It surprises many of us to realize that Ayurvedics were so way ahead of their time. They continue to be familiar with medical spices, roots and leaves and are still commonly used in contemporary remedies and treatments. 

In India’s Sub-Himalayan Forests, Gokshura is an immunity-boosting and curative medicinal plant. Because of its aphrodisiac aspect, Gokshura is also recognized as powerful rejuvenation ayurvedic medicine. Gokshura has a nutritional value and cleansing property and outstanding anti, anti-arthritis and anti-gout characteristics, and is also an excellent relaxing muscle.


Gokshura is also referred to as Tribulus Terrestris, widely scattered across the globe and cultivated under dry climate only with few seeds. In North America, it is known as an invasive species. 

Gokshura is a taprooted herbal perennial plant that grows in colder climates during the summer season. In low soil and desert climates, the plant can grow as well. They can even be located in Australia, Africa, Southern Europe and Asia. 

Gokshura is such a marvellous herb used abundantly in Ayurveda and now used to cure a vast variety of diseases in various modern medicines. Gokshura is a gokhru or Gokshura plant ayurvedic grass and is believed to cure serious issues such as falling weight, vision and men’s sexual wellbeing as well. 

Because of its sexual health benefits to men, Gokshura is also widely recognized as Nature’s Viagra. Now, let’s take a look at how powder Gokshura is advantageous to men and how much powder Gokshura is optimal for all of these beneficial effects.

Not only can this multifaceted, miraculous herb overcome your sexual struggles, it can even be used successfully against genitourinary issues.

Here are some of the benefits of consuming Gokshura:

Helps in body building

The tablets and powder of Gokshura are helpful for the body and can boost body structure and muscle strength by using minerals found in this plant. 

Everybody is conscious about their body and looks these days and a relentless urge to look beautiful will make it take people to great lengths and mould their body as they wish. 

A number of men who wish their body to be far more muscular are preferring testosterone injections and vitamins that unnaturally bulk up their muscles. This can be dangerous in the long term and it is vital that a natural source is used to create bodybuilding for Gokshura and ashwagandha together.

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Treatment of urinary diseases

In treating urinary disorders and kidney stones, Gokshuro is extremely beneficial. Daily Gokshura intake can easily alleviate an individual from diuretic and bladder problems. A number of formulations use the diuretic action of Gokshura. 

The urinary bladder has a cleaning effect. This is because Gokshura has a lithotriptic activity that helps to control the urinary system work. Gokshura can enhance discomfort efficiently during urination and promote proper urination. 

It will reduce the risk of urinary infection because it has ample antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Dysuria could also be treated by this plant as Gokshura further performs the role of a mild diuretic.

Increases sperm count

Gokshura powder has for centuries been used in numerous cultures as an aphrodisiac. Ovulation and sperm production are also promoted. Gokshura should be eaten by women and men who want to start a family. 

In addition, both men and women have shown an improvement in libido. Sperm quality and quantity also increases for males. Since ages, Gokshura is used as an aphrodisiac. Gokshura’s aphrodisiac qualities reduce mental tension and anxiety and activate hormones that boost libido. 

Further, the reduced and stress also prevents hair fall, as these two are the leading causes for hair fall, especially in men thus it also counts as one of the benefits of Gokshura for hair loss.

It induces the development of sperms and is also thought to function for men and women suffering from fertility problems. 

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Sexual health

Studies found more pleasurable and fulfilled men who got 1500 mg of Gokshura every day. Gokshura has advantages in men for sexual wellbeing. Levels of testosterone decline with age. Gokshura (Gokhru) boosts the body’s dopamine, which, by acting as an aphrodisiac, enhances the libido. 

The easiest way to increase testosterone and fire your ‘drive is to have Gokshura (Gokhru) with herbs such as Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Shilajit. 

Gokshura benefits by boosting spermatogenesis and, as it is rich in natural antioxidants, boosts testosterone and luteinization hormone production and is very beneficial against premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction conditions. 


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Improves skin condition

In ayurvedic treatments, Gokshura is very famous for cleaning the skin from inside. Young adolescents or perhaps even adults with acne could use Gokshura to eliminate it and avoid it in the coming years. 

Poor skin can contribute to low self-esteem and self-confidentness; because of its curing qualities, this dilemma can avoid being regularly consuming Gokshura. Furthermore, Gokshura benefits in curing skin eruptions and burns, hives and itchy skin. 

Gokshura is full of natural antioxidants and serves as a purifier, preventing radical harm from sun rays. Gokshura tends to treat different ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots and even fine lines.

Improves heart functioning

The process taking place in a person’s heart is believed to improve Gokshura. It is suitable for healing cardiac ailments such as angina and decreases heart disease vulnerability. 

Cholesterol levels in the body are also reduced by its consumption.  

Gokshura can avoid a disease called atherosclerosis, as it strengthens the cardiac muscles as well as prevents lipid and debris accumulation in the blood vessels. It also prevents lipid development in these vessels. 

It significantly reduces NEFA levels and lowers the possibility of heart failure, stroke and blood coagulation. Further, Gokshura keeps the body in check by maintaining normal levels of cholesterol. 

Hypertension, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels have been known to be reduced by the consumption of Gokshura.

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