help you gain a better insight into the following. 

5. MSM: Easy recovery

With the advancement of your age, the muscles of your body need more time for recovering after a moderate to intense workout or physical activity. For instance, if in your 20s, you did an intense workout for 20 minutes, you will probably do the same workout the next day without any worry. However, in your 30s the scenario will be significantly different.

What happens in your 30s is that doing vigorous exercise can lead to the production of oxidative stress and cause muscle damage which sometimes is irreparable. Therefore, your body takes more time than usual for recovery. 

To treat that, you can consume methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which is one of the popular ingredients in a variety of joint health supplements. MSM will ensure easy and quick recovery of your muscles after workouts. 

Not only for recovery but MSM can also be consumed for ensuring healthy hair and skin, because it bolsters the formation of keratin, which is a prerequisite for strong, thick and voluminous hair.

Verdict on vitamins and supplements for men

These are some of the amazing and effective vitamins and supplements for men which will fuel your body in your 30s. So, stop whining about your weak muscles and how older you are getting by the day. Toss these supplements in your body and stay young forever!