Complete Guide on Men’s bags

Bags have more to contribute to the development and expansion of human civilization that we ever give them credit for. The use of bags predates even the earliest historical records. Those bags were made of animal skin and were used to store and carry the fruits, berries and meat collected by the early humans. Over time, not only the materials that these bags were meant to carry changed but also the bags themselves.

Today, the bags have evolved so much that they can be divided into the fabric they are made of, their specific purpose and also designs for different genders and ages. 

Here are the 6 different men bag types and the purpose each of them is made for!

1. Briefcase 

One of the most common and widely used bags by men is a briefcase. It is often the one that most of us have seen our fathers or some uncle carry to the office. It is also the first and sometimes the only bag that comes into people’s mind when they think of different men bag types. 

Men's Bags

A briefcase is much more structured compared to other bags. This is because the purpose of the invention of the briefcase was to keep important documents safe and keep them from being ruined. These men’s bags are usually made of leather or thick sturdy fabric to keep their shape intact and for them to last long. 

Another variation of the briefcase is the attaché case. An attaché case is made with metal fittings and resembles more of a box or a small suitcase. The briefcase and the attchécase both serve the same purpose, i.e., case for briefs/documents and thus both are clubbed into one type.

Men's Bags

The briefcase is the most accepted and the oldest man bag to exist. It is used by white collar professionals because of its wide acceptance as a type of men’s bag. It is recommended that you own one, especially if you’re someone who wears suits or other strict formals to your workplace. 

2. Messenger Bag

The messenger bag too is a highly formal and office purpose men’s bag, but it is a little more casual as compared to the briefcase. You have probably seen Mike Ross carry a messenger bag,  but you’ll never see Harvey Specter carry this one. He’s more likely to carry a briefcase, that is if he ever chooses to carry a bag anytime. But this does not mean it’s a bad bag, it’s just the vibe you’re going for and your personal choice among the different types of men’s bags. 

The distinguishing factor between the two types of bags is that the briefcase has handles to carry it; and the messenger bag has long straps attached to it and is to be worn over your shoulders. However most messenger bags come with handles too, so you can easily switch between the two styles depending on the occasion and your outfit.

The purpose of a messenger bag is very similar to that of a briefcase. A messenger bag is a formal type of men’s bag which is slightly less structured, but sturdy enough to keep your documents and paper safe and not crumble their intact form. 

Today, most messenger bags can be transformed into laptop bags. With most official work and documentation moving digital, bag manufacturers have altered the traditional structure of the bags into forms that are useful and practical for the current purpose and work. They come with compartments with thick cushioning, thus, securing your laptop. 

3. Duffel Bag or Weekender

A duffel bag is much more casual as compared to the formal bags mentioned above, but is much more put together and mature as compared to other casual men’s bags that are out there. 

The carrying capacity of a duffle bag is much larger; this is also suggested by its other name, i.e., weekender, which suggests that it is apt for weekend travels. It can accommodate a couple of your outfits along with your shoes and other travelling necessities with absolute ease.

These bags are made of thick fabric, usually leather, which is a contributing factor to its semi-formal and mature manly look. Not only the look, but the leather also allows the duffel bag to carry your small trips’ requirements. Thus these types of men’s bags can be a really important addition to your bag collection.

4. Backpack

Of the more gender neutral bags, the backpack is the most common type of bag available in the market. And it is rightly so, because of the wide variety of sizes and styles they are available in. They can be used for small and long travels, depending on their size. And some of them can even be used as laptop bags, since a lot of them have evolved to be able to accommodate one. 

Since backpacks have multiple compartments, it will make it easier for you to sort out your belongings and assign each pocket for something specific – one for documents, one for you electrical devices, one for your fresh clothes, one for the ones you have worn, etc. 

A small backpack is essential if you are going on a trip to another city or country because it is always better to keep your travel documents, your phone and money with you at all times, and a backpack makes this really easy. It also helps if you pick up some small souvenirs at the last moment and there isn’t enough space in your suitcase. 

And some large backpacks are so big that they are enough to carry everything that you need on your trip. These include the ones that people carry when they go backpacking on small budget trips. 

5. Tote Bag

These bags were initially seen as something made for women. But now they are sported by men too. These bags usually lack a sturdy structure, though there are some which do keep their shape.

Tote bags are very basic in their design; with a single compartment body and parallel straps which are usually carried on one shoulder, but you hold them in your hand too. But it is this very basic design of these bags that make them look so casual and effortless but at the same time, very stylish. 

6. Fanny pack or Bum bag

Fanny packs are small bags with multiple smaller compartments covered with zips, which are attached around your waist or sometimes even worn across your body with the help of a strap. 

This casual bag is basically a bunch of extra pockets that you can add onto your outfit to keep things like your phone, house keys or money; especially when you want to keep your hands free during your morning and evening jogs or while eating that street food.

Even though we recommend these different types of men’s bags to you, this does not mean that you have to keep yourself limited to these bags. With fashion evolving and things like bags becoming more gender neutral, you can look among bags which are typically meant for women.