Winter has set in its foot and it is officially the boot season! Boots with jeans is the quintessential winter combination that can never go wrong. A pair of sturdy boots and your favourite pair of jeans is all you will need to cruise through the month. 

Though it sounds quite easy to think this is an easy go lucky combination that anyone can pull-off, but there are a lot of variations for something so basic and the wrong combination can put-off the whole vibe. The wrong boots paired with the wrong colour of jeans can make the outfit feel awkwardly funny and out of place and that is why men never shy away from their old trusted pair of sneakers even in the bone-chilling weather.

But do not let this discourage you because we have designed for you the comprehensive guide of how to wear boots with jeans that gives you all those boots with jeans combinations that you need to slay the winter season. Boots can give you whole new sporty, formal yet a casually playful look, unlike those sneakers that you’ve been wearing for quite a long time. 

1. Rock the business casuals:

Hitting the honest spot between business apparels and casuals, the key is to incorporate them both into one to give a relaxed yet professional vibes. Boots with jeans and a pair of sleek white shirts might be exactly what you need to rock that 9-5 looks. A classic blazer can add more structure to the look. 

boots with jeans

With changing times, employers are going easy on office dress codes and hence your workplace is a good place to explore the style. Stick to solid and contrasting neutrals to achieve a fun yet smart look and you will be good to go. Chelseas or Derbies are great options to invest in.

2. The all-black look:

An all-black outfit paired with black boots, preferably leather can help you pull-off the not so conventional yet classic look which compliments Tim Burton’s imagination. This all-black outfit is extremely versatile in nature and can suit some amazing settings that couldn’t have imagined.

From a 90s rock ‘n’ roll to a classic themed party, the all-black look can do it all. For some more oomph, you can add a leather jacket and hope on some Chelsea boots and be rest assured that everything will fall into place.

3. The ‘simplistic’ way:

 Styling boots the simple way with some dark denim and a simple T-shirt is the OG look anyone can vouch for. Keeping things simple is a good way to stick to the basics and yet pull off a full-proof versatile and low-maintenance look.

A plain high-quality T-shirt, a denim jacket, plain jeans and your favourite boots are a great fuss-free option to explore on various occasions and work well on their own. If you intend to keep it simple, ditch the heavy designs and crazy logos and keep it clean and non-fussy. For a good minimalist option, opt for Black or Beige leather and desert boots or even Chelsea boots to rock a classic and effortlessly chilled look.

4. With white denims:

It is relatively easy to shrug-off boots with those white-denims look as something that only looks good on reality shows, but styling it right is the key to rocking an unconventional look. White jeans go amazingly well with a pair of solid dark suede boots in various colours like black, navy, or even yellow ochre.

Teaming dark coloured boots with white pieces of denim is a great way to pull off a sharp look while creating a great contrast. Contrasting it correct is the key tool here to keep the dark and light worlds balanced. Add on some jazzed basics like roll-neck, collared T-shirt or bomber jackets to elevate the relaxed look. Just make sure to beware those dusty chairs and wine spills.

5. The weekend edit: 

Weekends is the most plausible option to unwind after a heavy week and what better option is there than a pair of sleek casual denims and a pair of funky boots. Weekends are all about breaking the rules and we urge you to come out of the shell of solid colours and take up funky colours and chunky styles. 

A simple polo T-shirt, paired with casual denims and your favourite boots can rock any occasion, be it a friends night, a stroll in the park, or just relaxing beside a river. The combination will not let you down in anyways. The style is easy, versatile and extremely social and light-weight to cruise you through the weekend without ruining the weekend vibe. 

Some important tips to keep in mind:

1- Make sure to get the proportion of the boots and jeans right. A narrow boot with neutral colours will go well with wide-legged dark denims.

2-Cuffing is the secret. It’s amazing if you want to rock the clumsy draping-over-the-boots look, but cuffing is ‘in-season’ right now, so make sure to take note.

3- Try to avoid colours too close on the colour palette unless it is all-black or all-white. It is extremely safe to pair light denims with darker boots and vice-versa.

4- Remember to break the cuff just above the ankle but not too low or too deep, just at the right place. 

Men, here is your comprehensive guide on how to pair boots with jeans, and no matter how complex it might sound, we urge you to not lose your faith in the boots and jeans combination, for your friends might betray you but they would never. Friends called you for a night-out but cancelled the plan at the last minute? Do not worry and wear suede boots with your favourite jeans and go for a walk at the lake-side or just step out for a me-time at the bar. 

From day to night and bachelor parties to rave nights, boots hold secrets and carry you to the mightiest of places. From rocking a presentation to rocking the stage boots with jeans can never go wrong. All you need to do is take the leap of faith and jump right in.