A denim jacket is a classic jacket that never seems to fade away from popular trends and never goes out to fashion. All of us feel like we should own at least one, but are not sure how to style a denim jacket. 

Types of denim in denim jacket

Here we will try to suggest some denim jacket outfit ideas, and before that also try to give you pointers about what to look for when you’re buying a denim jacket. 

1. The washes

  • A dark classic wash is denim in navy blue colour.
  • A light wash denim is when the colour of the denim is in light blue.
  • A black wash is black coloured denim.
  • A grey wash is lighter than the black wash, and the texture of the denim is more visible in this wash. 

2. Pattern or style

  • The plain denim is when the denim is uniform in its colour.
  • Acid wash pattern would be when the colour is faded unevenly.
  • Distressed denim is when it has the worn-out look.

3. Structure and silhouette 

  • A boxy and loose fit denim is a vintage pattern and gives you more mobility and creates a bigger silhouette.
  • Slim fit denim gives a more defined shape to your body and gives a sharp look. You can get mobility in these if the fabric you choose is stretchable. 

Note that none of the above-mentioned types is better than the other, and we are not trying to pick which one is the best denim jacket. What you choose depends on what colour and style you like, and what is the look you are going for. 

So, now that we have seen some of the styles available in denim jackets and what different related terms mean, let’s look at what to wear with a denim jacket and give you some denim jacket outfit ideas. 

Denim jacket with plain white or black tee

Honestly, a basic white tee works with any jacket you want to pair it with. The white or black tee-shirt balances out the strong look of a denim jacket. These look good with the classic blue wash, light wash, grey wash, and black wash denims. 

denim jacket

We strongly recommend plain black or white tee when your denim jacket has bling or some accessories stitched onto it. These are also recommended if you’re wearing highly distressed denim. This is because the plain white tee or the plain black tee will tone down the look and keep you away from standing out too much from the accepted fashion norms.

As for the bottom part of this outfit, you can style them with anything, a pair of denim jeans, suit trousers, muted colour chinos, or even skirts if you wish to experiment with something new!

Denim jacket with a striped tee

If you want a change from the plain white or black tee, you can go for a striped tee. Though patterned, the striped tee shirt is still somewhat of a muted style and doesn’t disrupt the beauty and standout feature of the denim jacket. The stripes can be in any colour. 

We would suggest plain bottoms because you already have some pattern in this outfit. But we do encourage you to experiment and see what reflects your inner mood or the mood you wish to portray. 

How to style a denim jacket with denim jeans?

Known as the double denim or the denim-on-denim look, it refers to the style when you pair your denim jacket with denim jeans. They can be of the same washes and patterns, or even different washes and patterns.

What you wear on the inside of the denim jacket is really up to you. There is no hard and fast rule about what tee or shirt goes better with double denims. 

Over a hoodie

This is especially useful when the temperatures start getting low and the denim alone is not sufficient. You end up wondering what to wear with denim jacket in a way to stay safe from the cold and also look stylish. 

For this outfit idea, a boxy or loose fit jacket would be more convenient as you could fit in more layers inside; but if you want, you can work this look even with a fitted type of denim jacket. This is an effortless and practical outfit. 

There are also types of denim jackets where the hood is attached to the jacket’s collar. This is useful for when the weather is still not that cold but you want to wear something of this style. 

Or even over a turtleneck 

We love a good turtleneck, and that paired with a classic denim jacket adds a certain kind of refined taste to what you are wearing. 

A turtleneck gives a more semi-formal and mature vibe to our outfit, as compared to denim with a tee. This is a very good solution to the question of how to style a denim jacket in a way it doesn’t look too much of a casual look. 

Denim jacket as a statement piece

In this outfit idea, the denim jacket is styled as the item of clothing that is made to stand out in your whole outfit. 

When you want only a certain item of clothing or accessory to stand out in your outfit, it is suggested that you keep all the other articles in your outfit muted and of the same colour, or at least different shades of the same colour. This is because then the eyes see the rest of the clothes as one and the statement piece ends up standing out compared to the rest of the outfit. 

A very basic and common way to styling a denim jacket as the statement piece would be over an all-black outfit, i.e., a black top and black bottoms. Here you can wear your fanciest and the gaudiest denim jacket, without it looking too over the top. Your denim jacket can be super distressed or with loads of bling and animal prints or be embroidered all over for this look. 

These are some of the most common and well-accepted answers to the question of how to style a denim jacket. We hope that you try these denim jacket outfit ideas, and also experiment and come up with your own styles. And maybe in the future, you can recommend ideas to someone else when they come and ask you about what to wear with denim jacket!